Self Storage Investing

Self Storage Investing

This is the Self-Storage Investing Podcast, where we share the knowledge and skills from the industry’s leading investors, developers, and operators to help you launch and grow your self-storage investing business. What made them a success? Built their wealth? What was their mindset and mentality as they entered the space and found room for business growth? Led by podcast host Scott Meyers, we have a track record spanning two decades having successfully acquired, converted, developed, and syndicated over 4 1/2 million square feet of self-storage properties nationwide. Discover the secrets to building wealth and creating a thriving business mindset through our insightful episodes with leading experts. We delve into topics such as navigating recessions and market crashes, as well as the lucrative world of real estate investing through self-storage. Join us as we explore strategies, tactics and insider tips that will propel your self-storage investing journey toward prosperity. Get ready to unlock the potential of this lucrative (recession-proof) industry and embark on a path to financial freedom.


June 17, 2024 32 mins

What are the banks looking for right now when it comes to loans?

In this episode, Scott warms up the conversation with proven strategies for securing self-storage loans amidst a challenging economic climate.

He explains the evolving lending environment, the criteria lenders use to assess loan applications, and provides actionable strategies for presenting strong loan requests.

Scott emphasizes the import...

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Meet the software turning self-storage ads into occupancy boosters!

In this episode, Scott interviews Jason Zickler, co-founder of Adverank, about how their specialized software is changing paid advertising for self-storage operators.

Jason explains how Adverank's innovative algorithm provides precise budget recommendations to maximize occupancy without overspending.

The discussion includes a live ...

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Syndicating self-storage deals just got trickier – here’s how to stay ahead.

In this episode, Scott dives into the evolving landscape of the self-storage industry, emphasizing the challenges brought by rising interest rates, construction costs, and stricter lending practices.

Scott outlines nine key fee structures in syndication, offering practical advice on balancing compensation and investor satisfaction.

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Imagine the booming world of self-storage evolving into something even more specialized and lucrative.

In this episode, Scott Meyers chats with Joe Downs of the Belrose Storage Group about the emerging niche of "pro storage" – a unique blend of contractor and RV/boat storage.

They explore the untapped potential of this market, the challenges of zoning and site selection, and the high demand driven by s...

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Turn your savings into a wealth-building machine.

Scott Meyers introduces Donnell and Angelique Stidhum, a dynamic duo dedicated to empowering individuals through financial literacy. They share their journey and strategies for leveraging self-directed 401(k)s, real estate investments, and other financial tools to achieve financial security and freedom.

Highlighting the importance of community and clear goals, the...

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Site development is critical!

In this episode, Scott shares the essentials of developing the perfect location for your self-storage business. From understanding zoning regulations and gaining community support to identifying red flags like environmental challenges and wetlands, he emphasizes the importance of due diligence and strategic planning.

Scott highlights the critical role of market studies, feasibility ...

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Essential strategies for development amidst financial uncertainties.

In this episode, Scott explores the intricacies of evaluating potential development sites for lender approval in today's challenging economic landscape. 

With interest rates on the rise and a potential recession looming, Scott discusses the strategic importance of seizing opportunities during economic downturns, where less competition can ...

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Technology is transforming self-storage.

Jackson Stevens shows us how tech can reign supreme in the realm of self-storage.

Scott and Jackson discuss the SpareBox Technologies’ rapid growth and the innovative software solutions driving operational excellence.

From AI-driven revenue management to real-time field operations apps, Stevens articulates how the integration of these technologies not only boosts ...

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April 22, 2024 32 mins

The ISS World Expo sets the stage.

After attending the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas, Scott shares a comprehensive breakdown of the event, highlighting the vibrant community and the dynamic evolution of the self-storage industry.

From technological advancements to the strategic discussions about the future of self-storage investments, Scott's offers a firsthand account of the industry's pulse. His focus o...

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Software solutions are helping manage all aspects of maintaining facilities, from tracking tasks and schedules to providing insights on operational improvements.

In this episode, Jadob Pandl and Bob Linneman of NodaFi join Scott to highlight the importance of having a centralized system for facility operations, especially for new entrants in the industry.

They also discuss the potential for technology to create ...

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Three key steps to drive successful investments:

  1. Focus on your primary source of income, 
  2. Understand the intricacies of tax-saving techniques
  3. Wrap your head around the powerful concept of 'infinite banking'.

Addressing common fears and the noise of misinformation, Scott and guest Chris Miles emphasize the value of surrounding oneself with knowledgeable and successful individuals, encouraging a bold, yet calculated ap...

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Truth is the waters of financial advice are murky.
Chris Miles is a vocal critic of mainstream financial planning. He’s often described as the anti-financial advisor. 

Chris brings a fresh and critical perspective on what truly works in the realm of investing. This cuts through the noise, challenging preconceived notions and exposing the hidden truths in the financial world.

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The heart and hustle behind the Meyer’s self-storage empire.

This episode shares the personal and professional evolution of the Meyers’, from overworked landlords to self-storage magnates. Christina opens up about their initial leap of faith into the industry, while Scott details their transition into education and mentorship, shaping the country's leading self-storage community.

The couple candidly explore...

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The transformative journey of self-storage investing from chaos to calm.

Scott and Christina Meyers share a raw and personal narrative of their entrepreneurial journey on the Self-Storage Podcast.

From their early struggles with single-family rentals to the liberating shift to self-storage, they reflect on the business's challenges and the freedom it ultimately provided their family. The Meyers’ discuss thei...

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March 11, 2024 29 mins

Success is not a secret—it's a mindset. In this episode, Scott unpacks the critical mindset shifts and practical strategies that have propelled his self-storage business forward.

By emphasizing the importance of hard work over talent, the power of goal setting, and the necessity of surrounding oneself with smart, driven individuals, Scott provides a roadmap for growth.

Scott dives into the habits that can t...

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March 4, 2024 41 mins

In this episode Scott discusses the current opportunities in the self-storage market.

It’s important to act now rather than sitting on the sidelines, as the market is transitioning and offering many opportunities for buying, selling, and developing.

Scott also highlights the importance of mastering underwriting and market analysis skills, building a team, executing swiftly, getting educated and finding a mentor, ...

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These are changes that could impact cashflow.

The revisions to the SBA rules make it easier for borrowers to meet the 10% equity requirement for loans, allowing seller debt to count towards the full 10% equity injection.

Other changes include the acceptance of Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or cash-out refinance of real property as equity, and the simplification of debt refinance.

And a newly implem...

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For the first time, we're opening the doors to our exclusive mastermind events, allowing you to listen in and gain invaluable insights at no cost.

Part II was recorded last Fall on another cool morning in Colorado the day after a wicked thunderstorm the night before.

This episode features a round table discussion of various topics including the importance of reviewing loan documents, the cognitive clause in ...

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For the first time, we're opening the doors to our exclusive mastermind events, allowing you to listen in and gain invaluable insights at no cost.

This episode was recorded last Fall on a crisp morning in Colorado. Scott sets the stage for the day which will include the principles of Napoleon Hill's Mastermind converge, offering a unique blend of professional wisdom and personal journeys. Scott shares his journe...

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The next three episodes are going to be a unique experience. For the first time, we're opening the doors to our exclusive mastermind events, allowing you to listen in and gain invaluable insights at no cost.

Part I is a special episode featuring industry titan Rick Gibson, who shares his vast experience in self-storage, including his journey through investing and the impactful lessons he's learned along the way....

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