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March 17, 2024 41 mins

Marie Scott, the Creator and Founder of Happy and Healthy After Widowhood boasts an impressive resume as a best-selling author of three published books, with two more in the pipeline. She's also recognized internationally as a speaker and holds certifications as a Health and Grief Coach.

Following the loss of Dave, her husband of three decades, and her mother in the same year, Marie pursued education, laying the groundwork for her life-changing program: the 7 Steps to Healing After Loss. This roadmap offers guidance to widows and widowers, aiming to help them lead fulfilling lives filled with wellness, laughter, and the possibility of love once again.

Dave's battle with esophageal cancer was a poignant chapter, defined by his choice to prioritize quality of life over aggressive treatment. Through functional medicine, Marie addressed her own health issues, underscoring the transformative power of dietary choices.

Amidst the dual loss of her husband and mother to Alzheimer's, Marie found solace in practices like journaling and meditation. These experiences birthed the seven steps to healing, advocating for nurturing relationships and discovering new avenues of purpose.

Now embracing life with Jeff, Marie finds joy in shared interests like hunting, and savoring each moment together. Her journey stands as a testament to resilience, offering hope, gratitude, and encouragement to those navigating life's challenges after loss.


My Top 10 Grief-Busting Tips

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The book is referenced in the podcast episode.  Being Mortal by Atul Gawande 

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