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April 30, 2024 42 mins
The left is not only trying to police your speech, it wants to silence you. And it's willing to make you a criminal to do it.

What started as annoying political correctness decades ago is now a full-blown movement to muzzle anyone who dares to confront the left's narrative and declare them a criminal.

Scotland is currently reeling from new "hate speech" laws on issues ranging from disability to age to sexual orientation and gender identity. Calling someone a man when they are a man but "identify" as a woman is now illegal - and punishable as a crime. Prison time is possible for simply telling the truth.

But freedom is not going down without a fight.

Lois McLatchie of Alliance Defending Freedom UK joins Sara to discuss how wokeism is the new religion on the left and any dissent from its perverted tenets brings ruthless consequences.

McLatchie says Scotland is also a warning to the U.S. to vigorously guard our own freedoms. She says the First Amendment makes it much harder for the left to repeat its actions here but we should never be so complacent to think we can't lose them.

We've already seen the Biden FBI and Homeland Security pressure social media platforms to delete posts, suspend accounts, and reduce visibility for content it doesn't like. It tried to create a "Disinformation Governance Board" supposedly to confront misinformation and disinformation. And the only reason any of that came to light is because of the free speech commitments of Elon Musk at X and because the American people demanded the DHS speech police be disbanded.

The left is relentless and will keep trying to undermine our freedom, just like it did in Scotland. It's up to us to preserve the God-given freedoms that make us great.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Are we losing our rights?
1:25 Propaganda into my living room
10:17 Lois McLatchie joins the Sara Carter Show
13:35 Self Hating white people
15:55 The anti-free speech religion 
20:57 JK Rowling is right on this one
23:38 Is Scotland ok with this?
25:56 Can Scottish leaders get in trouble?
28:18 Could X be affected?
31:41 Could these laws happen in America?
36:08 Pakistan outlaws X
40:56 Show close 

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