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May 3, 2024 40 mins
When you think of the 2024 election, do you immediately think of Donald Trump and Joe Biden? Most people do. Some might also pay attention to House and Senate races.

But some of the most significant elections every year don't even involve candidates. They are statewide ballot initiatives on issues ranging from abortion to crime and much more.

And while we're not paying attention, a Swiss billionaire is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into organizations committed to enacting far-left policies in swing states. And keep in mind that foreign money in our elections is illegal.

According to a stunning report from Americans for Public Trust, Hansjörg Wyss has donated $250 million to a leftist organization called The 1630 Fund. That group has spent at least $100 million on successful progressive ballot initiatives to enshrine abortion with no restrictions in state constitutions and advance soft-on-crime policies.

Of course, when releasing an avalanche of issue ads, they are not sponsored by The 1630 Fund. It's always through safe-sounding entities like North Carolinians for a Better Economy.
Today, Sara welcomes Americans for Public Trust Executive Director Caitlyn Sutherland, who will shed much more light on who Wyss is, how he operates, and how he wants to remake the U.S. into a progressive nation.

But there is hope. Sutherland details efforts in Congress and at the state level to put the clamps on people like Wyss and their schemes. But it's not easy and you'll be amazed how brazenly leftist American politicians are working to protect this effort to subvert our elections.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Are you concerned about ballot measures?
5:35 Caitlin Sutherland joins the Sara Carter Show
7:23 What tipped us off?
10:26 Why don’t we know his name?
13:49 Can we believe what our enemies say?
15:16 The 1630 fund
18:06 Do these groups disclose who funds them?
20:49 This should be a bi-partisan issue…
26:13 A bill to stop this
28:54 Can we get Dems to vote for this?
36:10 He probably hates his sister..
39:08 Show close

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