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Product Voices

People who work in product management are on a constant learning journey. Markets are dynamic. Customer needs are transient. Technologies evolve. The ways in which we work changes. We must learn and adapt along the way. Product Voices is a forum to share practical, real-world stories about how to learn and grow in important areas in product management. Learn from the best voices in product management.


February 14, 2024 38 mins

Sheetal Rajpal, an amazing product leader with experience at Amazon, LendingTree, and PepsiCo joins the podcast to discuss the future of B2C subscription products (and all digital products, for that matter) and how ML, AI, data analysis, and more will be shaping that future.

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In this episode of Product Voices, our guest Kalia Aragon, Director of Product at Flatiron Health, discusses infrastructure and future-proofing products. She emphasizes the importance of diverse teams and a problem-solving approach. Kalia highlights the key attributes of future-proofing and advises product managers to engage early, build tech competency, and foster communication. She raises concerns about data privacy in AI advance...

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On this episode, we discuss how to stand out in the product management job market. Our guest is Chris Mason, co-founder of Intelligent People, a product management recruitment agency.

Chris shares his expertise on the evolving job market and the increasing visibility of product management as a discipline. He highlights the growing number of graduates and better training options in this field. Chris also mentions the rise o...

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January 10, 2024 29 mins

In this episode, we explore the crucial relationship between the Chief Product Officer (CPO) and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). We discuss the need for partnership, open communication, and trust between these roles. Our guest, Jodi McDermott, shares valuable insights on building a strong CPO-CTO foundation. We emphasize the importance of compromise, alignment, and transparency in leadership, as well as fostering a unified team...

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January 3, 2024 41 mins

In this episode, we discuss the book "Product Momentum Gap" with authors Andrea Saez and Dave Martin. We explore indicators of a momentum gap in product management and the importance of aligning on customer value. Implementing the product value creation plan (VCP) helps filter out requests that don't align with defined value. Regularly articulating the VCP ensures alignment with the product strategy. We discuss the n...

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December 6, 2023 41 mins

Natalia Burina, a product leader with deep expertise in AI, joins this episode to discuss Generative AI and its potential impact for product managers. The conversation with Natalia, a former leader at Meta, Salesforce, Samsung, eBay, and Microsoft, weaves through many important focus areas, including:

  • The potential and limitations of generative AI. 
  • Generative AI and its potential impact on business. 
  • AI technology and its applica...
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November 29, 2023 27 mins

In this episode of Product Voices, Gayatri Diwan, a seasoned product leader, joins to discuss product strategy and its importance in product management. 

She emphasizes that product strategy should answer three important questions: 

  1. Why the product is needed
  2. Who it is being built for, and 
  3. What it aims to achieve.

Gayatri also shares her seven-step plan for creating a product strategy:

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. What is the proble...
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Melissa Perri and Denise Tilles, authors of Product Operations: How Successful Companies Build Better Products at Scale, discuss the concept of product operations and why it is crucial for product teams and organizations. Product operations is the enablement function of product management, providing data and insights for strategic decision-making and ensuring alignment within the product development lifecycle. As organizations scal...

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In this episode, we explore the Octalysis Framework with expert Amit Arora to understand how it drives product adoption. The conversation covers the 8 core drivers of customers: Epic Meaning, Accomplishment, Empowerment, Ownership, Social Influence, Scarcity, Unpredictability, and Avoidance. We discuss the relevance of psychological drivers and the importance of human emotions in decision-making. Amit emphasizes the framework'...

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November 20, 2023 41 mins

In this episode of Product Voices, we venture into a world transformed by emerging technologies, with esteemed guests Eva Agapaki, Tatyana Mamut, Katharina Koerner, and Yuying Chen-Wynn. These tech pioneers offer their insights into emerging technologies that will impact our world for years to come.

We grapple with the immense promises of AI as it has evolved from predictive to generative, and from domain-specific to gene...

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November 15, 2023 31 mins

In this episode of the Product Voices podcast, we speak with Yasmin Kothari, the product director for Bumble for Friends. Bumble for Friends is an app designed to connect people nearby who share similar interests and friendship goals. It provides a convenient way to expand your friendship circle, with features like group conversations and a 72-hour response window. Yasmin shares insights on building meaningful connections through t...

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November 13, 2023 39 mins

What if there was a roadmap to break into the dynamic field of product management? We've got Rajat Tiwari on the show today, a promising future product manager and current master's student at Johns Hopkins, to guide you through his personal journey. Rajat's humble beginnings dreaming of Silicon Valley led to the creation of a hospitality website showcasing his web development and API knowledge. He offers insights on ...

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Get ready for a deep dive into the world of product consulting with our special guest, the seasoned consultant, entrepreneur, and leader, Mary Beth Snodgrass. Buckle in as we traverse the terrain of product consulting and its growing popularity, tackling topics from managing product challenges to exploring the gig economy. Mary Beth takes us inside her collective, the PAC, shedding light on their unique, results-oriented approach t...

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Priya Kasi-Chari, senior director of product management at PeopleReady, joins us on Product Voices to share her inspiring story of resilience and success. Her unique blend of creative pursuits - including classical dance, language learning, and sewing - has greatly shaped her product management career, bringing a refreshing perspective to the industry.

But what's the secret sauce to a thriving product management caree...

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Ever wondered how the magic word 'no' can catapult your product management career to a whole new level? Then it's time to tune in! We're graced with the presence of Jo McCawley, a senior director of product and seasoned veteran of the ad tech world, and he's ready to reveal the importance of saying 'no' in product management. We touch on everything from setting boundaries to tackling tricky conver...

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Unlock the power of data with Graham Reed, a seasoned product management professional, as he reveals how data can transform your product management strategies. Can you imagine how understanding data can help to build better products and make effective decisions? Graham, who leads product operations at Cobalt, shares interesting insights from his 12-year journey in the world of product management, a trip that has been filled with da...

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September 13, 2023 39 mins

In this great conversation with Beks Yelland,  we delve into the ins and outs of "product tech" and the "product industry" and its evolving impact on product teams and product managers. 

As product management has become more visible and popular, there are more and more tools, resources, frameworks, and more being thrust upon product managers. Has it become too much? 

Beks sheds light on the bes...

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Welcome to Product Voices, where we spotlight the brightest minds in the world of product management! Today Jennifer Spanos, a seasoned expert in the CPG and software product management realm, joins us for a chat that will challenge your thinking and give you an edge in your product management journeys. With a rich repository of knowledge, Jennifer shares the importance of striking a balance between domain and product knowledge. On...

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August 9, 2023 27 mins

Get ready to unravel the true meaning of culture within organizations with our incredible guest, Tatyana Mamut.  Tatyana breaks it down for us by highlighting how culture is much more than workplace benefits - it's the environments and structures that leaders establish, shaping what their teams can or can't achieve. So, if your organization isn't hitting the mark, it might be time to consider the top leadership'...

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Are you ready to unlock the dynamic relationship between data and product management? We sat down with Mike Alvarez, a seasoned tech guru and the CTO and Head of Product for NeuZeit Group, who gave us an exploratory journey of how data can be a product in itself, or a catalyst for fantastic products, and shares valuable insights on how to ensure that data enriches a product without overshadowing its core offerings.

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