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December 24, 2019 6 mins

Some people might view their job as something perhaps less than glamorous, but by taking into consideration your unique talents and skills you’ll be empowered to mindfully redefine the job description to one that best expresses your unique skills and talents, in a way that honors who you are and provides more value to those you serve. 


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00:30 A joke about a man who finally gets his dream job. 

01:00 How to turn any job a dream job. 

02:00 Story about a school bus driver who makes the ride to and from school the best part of the day for students. 

04:03 How to leverage your talents and skills to craft your own unique job description. 

05:30 Reflection questions 05:59 Wrap up 



Jonas Cain is the Facilitator of Fascination & Purveyor of Positivity of Hashtag Positivity, a social entrepreneurship that supports emerging leaders and their influencers to develop resilience to overcome life's challenges.

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