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May 23, 2024 37 mins
If you don't side with the Democrats, they don't see you as an opponent. They see you as an enemy who needs to be punished. If the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Justice Department will conspire against a sitting U.S. president, they're certainly willing to turn your life into a nightmare.

The brazen abuse of power by the left against President Trump and many of his associates and supporters is a big reason why former Hawaii Rep Tulsi Gabbard left the Democrats and is now endorsing President Trump in 2024.

Today, Sara welcomes Rep. Gabbard to discuss the left's endless thirst for power and how her criticism of other Democrats during the 2020 presidential campaign led to baseless allegations from Hillary Clinton and many others that Gabbard was a Russian agent.
They discuss how the Russia hoax and the incessant prosecution of Trump is clear proof of how Democrats are corrupting our institutions. But Gabbard is also quick to point out that they're not just targeting Trump but countless Americans who don't have the resources to fight back.

Sara and Rep. Gabbard also discuss President Biden's catastrophic performance on the world stage and why our feckless withdrawal from Afghanistan served as a green light for the world's bad guys to wreak havoc.

Finally, Gabbard minces no words when Sara asks her what a Harris presidency would be like if Biden could no longer continue, and she actually gives an answer when asked whether she'd be willing to run on the GOP ticket with Trump.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Has the Democratic Party moved too far left?
8:52 Tulsi Gabbard joins the Sara Carter Show
11:35 Voter confronts Tulsi
15:32 Exposing the underbelly of DC
19:59 James Comey makes a threat
24:52 Are we losing the American dream?
27:24 Biden’s disastrous foreign policy
32:24 How bad could Kamala be?
34:20 Tulsi for VP??

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