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February 12, 2024 23 mins

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Episode Overview: 

How can we reimagine women’s health by meeting them where they are- virtually and compassionately?

According to our next guest Joanna Strober, founder and CEO of Midi Health, it starts with understanding the overlooked symptoms of perimenopause and menopause that deeply impact quality of life.

Drawing from her own frustrating journey to receive proper hormonal care, Joanna built an accessible, insurance-covered virtual clinic tailored to women navigating this transition.

While together, Joanna shares Midi Health’s mission to deliver personalized, expert protocols for the over 30 symptoms related to declining estrogen, and also reveals how her company identifies gaps like painful sex and weight gain to build specialty services. 

Additionally, Joanna shares the vision for Midi Health to become a trusted partner supporting long-term health, and why partnerships with health systems are imperative.

Join us to learn how Joanna and the Midi Health team is successfully reshaping women's health through virtual menopause care! Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • Midi Health meets women where they are by providing virtual, insurance-covered care for overlooked perimenopause/menopause symptoms
  • They take a listening-based approach to build specialty services addressing gaps like painful sex and midlife weight gain
  • The goal is for Midi Health to be a 20-year partner supporting women's long-term health needs
  • Partnerships with health systems are crucial for referrals and sharing patient data
  • Midi Health is successfully reshaping care to center the woman in her midlife healthcare journey


About our Guest: 

Joanna is the co-founder and CEO of Midi Health, the leading virtual care clinic focused exclusively on women navigating midlife hormonal transition. The company brings insurance-covered expert care for the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause to women nationwide. A successful serial entrepreneur in the digital health space, Joanna previously served as CEO and founder of Kurbo, the first digital therapeutic for childhood obesity, which she sold to Weight Watchers. Recently named to the “Forbes 50 Over 50” list and a featured speaker at the 2023 Fortune Most Powerful Women Conference, Joanna is a frequently quoted expert on issues related to digital health, women in business, startups and leadership. Prior to becoming a founder, Joanna spent more than 20 years in direct private equity and venture capital investing in health and consumer companies, including a number of notable consumer internet companies, such as BlueNile, eToys, Babycenter, HotJobs and Flycast. Joanna is also the author of the book, “Getting to 50/50,” a primer on how women can succeed and thrive at work and at home. 

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