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April 29, 2024 32 mins

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Episode Overview: 

What if a pioneering venture capital model could catalyze healthcare innovation by delivering continuous funding, growth, and resources throughout a startup’s journey? Our next guest, Dr. Rebecca Mitchell, is doing exactly this as Executive Vice President at Vive Collective.

With a diverse background spanning academic research, public health, product leadership at several leading digital health companies, and now venture capital, Rebecca is at the forefront of funding and scaling the next generation of disruptive health tech companies.

While together, Rebecca shares her vision and mission of bringing together seasoned industry experts with fresh perspectives to mentor and propel bold founders who are passionate and determined to reimage our healthcare industry. 

Join us to learn how Rebecca and the Vive Collective team have created a new model to build, fund and scale the best digital health companies that are destined to make a sizable impact in the healthcare industry. Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • Rebecca's powerful advice: "Find the insiders who still think like outsiders, and the humble outsiders who can expand your sense of what's possible."
  • How Vive Collective is a new VC model purposely built with an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, builders, and investors to mentor startups.
  • Vive’s innovative "collective" that provides startups with an unmatched network of industry experts and resources to accelerate their growth.
  • Rebecca's bullish outlook on the future- profitable digital health giants emerging, virtual care brands becoming national, and seamless integration with traditional systems.
  • Her rallying cry for more diverse voices to courageously join the "collective" and help invent the future of healthcare.


About our Guest: 

Rebecca’s 20 year career has focused on building more effective, person centered technology enabled care models. She uses her unique background in product development, medicine, and public policy as both an Investor at Vive Collective and to go deep with companies on product, go to market, and scaling up the organization from early stage through growth.

Rebecca began her career in global health as an academic researcher and Fulbright Fellow in maternal health, and as Co-Founder of a not for profit that supports local social entrepreneurs across Sub Saharan Africa. She received her Medical Degree from the University of CA San Francisco, where she focused on primary care innovation and the burgeoning role of technology in medicine. Rebecca then served as the Medical Officer for Innovation at Health and Human Services, working on early policy and standards development to improve patient access to health data and interoperability. She then returned to Silicon Valley and spent the last decade in product leadership at startup, growth stage, and public companies including leading one of the earliest remote monitoring products for chronic conditions at Validic, and as an early product leader at Livongo and then Teladoc post acquisition. She most recently helped the Homeward Health team launch a new care model for older adults living in rural America before joining the Vive Collective. Out of recognition that health requires far more than a better healthcare system, she also personally invests in increasing quality, affordable housing for community members living with medical disabilities.

In her personal life, Rebecca is matriarch to a blended family of 5 kids, 4 chickens,...

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