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May 16, 2024 31 mins

In this episode of the Real Estate Wholesaling Syndicate podcast, host Ky Logue sits down with Anthony Hernandez, also known as the Real Estate Hero. Anthony shares his inspiring journey from losing his job to building a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. He discusses the creative strategies he used to close deals, the importance of ethics in the business, and how consistent marketing and follow-up have been key to his success. This episode is filled with practical tips and actionable advice for both new and experienced wholesalers.

  • First Deal Experience: Anthony talks about his initial strategy of driving for dollars, writing down addresses, and sending out personalized mailers with cologne-sprayed letters. He explains how this unique approach helped him get responses and close his first deal.
  • Building a Portfolio: Anthony details his journey from his first deal to creating a significant rental portfolio through subject-to deals and private funding. He shares the challenges he faced and how he overcame them to build a multi-million dollar portfolio in less than 90 days.
  • Marketing Strategies: Transitioning from mailers to using digital marketing, Anthony explains how targeted ads, paid actors, and social media referrals have significantly boosted his lead generation. He highlights the effectiveness of pixel marketing and automated follow-up sequences.
  • Follow-Up Process: Anthony emphasizes the importance of consistent follow-up, describing his system that sends automated messages for 365 days to stay top of mind with potential sellers. He explains how this long-term follow-up strategy has been crucial in closing deals.
  • Common Mistakes and Advice: Anthony discusses common mistakes new wholesalers make, such as poor follow-up and mismanaging initial profits. He advises reinvesting profits wisely, maintaining a disciplined approach, and continually learning from events and peers.
  • Favorite Strategies: Anthony shares his favorite real estate strategies, including wholesaling as the backbone of his business, flipping properties, and utilizing seller financing. He provides insights on how to present seller financing options to sellers. 
  • Teamwork and Support: Anthony talks about the division of responsibilities between him and his wife in managing their real estate business. He appreciates the support and collaboration that have been essential in scaling their operations.
  • Upcoming Event: Ky promotes the upcoming event on June 5th in San Antonio, featuring Anthony and other notable speakers. The event aims to provide comprehensive knowledge and actionable steps for wholesaling success.

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