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April 1, 2024 48 mins

In this empowering episode, Dr. Paul Zeitz (he/him) engages in a riveting conversation with Sarah Gardner, Lennon Torres, and Leah Juliett, three remarkable leaders at the forefront of the fight against child sexual abuse material and technology-facilitated gender-based violence. As CEO of the HEAT Initiative, Sarah Gardner (she/her) shares insights into their mission to demand action from Apple, Meta and other leading technology companies and create a safer digital space for children. Lennon Torres (she/her), a passionate advocate and transgender champion, discusses her journey and the importance of intersectional activism. Leah Juliett (they/them), a survivor and spoken word poet, delivers a moving performance of their powerful poem, shedding light on their personal healing journey and the urgency for action. 

Together, they reflect on recent milestones, including a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and Mark Zuckerberg's apology, emphasizing the need for tangible change and interpartisan collaboration. Tune in to be inspired and motivated to join the movement for justice and accountability. 

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Revolutionary Optimism is hosted by Dr. Paul Zeitz and produced by Earfluence.

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