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December 5, 2019 6 mins

The world is full of negative news stories, that’s why the On a Positive Note podcast looks to what’s right with the world first and then uses that knowledge to make what’s wrong with the world better a little bit better (or maybe even irrelevant). In this inaugural episode we begin this series on a positive note by sharing four positive news stories from around the world, along with a penny whistle solo. Enjoy! 

OFFER Everyone has a reason to be negative, so let's make #positivity louder! See what it can do for you by taking the Positivity Self Assessment today 


TIMESTAMPS 00:38 A story about a New Hampshire woman who delivers hand written letters to service men and women overseas. 00:53 A story about a police department in Illinois that donates abandoned bicycles to children in need. 01:00 A story about a Denny’s waitress in Texas who received a car as a tip so she doesn’t have to walk 14 miles to work. 01:16 A story about a young woman who turned her grief into a 3-year cross-country mission of hope. 01:39 A story about a school in Ireland that replaced homework with acts of kindness. 01:51 A review of what this podcast is is about, why it’s important, and what to expect from this series. 03:04 A discussion on resolutions. 05:24 A rendition of Auld Lang Syne performed on a penny whistle. 

LINKS HOST Jonas Cain is the Facilitator of Fascination & Purveyor of Positivity of Hashtag Positivity, a social entrepreneurship that supports emerging leaders and their influencers to develop resilience to overcome life's challenges.

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