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June 17, 2024 47 mins
National security leftists deliberately lied about Hunter Biden's laptop being Russian disinformation. Now we have clear proof it was a lie and it's time for those deep state actors to face some consequences.

Less than a month before the very close 2020 presidential election, the New York Post reported that Hunter Biden left a laptop at a Delaware computer repair business and that laptop revealed all sorts of personal and professional malfeasance - from videos of Hunter's drug use and prostitutes to detailed explanations of family business dealings.
Immediately, social media sites throttled the story and suspended its Twitter account. The mainstream media deliberately buried the story and condemned the Post and anyone else who touched it as wrong and reckless.
But the most egregious effort to discredit the story came from 51 former national security and intelligence figures who signed a letter dismissing the laptop story as "having all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation." President Biden even cited the letter in a debate with President Trump as a way of trying to make the issue go away.

And to some extent it did. Biden became president and a significant percentage of Biden voters said they would not have voted for him had they known about the laptop story and that the details were true.

The FBI knew that all along the truth became indisputable this month when the Justice Department entered the laptop into evidence during Hunter Biden's felony gun trial.
Now, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs is leading the effort to strip those 51 signers of the fallacious letter of their security clearances.

Rep. Biggs joins Sara today to discuss the unconscionable actions of those operatives in pulling a disinformation campaign on the American people and why there need to be consequences.

Sara and Rep. Biggs also discuss the intelligence community setting Trump up for the Russian collusion hoax and trying to undermine his presidency at literally every turn.
Biggs also stresses how critically important the 2024 elections are, what's at stake of Biden gets another four years, and why most Republicans in Congress are still clueless on the threats the left poses to the future of our nation.

Time Stamps:
0:05 We need to strip them of their clearances 
8:05 Rep. Andy Biggs joins the Sara Carter Show
11:40 They wanted to change the outcome of the election
15:28 They knew the dossier was a lie
18:54 Johnson flip-flopped 
20:57 How can we fix the DOJ?
23:42 George Santos’ Bill
29:20 Biggs response to the lying media
33:46 McCabe on CNN
39:46 Should Garland be prosecuted? 
42:27 The stakes of this election.

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