Four film majors finally put their degrees to good use and team up with a friend who's seen some movies. Join us as we dive into revived cult classics, modern missteps, and live-action cash grabs in an attempt to tackle the single most important question in modern cinema: Did that really need to be REBOOTED?


May 17, 2023 71 mins

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Mark as Played


In this episode, we take a trip back to the swinging 60s with the John Waters classic: Hairspray. 

Originally released in 1988, Hairspray follows the story of Tracy Turnblad, an overweight teen eager to earn a spot in the cast of the Corny Collins Show, a popular after-school TV program. 

Tracy's journey gets her in trouble when she uses her popularity on the show to pu...

Mark as Played
April 18, 2023 77 mins

Our lost episode has been found!

We had left Matilda in shambles on the cutting room floor after we weren't able to get separate track audio for everyone. Through the magic of perseverance we finally finished editing this episode. It's got a very 'live' feel to it, and it went off the rails in ways that are hard to explain.

We hope you enjoy this slightly-longer-than-usual quasi-l...

Mark as Played
April 5, 2023 67 mins

Originally released in 1973, The Wicker Man was a bizarre mystery involving missing children and ritual sacrifice. It was...

Send help. The Rebooted studio has been overrun. There's a talking frog and a very angry pig outside the office demanding to speak with our producers. We think they want to commandeer the episode. 

We'll hold them off as long as we can, but it may be too late. The Muppets are very...

Mark as Played
March 9, 2023 65 mins

In this episode, we collectively agree to ignore the elephant in the room, which is oddly guillotine shaped. No, this isn't Les Mis, it's Beauty & the Beast. 

Originally released in 1991, Disney's take on the well known fairytale was an instant classic, and Belle arguably cemented herself as the greatest of all Disney princesses. (Though we'll admit Rapunzel is pretty great too). It's a musical...

Mark as Played
February 22, 2023 72 mins

In this episode, we learn that Mel Gibson is actually Australian. Well, some of us do, anyway. Join us as we dive into the bizarre, post-apocalyptic classic Mad Max 2! 

Originally released in 1981, The Road Warrior follows Max Rockatansky, a cynnical drifter who spends his days driving through the Australian putback trying to stay one step ahead of marauders who would do anything to steal his precious gasoline. 


Mark as Played
February 8, 2023 78 mins

In this episode, we are all aboard the Brendan Fraser hype train and resurrecting an old favorite with The Mummy! (Do you see what we did there?) 

The Fraser fronted remake debuted in 1999 as a goofy, Iniana Jones inspired action romp about a race across Egypt to uncover a long forgotten treasure. It spawned a multi-film franchise that includes eight titles (but only if you count the four direct-to-video Scorpion King spin...

Mark as Played
December 14, 2022 56 mins

Merry Christmas you filthy animal! 

In this episode, we celebrate home invasion and child abandonment with the Christmas Classic: Home Alone. 

Originally released in 1990, Home Alone follows everyone's favorite 8-year-old, Kevin McCallister as he fights off a pair of home invaders after his family accidentally left him, well, home alone. 

The 2021 reboot, awkwardly titled Home Sweet Home Alone, is a ...

Mark as Played
November 30, 2022 60 mins

In this episode we defy the best laid plans of mice and men by trying to survive the zombie outbreak in a local mall and make a break for it after it all goes awry in the Zombie horror classic, Dawn of the Dead! 

At the start of a zombie apocalypse a group of survivors barricade themselves in a mall. They need to work together and eventually figure out a way to escape to a safer location. 

This podcast was produced by Andak...

Mark as Played
November 16, 2022 58 mins

In this episode, we take a roadtrip down to the Lone Star state to learn a valuable life lesson: Breaking and entering is bad, mmkay? 

Originally released in 1974, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows a group of frieds who make a series of terrible life choices amid a distinct lack of chainsaw related deaths. 

Almost fifty years later (yes, it's been that long), Leatherface is back with a new group of forgetta...

Mark as Played
November 2, 2022 59 mins

The Walt Disney Company is up to their old tricks bringing us another remake that nobody asked for! 

Originally released in 1940, Pinocchio was Disney's second animated feature and tells the story of a wooden puppet brought to life and his quest to become a real boy. 

Fast forward 82 years—yes, it's that old. One of the interns found the original storyboard in a dusty corner of the illustrious vault they...

Mark as Played
October 19, 2022 55 mins

Your favorite film majors are back for season two! Oh, and Jake. He's here too. Join us as we kick off our next adventure with Invasion of the Body Snatchers! 

Originally released in...well, technically it was 1958, but in the interest of transparency (and time), we started with Philip Kaufman's 1978 version featuring a cloud of space embryos and some unassuming flowers who decided they were going to conquer eart...

Mark as Played
August 31, 2022 75 mins

If it bleeds, we can kill it. 

In this episode, we dive into the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, Predator and its 2022 PREBOOT: Prey. 

Originally released in 1987, Predator follows a group of highly trained and heavily armed commandos sent into a remote jungle to search for survivors of a helicopter crash only to find themselves hunted by a lethal and invisible alien foe. 

Set in 1719, the preboot delves i...

Mark as Played
August 17, 2022 65 mins

This podcast was produced by Andak Media. Andak is dedicated to helping creatives find community and support for their creative passions. You can find more info about Andak Media at If you’ve enjoyed our content, you can offer support on Patreon at We offer perks for all of our patrons, including excuslive podcast  episodes, podcast episode polls, monthly AMAs, and exclusive patron-only merchandise...

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July 25, 2022 87 mins

🎶 We're goin to the chapel and it's pretty expensive. 🎶 

Released in 1991, Steve Martin's classic slice of life comedy, Father of the Bride, follows George Banks as he recounts the events leading up to his daughter's wedding. 

Wrestling with the reality that his little girl is all grown up, George must contend with a rapidly increasing price tag and all the stress that comes along with it. 

Mark as Played
July 13, 2022 100 mins

Welcome to the inaugural round of Reboot Roulette! 

We've spent the last 18 episodes picking apart Hollywood reboots‐‐praising their successes and shaming their failures. 

We've forced ourselves to sit through flops, cash grabs, and more than a couple hits (looking at you Thumbtanic), and now it's time to put our educations to use and propose a few reboots of our own! 

We've got a list...

Mark as Played
June 22, 2022 48 mins

CW: In this episode we discuss violence involving children and pedophilia. 

In this episode, a father and daughter with psychic powers flee from a secret government agency trying to kill them. Along the way, they ruin the lives of an innocent farmer, blow up a few police cars and set a bunch of things on fire. 

Look, I'll level with you, we're not quite sure what to say about this one. 1984's Firest...

Mark as Played
May 25, 2022 103 mins

In this episode, Jimmy Buffet rescues a couple margaritas. Literally nothing else happens. 

Originally released in 1993, Jurrasic Park explores what would happen if a mad scientist devoted his time to resurrecting the dinosaurs. 

Spoiler alert: bad things happen. 

20 some years later, science...uh...finds a way to not only make more dinosaurs, but also genetically engineer smarter ones. What could possibl...

Mark as Played
May 11, 2022 77 mins

In this episode we set sail on a deadly journey through Egypt with Death on the Nile. 

Originally released in 1978, the film adaptation of Agatha Christie's classic whodunnit boasts an impressive cast including Angela Lansbury and Maggie Smith, yet suffers from a distinct lack of pacing. 

Remade in 2022, the modern reboot sports an over saturated color palate likely curated by folks who forgot what it wa...

Mark as Played
May 4, 2022 75 mins

In this episode, we learn to count to 12...or wait...was it 9? Is that the same kid? Ugh. Whatever. Just get in the car already. We're late! 

This week we're bringing you another threeboot (patent pending) with Cheaper by the Dozen. 

Originally released in 1950, this movie tells the true story of efficiency experts Frank and Lillian Gilbreth and their 12 children. 

Then, somewhere between 1950 a...

Mark as Played

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