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June 7, 2024 40 mins
Joe Biden doesn't care about you, your family, or your security. And he proved it again this week.

Three years after reversing dozens of Trump policies that had successfully secured our border, and after saying there was nothing he could do on his own to tighten border security, President Biden issued an executive order that he says will rein in the chaos.
He lied.

Biden's entire presidency has shown that the never-ending tsunami of unvetted humanity crossing our border is the goal of his policies, not some sort of unintended consequence.
Today, Sara exposes the craven political motivations of Biden's move and how there are so many exceptions and loopholes to the supposed limit of weekly crossings that nothing is really changing.

Sara also reacts to the panic from former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and other leftist national security officials that they might face prosecution if Trump wins in November. So they're planning to leave the country.

Sara, who covered many of these disgraced figures who tried to frame Trump in the Russian collusion hoax, has a simple message for McCabe: "I'll help you pack."

Time Stamps:
0:05 Have you dealt with a pathological liar?
5:43 We can’t act like this isn’t a problem
10:46 Biden’s executive order
12:59 What the order ACTUALLY does
15:10 It has to matter to you
19:27 Significant loopholes in the order
27:47 Cartels are not messing around
31:08 Will former intel agents leave?
36:41 They don’t make the decision for me 

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