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March 20, 2024 30 mins

In the realm of healthcare technology, how can we break barriers and achieve lasting impact?

As founders in this innovative field, we're often faced with the daunting task of not only creating technology but also ensuring our ventures scale effectively and achieve our true potential.

This pivotal challenge is the focus of our episode, where we delve into the insights and experiences of industry leaders.

Key talking points for the episode:

  1. The Scaling Challenge: Balancing growth with quality, real-world examples, and effective scaling.
  2. Translating Product Promise into Deals: Challenges in healthcare product success, marketing, regulatory navigation, and alignment with market needs.
  3. The Power of Expert Guidance: The need for diverse expertise, mentorship, integrating external advice, and real-life success stories.
  4. Financial Strategies for Sustainable Growth: The significance of financial planning, investment acquisition, resource allocation, and balancing R&D with marketing.
  5. Networking and Partnerships: Leveraging networks, collaboration, and building robust partnerships.

Join us in this episode as we explore the digital health revolution, where founders face the challenge of scaling effectively while maintaining quality.

Are you ready to transform your healthcare tech venture?

Discover essential strategies to overcome scaling challenges, seal high-level deals, and ensure sustainable growth.

Dive into the insights of industry leaders in our latest blog post, designed for the ambitious founder ready to make their mark!


Episode Timeline:

[00:04:01] - Major challenge in the healthcare and women's health space that Frame aims to solve

[00:06:47]  - Frame's mission to proactively surface fertility and maternity-related risk factors

[00:09:43]  - Jessica elaborates on Frame's development phase

[00:11:27]  - Addressing patient concerns within limited timeframes

[00:14:33]  - The significance of aligning product promises with market demands in healthcare ventures

[00:15:48]  -  Frame's expansion plans involve connecting stakeholders in the family building journey

[00:18:00]  - Commitment to improving outcomes that matter and remaining focused on long-term goals.

[00:21:37]  - Spreading evidence-based informat

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