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Pass the Everything

From gas station hot dogs to Michelin star restaurants, food enthusiasts Pass The Everything (PTE) and Ashley welcome you to pull up a chair at their table as they overshare on their personal lives and dining experiences. And when it comes to the world of food pop culture, their takes are candid and oftentimes crude. From food in the news and trending topics, TV shows and movies, special guest interviews and more...everything from their gastronomic-rich homebase of New Orleans to around the world is on the table. Your plate will be full but you'll be coming back for seconds. Follow us on Instagram @PTEPOD. Subscribe on all podcasting apps, rate & review on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Let's eat!


May 16, 2023 60 mins
ANOTHER ONE! The Scoop (04:44) features noodling through the mystery of the abandoned pasta in the woods of New Jersey, how one letter made a hilarious difference in a bakery order, the restaurant trend that's back from the pandemic dead, how the movie going experience is about to be forever changed starting this fall, and life-saving wine in the Australian bush. Last, PTE tries a new birria taco spot with 1/2 off margaritas befor...
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Special 4/20 episode for y'all! PTE is a published writer while Ashley is a voice for hire. The Scoop (8:20) features a Canadian Coke can bear, Doritos flavored beef jerky, a special edition Reese's that asks whether you're cream team or crunch brunch, a Pennsylvanian pizza delivery crime fighter, and how a New York Buffalo Wild Wings employee chose prison over working her shift. Last, PTE spends time at a neighborhood bar in New O...
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April 10, 2023 42 mins
Happy Easter! What's your favorite Easter candy?! The Scoop (4:29) features poison-ish Peeps, a triple dose of "would you eat that?" featuring spicy Spaghetti O's, Bella Ramsey's orange juice cereal, and a jelly bacon cheeseburger, stealthy spoon stealers in Phoenix, and gender reveal cupcakes gone wrong. Last, PTE spends a night in Baton Rouge grilling with friends while Ashley samples all of the pork at Hogs for the Cause but sho...
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April 5, 2023 40 mins
We finally explain why we had an archived episode last week, so bear with us. The Scoop (3:05) features powdered beer from Germany, wooly mammoth meatballs in Australia, crawfish ice cream in Houston, and a bread wine smuggler slash genius. Last, PTE goes to a popular hotel and eatery in New Orleans with a friend in town while Ashley attends a Britney Spears drag brunch in their food high and low moments of the week (29:00).
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March 24, 2023 62 mins
From the archives! The Scoop (5:48) features a new item popping up at Subway locations near you, the most expensive Starbucks order...ever, a firearm felon at the Mardi Gras Popeye's in New Orleans, and how you and your future spouse can win free Cracker Barrel for life. Last, Ashley attends brunch with her Mardi Gras krewe at a very popular New Orleans restaurant and winds up so hungover she can only eat popsicles while PTE makes ...
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March 15, 2023 43 mins
WE'RE BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! The Scoop (5:28) features a TikTok trend combining personal hygiene and oranges, a millennial throwback beverage gets a hard twist, Baskin Robbins unveils their new flavor, KFC brings back an artery-clogging popular sandwich, sushi terrorists in Tokyo, and a Louisiana woman in jail for excessive Door Dash. Last, PTE discovers a french toast omelette while Ashley gets blue balled by Blue Apron before havin...
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February 2, 2023 59 mins
Pour one out for the dozens of people that Ashley is about to break up with on Valentine's Day. The Scoop (9:34) features A&W having a mascot...and a restaurant(?!), a breakfast spot with an unintentional hidden agenda, why you don't let your children play with your phone unsupervised, a firecracker-popping pizza stealing grand theft auto, and a cafeteria criminal worth over $1 million in chicken wings. Last, Ashley has her first c...
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January 27, 2023 51 mins
Apologies for the delay, Ashley had a case of weather paranoia. The Scoop (9:04) features the footwear freak out from M&M's taking another step, chili cheese beer from the Midwest, Tom Hanks encouraging everyone to sip on some Diet Coke-aine, an egg-splosive situation in Louisiana requiring a bomb squad, and a lunch lady selling special brownies to high schoolers. Last, PTE discovers a gas station with his favorite endangered speci...
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January 20, 2023 46 mins
Unintentional dry January and intermittent fasting...who the hell are we?! The Scoop (4:47) features fake food popping a kid into the emergency room, the scientifically grossest thing you have in your kitchen, how to win a Jimmy John's beanbag chair, Waffle House saying "fuck you" to your social media menu hacks, and a late night Taco Bell shootout. Last, PTE dishes out a hot take regarding guacamole on burritos while Ashley encoun...
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January 14, 2023 55 mins
Holiday travels, galore! A much-needed break was taken and now the podcast is back for 2023. Who's ready for some food craziness to welcome the year?! The Scoop (8:48) features a gimmicky New York ice cream shop, back-to-back food factory explosions, a down under Kinder Surprise candy smuggler, potato feet for the flu, an eBay Choco Taco for $25K, and professional hot doggers wanted for 2023. Last, PTE eats his way through Boston o...
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December 16, 2022 54 mins
Weird beers! Cheers to 2022 and we'll see y'all in the new year. The Scoop (4:52) features the three worst TikTok food trends of the year, a Doritos haircut for the Super Bowl, a Kansas restaurant manager fired over an insane email, "Am I the asshole?" Thai food leftovers edition, and a Canadian Christmas parade featuring none other than Mr. Big Stick. Last, Ashley hits up a popular New Orleans bar for their Christmas pop-up and ea...
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December 9, 2022 59 mins
With our powers combined! The Scoop (6:02) features pilk and cookies with Lindsay Lohan, TikTok's top food trends of 2022, ANOTHER class action lawsuit against cheese, a woman in China breaks bones over spicy food, and a Louisiana Senator that would just rather be fat. Last, PTE reveals he's been doing food delivery and has a run-in with a friend of the pod and Ashley debates him on the usage of business cards in their food high an...
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November 30, 2022 57 mins
Anti-Black Friday and a Christmas Elf. The Scoop (7:16) features a newly discovered weight loss method backed by science, a workplace community fridge cheese situation gone viral, a lawsuit over microwavable macaroni, a story that will have you questioning your kitchen bowl usage, and how to win free McDonald's while stacking that McMoney. Last, PTE and Ashley reminisce on their Thanksgiving meals, favorite main course and side dis...
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November 19, 2022 37 mins
Apologies for being late...again. The Scoop (4:12) features Coors Light color-changing cosmetics, a new Mountain Dew flavor only Vin Diesel could appreciate, Japanese hot water to go, Spam Figgy Pudding for the holidays, and an Ohio woman settling beef with beef at her local Walmart. Last, Ashley has multiple failed attempts at ordering bar food while PTE gets blackout drunk at a New Orleans speakeasy and has a surprise Shake Shack...
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November 11, 2022 59 mins
Birthday boy and the newly self-conscious Ashley! The Scoop (8:27) features a North Carolina BBQ 911 emergency, a Philly man eating a whole rotisserie chicken daily, Kim Kardashian fake cooking fake chicken, a poultry pistol caught by TSA, and cannabis-infused turkey gravy just in time for the holidays. Last, PTE celebrates his birthday with copious amounts of food and witnesses his first robbery while Ashley deals with a rude host...
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November 3, 2022 44 mins
Every Halloween hangover is made better with spooky snacks. The Scoop (4:56) features the Christmas season kicking off WAY too early, an epic giveaway at 35,000 feet, Chick-Fil-A going full first responder, Hubig's pies job posting, a woman utilizing a revolver to solve her soda problems, and a delivery driver who gives absolutely no fucks. Last, Ashley tries buffalo fried ribs at a local bar before having an awkward experience wit...
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October 26, 2022 63 mins
Ashley returns from Las Vegas and delivers the full recap on Fire Fest emo kids! The Scoop (19:16) features the continuation of James Corden's restaurant drama, a candy corn recall, the data on the best and worst Halloween candy in the United States, and cookie dough with a plastics problem. Last, PTE attends a dinner event with Wild Turkey while Ashley is stranded at the Las Vegas airport without food after discovering the best ch...
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October 19, 2022 40 mins
We're back! The Scoop (9:35) features a high-luxury fashion brand and snack company partnership, how YOU could be entitled to compensation if you've purchased hot sauce, a pharmacy in Texas gives a warning on stealing a particular food item, too fat too furious Idaho potatoes, and restaurant employees morphing into crime fighters. Last, Ashley takes advantage of a work opportunity to get her hands on some chargrilled oysters and ca...
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October 5, 2022 52 mins
Scary movies for the spooky season are here! The Scoop (11:57) features a TikTok restaurant trend spreading across the nation, Heinz tomato blood ketchup, a fast food chain's ghost pepper burger just in time for Halloween, the exclusive Hidden Valley Ranch home collection and an Indiana corn stand robbery. Last, PTE goes to Trader Joe's and gets questioned on the lack of pumpkin spice in his life while Ashley hits a seafood restaur...
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September 29, 2022 47 mins
May I interest you in investing in an IV company? The Scoop (3:55) features non-alcoholic Kahlúa coffee creamer, Pepsi adds s'more flavors, the science behind why vegetarians are more depressed than meat-eaters, a Guinness world record for chicken feet in South Africa, eating the world's hottest pepper, and a takeout TKO in Florida. Last, Ashley skips dinner but manages to take herself out to lunch at a new food hall in New Orleans...
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