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April 18, 2021 13 mins

RADIO AI presents part II of the Artificial Compassion podcast series.   Part II lecture is delivered by Cindy Mason, an AI researcher who invented Artificial Compassion after recognizing that scientific discoveries about compassion can rub off on us through our own digital devices.   In this podcast we learn how to achieve artificial compassion using cognitive architectures.     We look at 3 increasingly sophisticated cognitive architectures, starting with an insect robot.   Insect robots are useful and some might say intelligent, but they have no memory, no ability to plan a route, or any type of AI that can do more than respond to sensory input.   That's why its usefulness is limited - they can be helpful at times, but get stuck in places like the end of a hallway or a box canyon, and sometimes can't get out.      This brings us to cognitive architecture number two.   It has sophisticated AI components like machine learning, memory, common sense, and planning.    This is the kind of cognitive architecture we can use to  describe softbots like Siri and Alexa.   Still, they have no ability for emotional or social intelligence, so there's no capacity for compassionate intelligence.   For compassionate intelligence, we need more than architeture two provides.   We need social and emotional intelligence and computations that have a stake in us.   We also need programmers who have a stake in us.  This brings us to architecture number three.       By adding components that allow a representation of self and other, social and emotional intelligence, and data sets that include positive examples of pro-social and emotional intelligence,  our machine intelligence becomes more than we could ever have dreamed.   It becomes capable of artificial compassion.

Join us for Episode 2.6 for an inspired podcast with the possibility to change life for the better, not just for the wealthy or the educated, not just for the young or old, not just for one race or one group.   Artificial compassion belongs to all of us, and when we build this, it will be available to anyone with a browser, a cellphone or a device that supports artificial compassion.   See you there.

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