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December 7, 2021 31 mins

Hey welcome to another episode of Random Ish. 

Happy to finally have my old mic working again! Turns out, needing a new mixing board for karaoke, great for recording. 

 So, chopping up a few topics that came to my attention, You and your friends have had the discussion on whether Facebook, Google, or Alexa is listening to you right? 

 The Eiffel tower size asteroid that is heading towards Earth, there may be another reason for allowing it to crash into our atmosphere. $$  

Another great has transitioned, and this time it was someone who I thought was cool as fuck and an inspiration for me and millions of others in a quiet cool way, Virgil Abloh. 

Don't forget the Random Question at the end.

Let's get into...

We've all experienced those times when we're having conversations with people and then suddenly when you're online you're seeing what you were talking about popping up all over your feed, well there's somebody who's here to refute that. Now, don't think that I'm buying what he’s selling, let me just show you what he's saying and then we'll get into it. We all know that the whistleblower from Facebook just happened so, in my opinion it’s possible that this guy might be getting paid from Facebook to say he's done an experiment. 

Moving on to the Bad habits, since it’s cuffin season and we are out meeting people again here are some of the turn off’s that may keep you from finding your Mr. or Ms. right now, or Right.  Watch or listen to hear them!  

Nerd in Me! So, the asteroid I mentioned earlier? It will be in our atmosphere December 11th.  Apparently, there are companies that track asteroids, and they have a monetary value. This asteroid, 4660 Nereus is already established to be worth 4.7 billion according to Astrerank. 

I want to pay tribute to Virgil Abloh. I really appreciate his art and work style. He is a manifester one who has stated he willed himself and can connect the dots of creation. I admire that and love that he was DJ turned errything else. Here are some of his creations. 

Let’s do the last random question from this round, this one I funny because I just experienced it. 

Thanks for reading, watching, or listening!  

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