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June 6, 2023 49 mins

In this episode, Sergio Altomare shares his journey from working at the Federal Reserve to becoming a successful real estate investor. He started as a file clerk and developed a passion for IT and technology. He transitioned into real estate investing with a focus on self-storage due to its recession resilience. He emphasizes the importance of cash flow and net worth in property investments and discusses the significance of strategic decision-making and building strong relationships. He also highlights the importance of stress tolerance, mindful habits, and eliminating ego to scale his business. His long-term vision includes building an elite company and launching a charitable organization focused on education.

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LinkedIn – Sergio Altomare

Sergio Altomare’s Bio:
After transitioning into real estate as a side business in 2012, Sergio partnered with his wife Corinn to start Healthfire Holdings, a boutique real estate investment and property management company. In just eight short years, Hearthfire Holdings has built a portfolio of more than $50M in assets under management and syndicated over $12M in assets, returning more than $2M in profit and 25% IRR to investors. Property types have spanned in small multi-family, commercial, retail, and self-storage properties. Sergio has also flipped houses and rehabbed properties and multi-family developments. 


“I give 100% to every aspect of my life. And it starts with taking care of myself and my intentionality. My meditation, my faith, that goes into making sure that I am paying attention to what is most important.” (41:33)

“Money is not most important. Most important is our purpose. Our biggest purpose in our household is to share impact, whether it be for our team, whether it be for our investors, to help people be exposed to investing, to building wealth for the entire life” (42:01)

“We don't define wealth in terms of just net worth. It's about having a fulfilling, intentional life where you're able to have that purpose, follow your passions, be where you're at, where your heart is at.” (42:29)

“but it's really about understanding your passions and what drive you.” (46:34)

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