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July 5, 2023 50 mins

Ready to get schooled in finance and learn about ways teachers can pivot to remote work & start side hustles that suit them? 

In this episode I chat with former teacher, Melissa Jean-Baptiste, a financial educator and author of So This Is Why I'm Broke: Money Lessons on Financial Literacy, Passive Income, and Generational Wealth is a first-generation Haitian American and former NYC high school teacher. As the Beyonce of personal finance, she paid off $102,000 dollars in student loan debt on a teacher’s salary while writing and producing the award-winning Millennial In Debt web series. She has since pivoted into personal finance and career coaching to help millennials and Gen Z build generational wealth and gain financial freedom in a shame-free digital environment.

We chat about the financial chain of events that lead her to create her platform Millennial in Debt and how that same platform helped her pivot from in the classroom to a remote work role in tech. We also talk about side hustles, passive income, & the weird ways our career journeys flow into something we never thought would happen. My favorite part of this interview though is when she gives us some juicy golden nuggets of insider information about how other teachers can pivot to remote roles that suit them, using the same tools they already use and transferable skills they already have. So, don’t go out and start hoarding all the certifications thinking that’s what you need to pivot because you’re already enough! 

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Melissa can be found at and @millennialindebt on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, & all other platforms.

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