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December 10, 2019 7 mins

The world is full of negative news stories, that’s why the On a Positive Note podcast looks to what’s right with the world first and then uses that knowledge to make what’s wrong with the world better a little bit better (or maybe even irrelevant). In this episode we share a joke, a quote from Mr. Rogers, a positive news story that went viral this week, and a related personal story…all in under eight minutes. Enjoy! 


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00:35 A joke about an Amazon delivery drivers (and aspiring comedian) who needs to work on his delivery. 01:10 A reminder that no matter where you go, there you are. 

01:30 Delivery also means receiving. 

02:00 A quote from Mr. Rogers about receiving well. 

02:22 A story about a woman who made the day of an Amazon delivery driver. 

04:06 A personal story about being the receiving end of kindness. 

06:24 Reflection quote from Mr. Rogers and a question. 

06:50 Wrap up 



Jonas Cain is the Facilitator of Fascination & Purveyor of Positivity of Hashtag Positivity, a social entrepreneurship that supports emerging leaders and their influencers to develop resilience to overcome life's challenges.

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