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May 8, 2024 31 mins
What do you expect from a president and other politicians, regardless of which party they are from?

Even if we didn't vote for them or don't agree with them, we deserve leaders who obey the Constitution and tell us the truth. We want figures who will protect our God-given liberties and our private property and be good stewards of our tax dollars.

But none of that is happening. As a result, many of us have grown cynical about politics. But even then, Americans expect government officials to be reasonably competent. It's not asking too much for them to have expertise - or at least a working knowledge - of the jobs they are hired to do.

But we get just the opposite, from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who thinks roads and bridges are racist, to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who is deliberately allowing a tsunami of illegal immigration into our nation.

And just last week, we saw how President Biden's top economic adviser could not explain the role that bonds play in financing our growing debt. Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen says she's incapable of making projections about our national debt.

Our leaders are failing us and we must make a change - in elected office and in appointed positions. That all starts at the ballot box, and the 2024 elections cannot come soon enough.
Today, Sara welcomes Eric Hovde, a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. He will be the Republican nominee for U.
S. Senate in Wisconsin, challenging far-left Democrat Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

Hovde draws on his business background to explain how the economy actually works and what policies will do the most good for our nation and for your family. He contrasts his long record of providing jobs and health care to countless employees with Sen. Baldwin never having to balance the books in a business or choose health care plans for employees. And he reveals that while Biden keeps crowing about more Americans being covered under Obamcare, access to health care is actually declining.

He also reveals how the border crisis is having real, negative effects all the way up in Wisconsin and how his philanthropic work is focused on rescuing children of the evils of human trafficking.

Thanks for being a part of the Sara Carter Show.

Time Stamps:
0:05 Will America be better in 4 years?
5:35 Eric Hovde joins the Sara Carter Show
7:35 Washington has wrecked our economy
9:55 Biden is advised by idiots
12:48 Yellen is just as bad
14:30 How to right our economic ship
19:12 Baldwin is for socialized healthcare
23:02 The Senate must fix the immigration system
26:08 The Hovde Foundation is fighting child trafficking

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