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August 28, 2021 32 mins

Hey there! Hope all is well with you, So happy and “happy” to say my ceiling finally got fixed. My eyes are telling you a deeper story without words. Today will be fun as the guy who fixed the ceiling also is here to fix a fan in a garage. Of course, he is using a saw so he is a part of the show too. I even have his battery charger charging in the house as I am recording this. I tell ya people think I just sit in my house. No man, I’m Pinky and The Brain up in here. Except I don’t really want to take over the World. Anyhoo, today I am in the streets ha I should say outside for some answers to a question, sharing some stories that caught my eye and a random question. This guy and his saw brt.

So I am loving all the compliments I am getting on the hair lately, it’s all about the curly hair squad these days. So many women! Song by: Sugar Beats Do It! Yo so I saw this Instagram of this lady getting her hair trimmed, and her hair was long and I guess unhealthy. The comments about the amount cut off reminded me how when I was younger I wasn’t trying to cut my hair either. Friggin hairdressers with the life lessons. You gotta let go to grow. Made me think of other things we don’t let go of. Jobs, relationships, clothes. I’ve been playing games and having fun with the energy, seeing what I need to let go of.

Okay so onto the show, you know Pfizer is now FDA approved right? Ummmmmm. But remember we had to get vaccines for school. BUT, For the conspiracy theorist, they are not helping. You guys let those movies come out that just seem too close to real life and there are those of us who believe that it comes out in the movies first and then it happens in real life. I know your cool friends told you this. So you cannot blame people for not trusting you. Plus all the real-life crazy. They need to handle this much better.

Onto Good news, living longer. A longevity researcher gives us some tips. More news and New Segment: The Nerd in Me, SO…there is an asteroid that will be passing near Earth in early Sept. this thing is Huge, larger than a football field and taller but Nasa says we are pretty much free of and direct hits until next century or so.

Back after the break, the question that has been on my mind lately are labels. Are we separating ourselves more by labels or are they bringing us together? Labels or pictures create meaning for us and do we then live up to the label? When you first meet someone is it more about how nice you are rather than what your label/title is? So rather than me rambling on I went and asked some folks.

So before we run outta here, I am gonna draw a random question from the candybowl. Gotta watch or Listen on the podcast platforms. Man this show was fun! Hit me up on social, if you have a question to go into the fishbowl or a topic I should ask folks about hit me up! IG: @SonjaDenyse @RandomIshWithSonja @ManifestBeautyTV Watch on ManifestBeauty.TV or Channel MBE on Firestick or Roku.

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