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February 25, 2022 33 mins

What's Going On?? I have some a story to share, some thangs to talk about, The Nerd In Me and We have New Random Questions! 

Let's get into it! First Off happy Black History month. There are so many intelligent, strong, resilient, men and women I need to thank who paved the way for me an so many others. I just want to send some love to a few off the top of my head who influenced me. Janet, Michael, Mc Lyte, Queen Latifiah, Beverly Johnson, Diane Carroll so many more. 

On to the show...So you think someone may be snooping on you phone? Or Just wanna find out if someone has tagged your phone? 

Well listen or watch to find out how you can quickly know if someone has possibly gotten into your phone. 

Exciting News! No I do not innerstand this all the way, but it's being reported by and Quanta magazine that our reality my be shaped by resonance. The thing that is displayed when an opera singer is able to break a wineglass with the right note or frequency. 

I am wondering and thinking that this has the same rules a manifesting. When you drive a frequency to hard and fast (motivating or trying too hard) 

does that, or is that what implodes the situation so it does not appear in the physical? Things to make you go mmmmmm. 

Soooooooooo, the other week I played for 18 hrs and my feet were killing me! I just had to go the get some reflexology. I think I take care of myself, I know that the past few month have been very stressful for me and the world, but I have been doing some of the things I know to do. But I know there is some muckiness, why I'm making reminder videos for me and you. 

However, I'm in the chair right, while he's working away I say outloud I know I have some energy blockage going on I can feel it moving. Then  started to cry! Now, who wants to be crying in the middle of the mall? We know this happens with yoga poses, you can get into a position and the release of pent up stagnant energy causes a spontaneous cry, but it's surprising and eye opening because it means there is some healing or aligning that needs to be done. 

So I just want to remind everyone of us to remember to take out some time for yourself for self love. The hair and the nails and lashes are fun for the outside, but the inner you, remember to take care of yourself. Our inner and outerself need time to play together. With all that is going on, it can be easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle of life. 

I got into the energy work because I had a colorful past that I needed to be free of. I still have triggers. I also wanted to heal injuries and I knew it would take energy to do that...

The Random Question is Next!   

Thanks for Listen Or Watching!

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