Raise Your Volume Academy with Tiphany Kane

Raise Your Volume Academy with Tiphany Kane

Do you ever look at those people walking their own path, living life on their own terms, and wonder how they live so free? These people are inspiring because they live life out loud. They are not afraid of being too loud, too bold, or too passionate. People that raise the volume on their voice are not quieted by people's rules, expectations, & "shoulds". This podcast was formerly the Radical Audacity podcast, and is a multiple award-winning show hosted by Tiphany Kane, the CEO of a media production company, Executive Director of the Sonic Bloom Awards, and an award winning podcast producer and host. In this podcast, Tiphany searches out the disruptors and change-makers that rarely follow the "shoulds" of society. Instead they are radical and audacious in their pursuit of justice, integrity, and the causes they believe in. These people are making important changes in the world that can inspire you to buck the system and stand for what you believe in. They raise their volume and speak out about the topics they care passionately about! In this podcast, you will gain inspiration and insights from the guests and Tiphany's coaching insights to live your life out loud. What does living life out loud mean for you, the listener? It means you live in truth, integrity, and authenticity to who you truly are deep inside. You endure pain, loss, and ridicule to live you truth out loud with no shame or hiding. You embrace creativity, ideas, and opportunities that inspire you. Living out loud means you practice radical self-love. You are revolutionary in your ability to understand your own worth & virtue. This radical self-love allows you to care for your own well-being and happiness in such a way that you are able to live a life that inspires others. You practice radical self-acceptance. You are clear on your own abilities and accepting of your own limitations. You feel no shame about any aspect of who you are or how you show up in the world. Because of this, you inspire the people who see & hear you- so raise your volume! The host, Tiphany Kane, M. Ed, lives her own radically audacious life out loud. She left a religious cult at 19 years old and moved 3,000 miles across the country to start her life over from scratch. 20 years later, she left a toxic marriage with two young children. Most recently, Tiphany left a 20 year career in public education to start her own media production business. Tiphany has been featured in Authority Magazine, Women Who Podcast Magazine, CanvasRebel Magazine and Shout Out LA Magazine. She also speaks across the country on various stages where she encourages women to speak up and speak out!This podcast will introduce you to people making a difference and living out loud so that you can get the inspiration you need to live your own life at full volume! Let's Break the rules, break free of the cage, and live a radical life! Remember to raise the volume of your voice...someone is listening! (This podcast started as Love & Life After Divorce, then became Radical Audacity and is now Raise Your Volume)


May 27, 2023 40 mins

Have you ever stopped to think about the privileges that come with your identity and the power of your voice? We recently sat down for an unfiltered conversation discussing our own experiences with identity and privilege. From my perspective as a white woman to my partner David's as a mixed-race man, we share personal stories and reflect on the advantages and challenges we face in different situations due to our unique backgro...

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"What advice would you go back to give yourself 20 years ago?"
I was asked this question by an audience member of a live interview show I did today and I thought it was absolutely fascinating! It inspired me to come in and record my thoughts to share with you.

I want to hear your thoughts...what advice would you give to yourself?
Click on this link to leave me a voice message or head over to Instagram and...

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Close your eyes and get a picture in your head of a scientist...what does the scientist look like? did you picture an older white man that looks a bit like Bill Nye The Science Guy...or did you picture someone that looks like Neil deGrasse Tyson? Did you picture a man OR did you picture a woman?

My guest this week is working hard to disrupt the stereotype of a scientist being a man...and she is smashing pseudo-science misi...

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May 5, 2023 24 mins

As women, we are asked to be like Arielle- the Little Mermaid. We are asked to give up our voice and our power in order to walk in a world that was not created for us. We have the power to change this dynamic! Join me for a powerful visualization exercise where we will tap into your power & your voice.

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Radical Permission to Speak with Samara Bay
Celebrating Disruptors & Change...

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How do you feel about politics? How do you feel about advocating for your political views? This is a tough, vulnerable topic for me! I was raised in a "high-control religion" (aka: a cult) and was taught from infancy that I was "separate from the world" and was not allowed to have any political opinions or affiliations. I was not even allowed to say the Pledge of Allegiance. I was 20 before I said the Pledge for...

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Kate Kelly, Esq. is a zealous advocate and passionate activist. She has a JD from American University Washington College of Law, the only law school in the world founded by, and for, women.  She is a vocal women’s rights champion in the U.S., and around the world.

Kate believes the simple and popular adage that women’s rights are human rights, and is committed to legal advocacy & education for women & other marginalized grou...

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It is time to amplify the voices of people that have the audacity to make a difference on a larger scale! We are kicking off an exciting season of talking to people that devote their time, energy, & resources into making a difference for others. These are people that see a societal problem and work to fix it! These are the disruptors and change makers!

Support the show

I want to hear from you!
Support & Subscribe- your su...

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Some pivots in life are moments we choose and some are chosen for us. Jo Ingram was a successful woman in business when the pandemic ended her hard-won career. Jo took a moment to be introspective and realized that she was not living her life in true authenticity and alignment with what she truly cared about.

If you have any challenges finding work that is in alignment for you- son't worry! Jo gives us her framework (...

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Chrisitne Herbert was a "good girl", "nice girl",  "responsible", "dependable", until the day in her single-woman 30's when she decided to join the Peace Corp and go to a tiny village in the African country of Zambia for 2 years.

Her story is heartwarming, funny,  and an amazing tale of discovering the incredible strength inside herself. It was Christine's audacity to buck ...

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A few weeks ago you heard my interview with the incredible author, Samara Bay. At that time, her book, Permission to Speak was just about to be released- so I had not actually read it yet.
Her book was released this week and I am finally getting to read it! It is such a GOOD BOOK!! This is a book that is going to be talked about and will change the world in significant ways!
I share with you a few of my favorite passages an...

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This is a Bonus episode from my *NEW* podcast: Diet, Riot, Sweat, Repeat

Come on over and listen: Diet, Riot, Sweat, Repeat

I see beauty in so many different bodies- why can't I see beauty in mine?
This episode reflect on the time I encountered a beautiful, full-figured grandmother at the spa. I saw so much beauty in her wrinkles, rolls, and curves. I saw beauty and a life-time of love in her worn hands a...

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Have you ever listened to a recording of your voice and said, "I don't like the way I sound." Or have you ever had someone else tell you that you are too loud, too shrill, too soft spoken, too "valley girl"........... Samara Bay wants to help you create an audacious relationship to our own voice and how we go after joy when talking out loud in the moments that matter.

Samara wants every person list...

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We live in an alcohol positive culture. Alcohol is the only "drug" that people will question you about when you say, "No thank you, I'm not drinking tonight." This week's guest, Kay Allison, is here to bust through alcohol culture and help people to live a healthy, vibrant, alcohol free life. She calls it "Juicy AF" (Juicy Alcohol Free).

In 1999, Kay Allison was a Senior Vice Preside...

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January 5, 2023 10 mins

Have you ever felt lost in the fog- you can't see even 5 feet in front of you and you feel a lone in the world and unsure of your path? This is exactly what I experienced in real life on an outing for my 49th birthday. We were in Charleston, South Carolina on a ferry boat out to tour Fort Sumpter. The morning was cold, drizzly, and very, very foggy. Our ferry boat was completely socked in and at one point had ZERO visibility. ...

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What do 22 hours, political activism, and smashing the patriarchy have in common? They are all related to why I have so many issues with self-care and I am guessing you have similar issues as well. I went to get a massage yesterday at the massage therapy place that I have a membership with. I pay monthly for a massage and yet I very rarely actually go to get one! Wait...whaaat?

You heard me right- I do not have a problem p...

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What did 2022 look like for you? It was a year of massive change, growth, heartache, and joy for me.
January was the rebrand of this podcast from Love & Life After Divorce to Radical Audacity in Love & Life. Listen to the trailer.
I also Found out that I needed to have a hysterectomy on the same day I found out that my ex-father-in-law, my children's grandfather, passed away. It was a day of deep, dark emotion...

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The holidays often bring up the pain of family relationships that we are often able to keep at bay during the rest of the year. How do you navigate the holidays and family time when you have close family members that are unhealthy for your emotional, mental and even physical well-being?

I had to have a difficult conversation with my children this week about why they have not seen my mother, their grandmother, since they we...

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Martine witnessed her father being murdered in a tragic, horrific home invasion when she was just a young, teen-age girl. Soon after loosing her father, she immigrated from Haiti to the United States to go to school. To say that Martine has turned tragedy and difficulty into triumph is an understatement.

Martine is now a sought after professional speaker, a Social Media Content Strategist and Creator, and Adjunct Professor...

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Today I was on a walk on a trail I used to walk all the time when my children were little. On the trail is a tunnel that goes under a bridge. My children used to love to go into that grey, drab, corrugated tunnel and dance and yell to hear the echo of their voices...but it always felt a little bit scary to me.

As I approached the tunnel today, I noticed something different. I noticed that artists had begun to transform the...

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Katie Krimitsos has live her entire life doing things her own way. She has forged an audacious path as an entrepreneur, mother, and podcaster. As a mother of two young children, she started a podcast that turned into a podcast network that get over a million downloads a week...and she does all of the recording in a small closet in her room...for real! Go check out her Instagram to see her recording space.

Katie Krimitsos a...

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