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March 18, 2024 37 mins
In this enlightening episode of Saturn Returns, Caggie welcomes Julia Cameron, the visionary author of "The Artist's Way," for a deep dive into the realms of creativity, sobriety, and spiritual awakening. Julia shares her transformative journey from battling addiction to discovering a prolific path of artistic expression and inner peace. From Addiction to Inspiration: Julia opens up about her decision to embrace sobriety after a decade of struggling with alcohol. She explores the fears and myths surrounding creativity and addiction, reflecting on the insightful words of Dylan Thomas and how they've influenced her perspective on life and art. Divine Connection: Delving into the power of spirituality, Julia discusses how turning to a higher power revitalised her creative flow and helped combat her fears of creation. The conversation highlights the importance of humility in her work and its impact on her artistic process. Overcoming Creative Blocks: Julia and Caggie explore the daunting barriers to creativity, including inner child work, shame, fear, and rejection. Julia introduces the concept of the 'shadow artist' and the significance of recognizing and overcoming this state to fully embrace one's creative potential. Spiritual Chiropractic for Creativity: Discover Julia's transformative practices like Morning Pages and Artist Dates, designed to nurture the inner child and break through creative blocks. Julia emphasises the role of play in fostering creativity, arguing it's as crucial as work in the artistic journey. Confronting the Inner Critic: Humour plays a central role in Julia's methodology, particularly in dealing with the inner critic. She shares insights on naming and thus disempowering the inner critic, unlocking a freer, more expressive artistic self. Julia Cameron's journey is a testament to the transformative power of sobriety, spirituality, and self-exploration in unlocking the full spectrum of creativity. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for artists, writers, and anyone looking to tap into their creative potential and lead a more inspired life. Thank you Healf for having this Episode possible. You can buy Organifi from, my favourite destination for holistic wellness. They have all the best brands across their four pillars of EAT, MOVE ,MIND and SLEEP. That's h-e-a-l-f , healf with an f and get 15% when you use the code CAGGIE. — Subscribe to "Saturn Returns" for future episodes, where we explore the transformative impact of Saturn's return with inspiring guests and thought-provoking discussions. Follow Caggie Dunlop on Instagram to stay updated on her personal journey and receive more empowering insights and you can find Saturn Returns on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.  Order the Saturn Returns Book. Join our community newsletter here. Find all things Saturn Returns, offerings and more here.
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