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January 31, 2022 31 mins

Hey there!

So for this episode I decided to do something special, in our last episode, I read you a part of chapter four. Inbetween then and now I landed my first narration of another authors book. Yay! I also found out my audio wasnt as clean as I thought it was. So I had to do a crash course in audio. I hope you can hear the difference, I already can.  

So, I've decided to give you the full chapter. It really is breaking down everything you pretty much need to know about real manifesting versus motivational or ritualistic living so that you can live the life that you desire versus struggling to make things happen.

In this chapter we're going to cover what tools you would want to use, the differences in our individuality, the way that this should be versus the way it is marketed, and what you're really looking for.

I have never heard anybody break it down like this I know that there are some, I have actually heard UM Michael Beckwith, that teacher from The Secret, he is kind of teaching currently and I mean right now teaching kind of along the same lines of where the information is going. So as a thank you for listening through a hum, that was only heard on earplugs, I wanted to drop some gems for you and share my heart. I might be turning this into a master class, after all, I too am having too move things from being so physical with the parties into being online. So enjoy it while you can for free!

You gotta listen to the episode or watch the video I created in order to get the actual gems from Chapter 4. Happy manifesting & blessings to us all!

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