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June 28, 2020 6 mins
Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we have to make the best of it, regardless of the cards that we’ve been dealt. We can choose to do nothing and resign ourselves to lasting dissonance, or we can take stock of our circumstances and with awareness make calculated changes to sing in harmony with one another, making the best of a challenging situation. OFFER Do you and the people you influence have a growth mindset, clarity of purpose, and high value relationships? If you’d like to level-up your psychological capital and emotional intelligence, then sign up for the interactive online course “The Power of Resilience” today at For a limited time this course is being offered for FREE as an opportunity for you to take advantage of this challenging time as an opportunity for your personal growth and development. CONNECT WITH THE SHOW Email: Website: TIMESTAMPS 00:26 Joke about a jazz singer 01:17 Insight from a jazz pianist 01:54 A positive news story about a cellist 02:41 Insight from the cellist 04:47 Reflection questions 05:13 Wrap up 07:06 Featured song LINKS HOST Jonas Cain is an Instructional Designer, Facilitator of Fascination, and Purveyor of Positivity for Hashtag Positivity, a social entrepreneurship that supports emerging leaders and their influencers to develop resilience to overcome life's challenges. FEATURED ARTIST Bono, “Let Your Love Be Known” MUSIC “Safety Net” by Riot “Lightning Bugs” by Geographer “A Quiet Thought” by Wayne Jones “Happy Melody” by Jonas Cain “Let Your Love Be Known” by Bono --- Support this podcast:
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