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November 1, 2021 21 mins
Any excuse to wear a costume! Happy Halloween! It's one of my favorite holidays because you get to dress up and have fun letting your inner whatever out and it's my dear friend's birthday. I like to continue the celebration we would have for her day. So I'm wearing my riding hood.  I love the treat and not the trick about Halloween. So let's keep this short and sweet and get into it! Choppin up the ish that caught my eye, So we know we are all talking red flags things we should pay attention to or is there always more than meets the eye? I saw an article stating that there are some life red flags that may actually be good, backed my scientific research. Think you don't have enough friends? Well, it's proven time and time again it's better to have one or two really good friends than a crowd as it may seem on social. Turns out you are happier and doing better than having many friends. Don't feel like you're an Albert Einstein? Thats okay! Turns out when you think you may be wrong you are more likely to be intelligent than those who tell you how smat they are. Drumroll please!!! The Third and best one, if you dont feel rich. You may be better off than those who are rich. Those making 75k up have been interviewed and the money didnt help make them more happy it was the love. So these things gave me a lil boost in confidence, I hope you got one too! Halloween fun here are some please let's not see these costumes on halloween night or the week after on social. Gotta watch to see what they are! ManifestBeauty.TV Uh, WTF is up with AZ’s Senator??? Please don’t dress like her! Moving on, Click Bait! A topic suggested by a listener, so here are some that I saw on my phone. Hope you haven’t clicked on one of these lol. I also saw some click bait on the subject I write about, so I read a page from the book Manifest Beauty: Twerk the Energy from hoping to Knowing. Plus, a heartwarming story of what science can do. Don't forget the Random Question… gotta tune in for this one! Thanks for watching or istening! Follow on Social! IG: @RandomishWithSonja, @SonjaDenyse, @ManifestBeautyTV,  @ManifestBeautyShop @Manifestyourbeauty Websites: ManifestBeauty.TV,
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