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April 29, 2024 46 mins

Join Dr. Zeitz in this enlightening episode of Revolutionary Optimism as he engages in a heartfelt conversation with renowned author, speaker, and activist Lisa Sharon Harper. Explore the intersection of faith and justice as Lisa shares her journey on racial equity and liberation theology. From transformative experiences on a peace pilgrimage in Israel/Palestine to confronting injustice in Ferguson, Lisa delves into the power of truth-telling, repentance, and repair in building a more equitable world. Discover how her book, Fortune, helped spark a movement for radical reparations and truth-telling as leaders and activists unified in a powerful call for action. Don't miss out on this inspiring dialogue filled with hope, courage, and the vision of healing and unity for a better tomorrow. 

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Revolutionary Optimism is hosted by Dr. Paul Zeitz and produced by Earfluence.

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