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May 12, 2024 30 mins
My Salon can’t push forward without me…    You know that feeling where you’re the Salon Owner but you’re also the biggest earner and a mother and a partner and you’re just doing all the things… you feel stuck. You want to grow your business but you can’t because you never have time to do anything outside of daily operations. It’s a cycle that can be hard to break.    A Salon Owner asked me how can my team and business push forward without me?’ and I thought it would be the perfect question to answer here on the podcast. You don’t need to feel stuck forever… you might just need a manager!    It’s time to get off the floor, bring in a manager and let your team and Salon grow without you! I promise you, it’ll be the best thing you ever do.    In today’s episode of the Salon Owners Collective Podcast, I’m chatting with Salon Mastery The Boardroom Coach, Joel, about why letting my manager take my job was the best thing I ever did… and how it can actually grow your business!   Here is My Manager Took My Job.   Here is why you should listen to the full episode:
  1. Learn the stages of growing your business
  2. Understand why it’s important to have a manager
  3. Know how to let your manager, take your job!

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