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April 11, 2024 53 mins

Episode Overview:

In this compelling episode of the Wholesaling Syndicate Podcast, host Ky Logue welcomes Drewbie Wilson, a seasoned expert in sales and motivation. Together, they dive deep into the mantra of "Call the Damn Leads," emphasizing the importance of action and persistence in the sales process. Drewbie shares his journey from selling insurance to becoming a significant influencer through his mantra, underscoring the transformative power of doing the work.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of Persistence: Success in sales and wholesaling comes from consistent effort and the willingness to make call after call, demonstrating that persistence is often more critical than perfection.
  • Pre-Qualifying Questions: Drewbie stresses the importance of having a set of pre-qualifying questions to ensure that leads are worth pursuing. This step is vital in streamlining the sales process and increasing efficiency.
  • Embracing the Work: Both Ky and Drewbie discuss the importance of embracing the repetitive and sometimes monotonous aspects of sales. They argue that finding success in the "boring stuff" is what leads to significant results.
  • Manifesting Success: Drewbie shares his personal journey of manifestation, from envisioning his perfect day to making it a reality through consistent action and a focus on helping others.

Show Notes:

  1. Introduction to Drewbie Wilson: Background in sales, creator of the "Call the Damn Leads" mantra, and his philosophy on taking action.
  2. Discussion on Persistence: Insights on the necessity of persistence in sales, including making numerous calls and dealing with rejection.
  3. Pre-Qualifying Leads: Drewbie shares his approach to pre-qualifying leads to ensure they align with his services and are worth the sales effort.
  4. Sales as a Numbers Game: An exploration of the concept that success in sales often comes down to the numbers - the more leads called, the higher the chance of closing deals.
  5. Manifestation and Action: Drewbie’s personal story of how he manifested his current life and success by defining his perfect day and working towards it.
  6. Final Thoughts: Drewbie encourages listeners to take action on what they've learned in the podcast and to share the episode with others who could benefit from its messages.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone in sales, real estate wholesaling, or anyone looking to increase their productivity and success through disciplined action and a positive mindset.

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