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May 9, 2024 48 mins

In this dynamic episode of the Real Estate Wholesaling Syndicate podcast, host Ky Logue interviews Ace Qureshi, a wholesaler who began his career in Houston after moving from Pakistan in 2011. Ace shares his journey from selling various items to diving into real estate wholesaling and eventually transitioning into commercial real estate. The discussion is filled with valuable insights into the strategies and mental shifts necessary for moving from residential to commercial real estate investments. Ace also details the challenges and learning experiences he faced while establishing his niche in commercial properties, providing practical advice for anyone looking to enter this sector.

Show notes:

Host: Ky Logue
Guest: Ace Qureshi
Duration: Approximately 48 minutes
Episode Title: Going from Residential to Commercial Wholesaling with Ace Qureshi

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Ace Qureshi's Background:
    • Introduction to Ace, including his initial years in sales and his entry into real estate wholesaling.
    • His progression from residential to commercial real estate.
  2. Transitioning to Commercial Real Estate:
    • The accidental shift to commercial after feeling burnt out in residential wholesaling.
    • Insights into the first commercial deals and the complexities involved.
  3. Challenges in Commercial Real Estate:
    • Details of the learning curve in commercial deals including deal structuring and understanding market dynamics.
    • The importance of perseverance and adaptability in overcoming these challenges.
  4. Strategic Insights and Techniques:
    • Discussion on targeting older platforms like Bing and Yahoo for leads.
    • Ace's approach to underwriting and securing commercial deals.
  5. Advice for New Investors:
    • Recommendations on getting started in commercial real estate.
    • Importance of focus and dedication in mastering one asset class before expanding.
  6. Q&A Session:
    • Live questions from listeners focusing on practical aspects of entering and succeeding in commercial real estate.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Commercial real estate tools and platforms for data and comps.
  • Networking and community-building strategies.

Contact Information:

  • Connect with Ace Qureshi on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram under "Ace Deals."

Closing Remarks:

  • Ky concludes by inviting listeners to join the Real Estate Wholesaling Syndicate Facebook group for more resources and live training sessions.

This episode is packed with actionable advice for anyone interested in or currently navigating the shift from residential to commercial real estate investing.

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