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The Reality Show Life Coach is the podcast for people who want to have fun combining their love of Reality TV with self-help. In each episode Certified Life Coach Lynn Grogan brings on a special guest to provide expert coaching advice the contestants (desperately) need. You might just find a few things along the way that are useful to you!


April 5, 2024 7 mins

Hey there! Lynn here, just wrapping up Season 6 of Love is Blind… maybe not in the way you or I expected! It’s been a busy few weeks and when I finally sat down to record the final episode of the series, I realized that I didn’t have much more to add. So I didn’t!

Instead I talk a little bit about my upcoming project, a brand new podcast called Courageously Unconventional that I’m excited to launch at the end of April 2024. 

As for t...

Mark as Played

Are the cast members of Love is Blind actually ready for marriage? And how would they even know? At this point in the show we start to see cracks in the foundations of relationships that were already on rocky ground to begin with. 

Join my special guest Samantha Siffring and I as we dive into all the drama that happens in the Dominican Republic and back home in Charlotte, NC. 

Samantha Siffring is a business coach...

Mark as Played

This week the Love is Blind couples wrap up their proposals and head to the Dominican Republic. Who will make it? Who won’t? What happens when the voices you know and love also have bodies and mannerisms and newfound insecurities?

What we do know is that everyone has made a choice and now they are experiencing the impact of their decisions. Join my guest Kim Severson and I as we discuss how the proposals went down, settin...

Mark as Played

This week I was thrilled to invite back previous pod guest, Maria Stoyadinova! I had so much fun talking to Maria last season for Survivor that I knew I needed to bring her back for another conversation.

If you’ve been following along with Love is Blind, you know this season is JUICY. We had SO much to talk about, so believe me when I say that I had to cut us off at the hour mark.

Maria and I discuss…


Mark as Played

This week I had the pleasure of talking to one of my favorite videographers & life coaches, Matt Kjar! I met Matt several years ago and we immediately bonded over RV travel and of course, nerdy coaching things.

And now we’ve added to the nerdiness by talking about Reality TV. Matt offers a behind the scenes perspective on how reality TV shows are made and why the stories are told they way they are.

And if yo...

Mark as Played

This season of Survivor is a wrap! As is 2023.  

Join me on the final Reality Show Life Coach episode of the year talking about the season finale of Survivor 45!

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Original music by David Delaney of The Whiskey Boys: ht...

Mark as Played

What are the rules of a showmance? If you're tied romantically to someone, does that mean you're morally obligated to tell them the truth, even if it impacts your game? That's my biggest question this week as we forge ahead next week to the season finale! 

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Mark as Played

To share or not to share, that is the question! And every player’s decision could impact whether or not they stay in the game of Survivor. This week I was joined by Survivor superfan and Master Life Coach, Kari Langkamp. 

Kari Langkamp helps Midwestern women take the leap toward their big dreams. She writes a bi-weekly coaching column (Midwest Moxie: Coaching for your Life) and is a Master Certified Coach and Instructor at...

Mark as Played

This episode of Survivor was full of the feels! And that makes sense considering we are winding down to the last few episodes of the season. This week I was joined by new Survivor fan, TV enthusiast, and fellow life coach, Maria Stoyadinova. 

Maria is a Certified feminist burnout and self-care coach for professional women. She helps clients tackle burnout from the inside out and spend their time and energy how they want to...

Mark as Played

We're getting there! Just a few more weeks until the final tribal council. 

This week I flew solo again and dug into... 

  • What to do when you want to make a knee-jerk reaction
  • Allowing the idea of losing (so you can win!)  
  • Uncovering limiting beliefs, especially when it comes to aging 

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Mark as Played
This week we saw one of the biggest blindsides in Survivor history! I can't wait for you to listen to the latest Reality Show Life Coach podcast with Reality TV superfan, Dr. Christina Arnold!

Christina helps women physicians become Happy in Medicine, in their relationships, & at home.

Connect with Christina Arnold: 

Mark as Played

This week I took a break from covering reality shows and give you a behind the scenes look at the weird reason I got into Reality TV in the first place! 

It all started when I was 18 years old and decided to participate in a 3-week long medical study... 

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Mark as Played

This week the tribes had to earn the merge! My guest Prerika Agarwal and I talk about the importance of adaptability, flexibility, and self-awareness in both Reality TV and everyday life.

Prerika Agarwal is a Tech Consulting Executive turned coach with over 20 years of experience. Prerika founded Inspiration Careers to help women and BIPOC create a "Career by Design" and become the CEOs of their own lives.

Mark as Played

This week we talk about the second quit of the season: Sean. 

While we can never really know why anyone makes the decisions that they do, it's interesting to speculate! Zil Eiler joins me to dissect the episode.

Zil Eiler is a Life and Business coach. She helps new coaches and consultants build and grow their online businesses.

Connect with Zil Eiler:
Instagram:  @zileilercoaching  


Mark as Played

This week I flew solo on the Reality Show Life Coach podcast! And I also threw in a plot twist and picked a different show to talk about: Golden Bachelor! 🌹

I've been loving this new show from the Bachelor Franchise featuring 72-year-old Gerry Turner, a retired restauranteur and widower from Indiana. 

I've been SO surprised by this series! I really appreciate how they've normalized grief and aging and finding love at ...

Mark as Played

This week we continue to explore honesty, loyalty, and decision fatigue when it comes to Survivor. The Yellow tribe is in the thick of it and despite winning a reward challenge, come out on the bottom and vote yet another team member off the show.

This episode also brings up lots of questions about simply surviving on the show, and my guest this week, Lauren Rapaport, helps me break everything down.
Lauren Rapaport is...

Mark as Played

The game of Survivor is so much more complex and strategic than what is portrayed on screen. Players constantly have to make decisions about when to be honest and when to lie, making it nearly impossible to discern your fellow tribe member’s true intentions.

This week I’m joined by my dear friend, Kristin Brown! Kristin is a marketing strategist. She helps established coaches organize their marketing chaos into a streamli...

Mark as Played

Deciding how you want to show up is one of the very first decisions you have to make on Survivor. And this decision is so different from how we make decisions in everyday life.

In the real world, telling people you’re a lawyer might be seen as a good thing…Well, depending on the company you’re in. In the game of Survivor, it could be the very reason people vote you out.

And then we have the topic of quitting. Co...

Mark as Played

What is YOUR rich life… and how do you actually live it? On this final installment of the How to Get Rich series, Rachelle Siebke joins me for one last conversation to wrap up the show.

I ask her the question that has been burning on my mind for the last few weeks: How DO you manage cash flow when your income is variable? And she gave me a great answer that you don’t want to miss (especially if you’re an entrepreneur!)

Mark as Played

Financial infidelity occurs when couples lie to each other about money. On this week’s episodes of How to Get Rich, we see this happening with several cast members.

Special guest Shyloh Brown and series cohost Rachelle Siebke help me break down why this happens and what to do about it!

Shyloh Brown is a certified life coach, and helps moms uplevel their life and business while feeling deeply connected to their p...

Mark as Played

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