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September 12, 2023 59 mins
This conversation with the late J. R. Lyston and me was totally unplanned. Completely impromptu. We had just recorded a Sherlock Holmes audio drama, and I suggested that we do an interview to talk about our many years of collaborating and acting together. At the time of this recording, we’d worked together for 36 years. Well…we rambled. Went down rabbit holes. Talked over and interrupted each other… (J. R. wasn’t very good about using his hearing aids in his last years…) And so, now, in 2023, it’s been about 40 years of working together. In plays, films, and audio drama. J. R. Lyston passed away on 8 August 2023. I’ve felt the loss heavily. I love him, and loved working with him dearly. We present this unpublished “interview” as a tribute to J. R. and a way for me to share his own story, his journey in the theatre arts, and as a teacher. I’m not sure what folks will get from listening to the two of us babble and kibbutz, but for Baltimore theatre folk, many of the names and places should ring familiar bells. I miss J.R. and I know I’ll miss him for the rest of what’s left in my life. When I think about future audio projects, I will still think to call him up and ask him to the studio. So many characters left to do… I thank you all who listen to us…two theatre kids kibitzing. - Mark Redfield September 2023 John R. Lyston OCTOBER 2, 1932 – AUGUST 8, 2023 Photo: a publicity photo of Mark Redfield as Milo Tindle and J. R. Lyston as Andrew Wyke in the play “Sleuth” by Anthony Shaffer.
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