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February 19, 2024 65 mins
In this compelling episode of Saturn Returns to kick off the season Caggie sits down with Bryony Gordon, a celebrated journalist, mental health advocate, author, and voice of resilience. Known for her influential work with The Telegraph and her book 'Mad Woman,' Bryony's narrative is one of authenticity, challenge, and triumph. Journey Through Addiction: Bryony opens up about her battles with alcohol and cocaine addiction, offering insights into her path towards recovery. Her candid discussion around identifying as an alcoholic and the impacts on her personal and professional life sheds light on the nuances of addiction. OCD and Motherhood: Dive into Bryony's experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), how it has shaped her as a mother, and spurred her to share her story. Her honesty brings a relatable and humanising perspective to living with mental health challenges. The Role of Privilege in Recovery: Explore the intersection of addiction, mental illness, and the societal structures that influence recovery journeys. Bryony shares her thoughts on the class system's role in treatment access and the importance of reframing addiction as a health issue, not a moral failing. Confronting Stigmas: Bryony reflects on the stigmas surrounding alcoholism, especially as a high-functioning individual in a demanding career. Her journey to sobriety and the realisation of addiction as a response to trauma offers a powerful narrative on resilience and self-discovery. Embracing Spirituality: The episode delves into Bryony's embrace of spirituality and 'witchy magic' as tools for connection and recovery. Discussing the gender health gap and the societal need for deeper connections, Bryony's story is a testament to finding strength in vulnerability and the unconventional. Finding Community and Belonging: Bryony emphasises the importance of community, belonging, and the supportive networks that have been pivotal in her journey of recovery and self-acceptance. Her story is a beacon of hope for anyone facing their own battles with addiction or mental health. Bryony Gordon's journey from the depths of addiction and OCD to becoming a leading figure in mental health advocacy is not just inspiring; it's a call to action for compassion, understanding, and the embrace of our authentic selves. Her blend of humour, wit, and raw honesty makes this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the complexities of mental health and the beauty of recovery. This Episode was made possible by our friends at Wild Nutrition. Experts in women’s nutritional health. You can use my code SATURNRETURNS for 15% off your first order at Get your ticket to our Online Workshop: Belonging & Finding Your Tribe here. Follow Caggie Dunlop on Instagram to stay updated on her personal journey and receive more empowering insights and you can find Saturn Returns on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.  Order the Saturn Returns Book. Join our community newsletter here.  Find all things Saturn Returns, offerings and more here.
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