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May 13, 2024 42 mins

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Episode Overview: 

How can technology empower clinicians to focus on what matters most- connecting with patients? Our next guest, Dr. Stephanie Lahr is tackling this challenge as President of Artisight. 

With nearly two decades of informatics and healthcare leadership experience, Stephanie possesses a unique perspective bridging medicine and technology. Previously serving as a health system CIO, she experienced firsthand the transformative impact of Artisight's smart hospital platform.

Driven by a passion to reduce friction and reignite joy in medicine, Stephanie shares Artisight's pioneering vision to augment clinicians through ambient AI. 

Join us to discover how Artisight’s cutting-edge solutions are automating tasks, optimizing workflows, elevating patient care, and supercharging the smart hospital experience. Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • Stephanie's unique journey from physician to healthcare IT leader and now President of Artisight, bridging medicine and technology.
  • How Artisight's smart hospital platform leverages ambient AI like computer vision and natural language processing to automate tasks and optimize clinical workflows.
  • The value Artisight delivers today through virtual nursing models that give time back to nurses at the bedside.
  • The exciting future vision of ambient sensor technology acting as "process improvement engineers" in every hospital room to capture rich data and drive process optimization.
  • Stephanie's passion for reducing friction in healthcare and "bringing the joy back to medicine" through the empowering use of technology.

About our Guest: 

Dr. Lahr brings leadership, vision, and a distinct perspective to her role as President of Artisight. A former customer, she experienced firsthand the transformative power and impact of Artisight’s technology.

A physician with nearly two decades of informatics and healthcare administration expertise, Dr. Lahr possesses a unique skill set that bridges the worlds of medicine and technology. She intimately understands clients’ challenges in delivering quality patient care in a complex healthcare landscape. 

Previously, Dr. Lahr served as a combined CIO and CMIO for over six years at Monument Health. Board-certified in clinical informatics, she recognizes the vital role of clinical engagement in developing and implementing technology solutions.

She is an active member of the health IT community, having served on several organizational and vendor boards of advisors, including the CHIME Board. Recognized by HIMSS as an inaugural Changemaker Award recipient in 2021, Stephanie has been featured on thought-leading podcasts and interviews and is an advocate and mentor for women in Health IT.

Dr. Lahr is driven by her passion and commitment to reduce friction and bring joy back to medicine.

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