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April 22, 2024 43 mins
Are you a good friend? What do you look for in a friend? Sure, you like to have common interests and do fun things together, but the real mark of a friend is someone who is honest with you and will stick with you in good times and bad.

Is the United States a good friend? It sure seems like we were when we liberated Europe from Hitler's grasp, stopped Japanese imperialism, and shoved the communists out of South Korea.

But are we still a dependable friend? The disgraceful and scandalous exit from Afghanistan nearly three years ago gives us good reasons to wonder, especially with Joe Biden in the White House.

You probably remember how Biden promised the Taliban was never going to take over all of Afghanistan until it did. And you may recall how he vowed the U.S. would stay in Afghanistan until every American got out until it didn't. And surely you remember how 13 American heroes died during a terrorist attack near the airport.

But there's so much more, including the men and women who honored their word to our Afghan friends when the Biden administration would not.

Today, Sara is joined by Jack Melton and Russ Walker, both of whom she collaborated with in August 2021 during the desperate effort to coordinate the escape of our Afghan allies, who were marked for death by the Taliban.

Melton is the author of "Failure of Leadership: Lies, Betrayal, and Treason." Walker is one of the key contributors to the book which chronicles the veterans, reporters, and many others who put their lives, their jobs, and their families on hold for weeks to keep their promises to the Afghans who risked their lives alongside American forces.

Together, Sara, Melton, and Walker explain the frantic and ingenious assembly of a plan to save their Afghan friends and how it was executed with urgency and courage.
But they also uncover the scandal behind the terrorist attack and the unthinkable evil of the Biden administration giving the Taliban the names of Afghans who helped us over the previous 20 years.
It's a conversation that will inspire you at times and infuriate you at others.
Thank you for being a part of the Sara Carter Show.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 What we do today will affect tomorrow
7:34 Jack Melton and Russ Walker Join the Sara Carter Show
9:54 General’s wife reaches out
13:17 The special process visa
17:33 This was Biden’s worst moment
19:04 The ambassador would not leave
22:27 The Black Gate
24:44 This was all preventable
32:00 Sara’s role
38:43 Biden couldn’t even get them out
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