REMelations: Comedy Dream Interpretation

REMelations: Comedy Dream Interpretation

Step into the realm of dreams with REMelations, the weekly dream interpretation podcast hosted by Mindy and Brooke, your favorite duo of dream enthusiasts and lifelong best friends. Each week, they take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as they share listeners' spine-chilling nightmares and outlandish dream tales. With their infectious humor and genuine camaraderie, these two offer entertaining interpretations of the most perplexing REM cycles. Don't miss out as each week they feature their unique take on a sleep-related topic, making this podcast a dreamy escape you won't want to miss. Sweet Dreams! Visit: Contact: Socialize: @REMelations


July 12, 2024 88 mins

Episode 141 | "Secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets, secrets hurt someone."

In this thrilling episode of REMelations, Brooke shares a dream sent in by listener Becs. What starts as a fun family game night quickly takes a dark turn. Small annoyances, like people leaving the room for whispered side conversations and pairs running out for errands, set the stage for a chilling twist. Becs finds herself paired with a creepy rando, and s...

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Episode 140 | "Smells of sweat, teenage angst, and creepy gym teachers."

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Episode 139 | "Horticultural Jurassic Park"

In this thrilling episode, Brooke dives into an anonymous dream submission where the dreamer finds themselves trapped in a house under attack, desperately seeking a way to call for help. Mindy and Brooke then lighten the mood with a series of "cat naps," featuring dreams of chaotic airplane brawls with JLo, infested overnight stays, gruesome reality TV shows, and even spooning with a demo...

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Episode 138 | "Feed Brooke cubes of cheese and she'll go right to sleep."

In this thrilling episode of REMelations, Mindy delves into a bizarre and unnerving dream submitted by Lisa. What starts as a fun night out with friends quickly turns uncomfortable when Lisa's body becomes magnetized, attracting pins from everywhere. While the pins stuck in her body are horrifying enough, it's the ones embedded in her mouth that leave Mindy a...

Episode 137 | "Do you want soup, side salad, or a matching tattoo?"

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Episode 136 | "We there."

In this episode of REMelations, Mindy shares a dream from Ben that challenges his vegan lifestyle with a craving for a delectable meat snack, sparking intrigue and inner conflict. Meanwhile, Brooke and Mindy explore a whimsical array of dream scenarios in the Cat Naps segment, ranging from bizarre wedding transportation to deathly encounters with giant birds in hearses and take joy in a dream about a uniqu...

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Episode 135 | "Soft pretzels make every situation better."

In this whimsical episode of REMelations, Brooke brings forth a dream from David that transports us to a fantasy world where Fire Tigers hunt criminals, days are perfect, and grandma enjoys McDonald's served by friendly goblins, all while reminiscing about old low-res video games. Join Mindy and Brooke as they delve into the surreal details and decode the hidden meanings be...

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Episode 134 | "I love that mid-century hot dog style."

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Episode133 | "Why you theiven?"

Welcome to Episode 133 of REMelations! In this mind-bending installment, Brooke kicks off the chaos with a dream straight out of an apocalyptic blockbuster. Brace yourselves for a wild ride as she recounts Jason's bizarre Armageddon dream, which starts innocently enough with a tantalizing spread of Thai food and martinis but quickly spirals into destruction when meteorites rain down, unleashing a vir...

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Episode 132 | "I put my ficus away, I've got my pants on, there's nothing to see here."

In this dreamy installment, Mindy delves into a wild dream submitted by Leo. Picture this: Leo's family reunion turns into a nightmare when he finds himself stark naked in the hotel corridors. Things get even more awkward when he bumps into an old friend. How does he navigate this clothing crisis? Tune in to find out!

But the fun doesn't stop th...

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Episode 131 | "Conjuring Mary Johnson, Mary Johnson to the mirror please."

Join Brooke and Mindy in Episode 131 of REMelations as they delve into the surreal world of dreams and the curious origins of a classic sleepover game.

The episode kicks off with a wild dream shared by Brooke, straight from the subconscious of podcast bestie Katelyn. In this dream, the adventure begins in a pulsating cl...

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April 25, 2024 61 mins

Episode 130 | "A Nicki Minaj-a Dix"

Content Warning: Sexually Explicit

In this tantalizing installment of REMelations, Mindy and Brooke dive headfirst into the salacious world of naughty dreams. Episode 130, aptly dubbed "The Dirty One Thirty," unveils a plethora of scandalous dream encounters that will leave listeners wide-eyed and giggling.

Prepare to be astonished as Mindy and Brooke recount a dream realm teeming with celebritie...

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Episode 129 | "I think that was his conscious vomiting"

Episode 129 of REMelations kicks off with Mindy diving into a dream sent in by listener Elena. The dream involves an unexpected car accident and a morphing dog, which Mindy interprets as symbols of deception and new beginnings for Elena.

Next, Mindy and Brooke delve into the "cat naps" segment, where they share a variety of dreams submitted by listeners. These dreams include n...

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Episode 128 | "Hugh Hefner is really into mascots!"

Welcome back dreamers to another captivating episode of REMelations! In this dream-filled journey, Brooke kicks off the episode with a mesmerizing tale from Kara's dream world. Picture yourself wandering through a sprawling mansion, surrounded by cheerful mascots. But beware! Amidst the whimsical setting lurks an angry old man unleashing glitchy shadow creatures. Can Kara's mascot...

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Episode 127 | "What good is a tan, if you don't have a face?"

Join Mindy as she delves into Mateo's vivid dream, where he finds himself navigating his wedding day with a childhood crush amidst a flurry of pranks, tasks, and gift baskets. Throughout the chaos, Mateo discovers the unwavering support of his friends, making for a dream full of laughter and unexpected twists.

Following Mateo's dream analysis, Mindy and Brooke take a div...

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Episode 126 | "Sleepwalking is way different than sleep killing."

In this episode of REMelations, Brooke kicks things off with a captivating listener dream from "G". The dream takes listeners on a journey through the surreal landscapes of the subconscious, but it's not just another dream. G's dream mirrors a real-life scenario of overcoming death, revealing how dreams can open doors to new worlds of warmth and self-discovery.


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Episode 125 | "Yea get you some Lowe love."

In this episode of REMelations, Mindy kicks off the dream analysis with a vivid recounting of Gianna's stress-filled nightmare. Gianna finds herself trapped in a relentless cycle of job instability, unable to secure steady employment despite her best efforts. From low sales to bizarre fishing escapades with unconventional bait, Gianna's dreams paint a picture of perpetual struggle against...

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Episode 124 | "It's a very big peep hole."

Welcome to another intriguing episode of REMelations! In Episode 124, Brooke sets the stage with a captivating dream from Tara, plunging us into a mysterious cycle where she grapples with a creepy delivery man and the eerie solitude of an apartment. With her boyfriend unreachable, the tension escalates as Tara navigates this unsettling encounter alone, as she waits for party guests to arri...

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Episode 123 | "Curiosity killed the mom."

Welcome to another intriguing installment of REMelations! In this episode, Mindy sets the stage with Lena's dream, a labyrinthine journey through dark hallways, encounters with hippie grandmas, and the enigmatic presence of blizzard twins. As the dream unfolds, Mindy and Brooke share their insights, unraveling the symbolism and hidden meanings within Lena's subcons...

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February 29, 2024 73 mins

Episode 122 | "Love a good mouth glitch."

The episode kicks off with Brooke recounting a peculiar dream experienced by Charles. In this dream, Charles finds himself amidst a surreal landscape blanketed in ash, where rock dinosaurs roam and menacing screeching owls give chase. But before delving further into the dream, Charles, Brooke and Mindy make a spontaneous detour to the gas station for some much-needed snacks, injecting a tou...

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