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January 17, 2021 5 mins

We often find ourselves in “long shot” situations, yet the story you’ll discover in this episode encouraging reminder of what’s possible when you start with who you are, honor your uniqueness, and stick your neck out to grow beyond what you thought was possible and beyond your reach—like a fish learning to climb a tree or a giraffe learning to ride in a raft—stretching your comfort zone and moving instead into your growth zone. Check out this episode of On a Positive Note to learn more!


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00:15 Joke about a giraffe in a horse race

00:33 Insight about long shots

01:26 Positive news story about a community that rallied together to save a herd of giraffes

03:22 Insight about sticking our neck out to help others, even when it means stretching our comfort zone

04:30 Reflection

04:46 Wrap up



Jonas Cain is a Human Performance Consultant, Positivity Coach, Learning Experience Designer, and Facilitator of Fascination. Through his company, Hashtag Positivity, he helps emerging leaders and their influencers initiate and manage positive change for individual, team, and organizational growth.


“Safety Net” by Riot

“Lightning Bugs” by Geographer

“A Quiet Thought” by Wayne Jones

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Positivity, Inspiration, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Capital, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, SocialSkills, Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism, On a Positive Note, Positive News Stories, Some Good News

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