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March 4, 2024 70 mins
Join Caggie Dunlop in this transformative episode of Saturn Returns as she sits down with Ella Mills, the powerhouse behind Deliciously Ella.Ella Mills stands at the forefront of the vegan movement, turning her quest for health into a thriving empire. This episode takes us on a journey from Ella's early health struggles at 20, through her meteoric rise to fame, to finding balance and success in both her personal and professional life. Origin Story: Explore the beginnings of Deliciously Ella during a pivotal health crisis in Ella's life. Discover how she embraced autonomy and authority over her health, internalising the solution and setting the stage for her future. Rapid Success: Hear how Ella's personal blog exploded into a global phenomenon by the age of 23, leading to a best-selling book and overcoming imposter syndrome. Ella shares invaluable insights for young women on backing themselves and empowering others. Vision and Purpose: Ella reveals why sticking to her intentions and connecting with something greater has been crucial to her brand's global success. A discussion on purpose and the power of intention. The Reality of Entrepreneurship: An honest look at the highs and lows of business ownership, challenging the glamorised image of entrepreneurship and the societal pressure to monetize passions. Partners in Life and Business: Ella shares the unique story of how her partner became her husband and business co-founder, offering a glimpse into their intertwined personal and professional lives amidst challenges. Post-Saturn Return Wisdom: Reflecting on post-Saturn return, Ella talks about embracing her introversion, gaining clarity, and her evolving relationship with social media. Lessons in authenticity and passion. Ella's story is a testament to finding one's path and shining light on others along the way. Don't miss this inspiring episode that delves into health, empowerment, success, and the authentic journey of an introverted leader reshaping the wellness industry. Thank you Wild Nutrition for making this Episode possible. Use the Code: SATURNRETURNS for 15% off your order at —- Subscribe to "Saturn Returns" for future episodes, where we explore the transformative impact of Saturn's return with inspiring guests and thought-provoking discussions. Follow Caggie Dunlop on Instagram to stay updated on her personal journey and receive more empowering insights and you can find Saturn Returns on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.  Order the Saturn Returns Book. Join our community newsletter here. Find all things Saturn Returns, offerings and more here.
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