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May 21, 2024 29 mins

Are you frustrated with a husband who isn't taking the lead spiritually in your marriage? In this episode, I provide practical, empowering solutions for wives, giving you the keys to unlocking spiritual intimacy and building a stronger, deeper connection with your husband. From fostering open conversations to offering support and love, I’m sharing three do’s and don’ts to help end the tension in your marriage due to mismatched spiritual paths. We also briefly discuss gender roles in Christianity and how they intersect with spiritual leadership in marriage. I believe in balanced partnership and male leadership within the marriage, inspired by the example of the Holy Trinity. This episode will encourage any wife who wants to see her husband lead spiritually. 


Links Mentioned in this Episode: 

🔗 Ep. 185: How to Have More Spiritual Intimacy in Your Marriage

🔗 Ep. 210: 5 Prayers to Pray Over Your Husband

🔗 Download “Heart-to-Heart Conversation Starters for Couples in Conflict


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