Remote Work Bestie

Remote Work Bestie

From the Founder of I Like To Dabble, Daniella Flores brought to life Remote Work Bestie to challenge the traditional 9 to 5 and help you navigate a more flexible way of working and living. Weekly episodes feature experts and fellow remote work besties to help you navigate the world of remote work, side hustles, freelancing, & entrepreneurship, as well as negotiation, managing finances, mental health support, traveling, and building a way of working that works best for you as you build your ideal lifestyle.


August 2, 2023 51 mins

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about remote side hustles and how to find them, so we’re digging deep into the remote gig economy in this episode. Today’s guest is the one and only, Nick Loper, from the award-winning blog Side Hustle Nation and podcast The Side Hustle Show to discuss remote side hustles, where to get started, what worked for us, vs. not-so-much, and more! We’ll also help you stay away from the tons of online s...

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I’m so excited to welcome a friend of mine from the online creator space to the podcast, Jannese Torres, founder of the award-winning podcast Yo Quiero Dinero & long-time successful Latin food blog Delish D'lites. We’ll be covering a highly requested side hustle topic - blogging - with the queen of blogging herself! Jannese will also be taking us through the twists and turns of her own career journey and how she not only st...

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Do you know your rights at work? Most people don’t and employers want to keep it that way. So naturally, I sat down with former employment attorney Delyanne Barros in this episode to break down several rights that employees have and how to use an employment attorney instead of going to HR for your next dispute (the process is simpler than you think). We chat about protecting ourselves at work, how to take advantage of the benefits ...

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Nurses, LISTEN UP! If you're ready to pivot from bedside nursing to a remote role, remote jobs for nurses are huge right now and are projected to continue to increase year over year.

My mom was actually a nurse and I grew up around surgery centers and hospitals. I had no idea nurses could even work remotely - and if they could when I was younger, I'm sure my mom would've hopped on that opportunity with no questions aske...

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Ready to get schooled in finance and learn about ways teachers can pivot to remote work & start side hustles that suit them? 

In this episode I chat with former teacher, Melissa Jean-Baptiste, a financial educator and author of So This Is Why I'm Broke: Money Lessons on Financial Literacy, Passive Income, and Generational Wealth is a first-generation Haitian American and former NYC high school teacher. As the Beyonce of pe...

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It's time to get weird. This episode with my friend and podcast producer Gabby Ianniello of the Corporate Quitter BARES IT ALL -- we're talking about weird & some super illegal things in corporate America, taking a step back from corporate to explore other opportunities, weird ways to make money, entrepreneurship, and more!

Gabby Ianniello (eye-ah-nell-oh) is a Podcast Producer, the Host of Corporate Quitter, and the F...

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If you’re queer or trans looking to either travel to or relocate to an LGBTQ+ friendly state or city, this episode is for you! I sit down with John and David of the Debt Free Guys blog and Queer Money podcast to dive into the recent research they’ve done on LGBTQ+ friendly locations and a HUGE deep dive into how anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is being funded (and by who) 👀

Due to the 530 anti-trans bills that have been introduced since l...

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Want to start a side hustle and turn it into your full-time gig? Don't quit your day job quite yet until you listen to this episode.

I've been a HUGE fan of the Money With Katie blog & podcast for years, so I had to bring Katie on Remote Work Bestie to chat about her own experience with side hustles, what being acquired by a big company like Morning Brew looks like, conflicting feelings about quitting your job for ...

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Working with ADHD was a huge struggle for me for a long time. I was trying to keep up at work, dealing with other mental health issues, and burning out over and over again in the process. I know many of the besties probably relate to this which is why I wanted to bring on ADHD coach Joy Valerie Carrera to talk all about ADHD & neurodiversity at work and how to cope.

Joy Valerie Carrera is a first-generation Guatemalan American...

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The U.S. is starting to become The Bad Place, especially for women, LGBTQ+ folks, people with disabilities, & BIPOC. This is exactly why I wanted to talk to Vanessa Wachtmeister of Wander Onwards about how to get the F out of here and find out how to move & work remotely abroad (or if you want to move from any other country) -- and the ethical ways to do that.

Vanessa Wachtmeister is a travel tech professional, angel ...

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Blogging since 2015, Danielle Desir Corbett is a former grants administrator turned creative entrepreneur. She is a multi-passionate writer, podcast marketing coach, and host of The Thought Card, a top-rated affordable luxury travel and personal finance podcast encouraging others to live on their terms and make informed financial decisions. She also runs a newsletter called Grants For Creators sharing funding opportunities for crea...

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Why do we work in the first place? To pay to live...which is an odd concept, but here we are. Wouldn't it make sense that companies should list a salary range on job listings & not prohibit their employees from talking about pay? Well, with 32 states having some form of pay transparency laws, they're starting to step up thanks to the growing salary transparency movement.

On this week’s episode of Remote Work Bestie...

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May 8, 2023 2 mins

Hey! I’m Daniella, your new Remote Work Bestie.

You might’ve seen me on CNBC, TIME, Buzzfeed, or my blog I Like to Dabble talking about money, side hustles, & remote careers…because I’m pretty obsessed with demystifying & busting open all of the above.

Before I started writing online, I was a software engineer in fintech & I started my career in I.T. & tech about 11 years ago. Because of the nature of my w...

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