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May 15, 2024 87 mins

Discover what it truly means to walk the feminine path with integrity and the power of a Masculine cleanse with Taj Savitri.

Taj is an amazing CEO, Mexican medicine woman, business priestess, and co-founder of Tulum’s intentional community, Mother Tree.

In this episode, join Meg and Taj as they have a heartfelt conversation about feminine empowerment and spirituality. They dive into the journey women experience as they transition from the maiden to the mother archetype. They talk about how major life events like death or loss can help women anchor more firmly into their truth, becoming more discerning and "unfuckwithable," able to see through the nonsense.

Meg and Taj emphasize the importance of women being intentional in their relationships and connections, whether it’s in their personal life, business, or other areas. They highlight that embracing destruction, chaos, and discomfort is a vital part of the feminine experience. 

This episode covers the necessity of letting life guide women through tough transitions and seasons, even if it means taking a break from certain aspects of their business.

They also riff off on:

  • Meg and Taj discuss the transition from "maiden" to "mother" archetypes and how it relates to becoming "unfuckwithable" and having stronger discernment
  • They emphasize the importance of being precise and intentional in relationships, business, and who you connect with
  • They touch on how embracing destruction, chaos, and discomfort is part of the feminine experience
  • Meg and Taj talk about allowing life to guide you through uncomfortable transitions, even if it means letting go of business for a period
  • They both share personal experience with burnout and rebuilding business in a more "regenerative" way
  • They dove deep into the topic of building strong foundations through a process that listens to natural cycles, not something fast or "extractive"
  • Taj talks about the "masculine cleanse" being undertaken and bringing internal masculine energy into balance

and many, many more.

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Episode Transcript

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Unknown (00:00):
What if it's not even about business? What is what if
it's just about purpose andcreativity? Like what if we were
like relating to it more in thatway and how we can come more
into our artistry and ourcreativity and lets that process
teach us. So it's like you'relearning a new instrument,
you're learning how to paint howto draw, like the process is

going to be awkward. It's goingto be messy. So anytime you're
coming into a new level withyour work in the world, it's not
going to be pretty it shouldn'tbe pretty anything that is
always pretty imperfect. I havea lot of questions.

Yo, yo, yo lovers, welcomewelcome. Welcome to sex, love
and everything in between wherethe O'Neill's you're here with
Meg and Jacob. And this is theplace we have really uncensored
conversations about sex,intimacy and relationships.
We're super excited. You'rehere. Enjoy this episode.

Hello, beautiful humans. Welcomeback to sex, love and everything
in between. I am here with theglorious Taj.
Hello, Hi, beautiful.
I'm so excited for thisconversation.
And I love I actually we'll wemet online, we've never actually

met in the flesh. And we werejust vibing before we hit
record, and were like, well, Iwas saying that it takes a lot
for me to follow someone online.
Like it takes a lot for me tofeel someone and be like, yeah,
like, I want to. Because when wefollow people online, it's like
I want to be in their world. Iwant to like really know what's
going on in the world. And youwe had some mutual friends but
yeah, you.

I just feel like from from whatI felt from you and your
presence online, you were just awoman that stands in such deep
integrity. And you are trulythe embodiment of what you
teach. And you just radiateIntegrity and Authenticity. And
I think in the online space thatcan that's something I have such
deep discernment for these days.

I feel like collectively, thereis such a refinement of
discernment online and yeah, soI just first want to honor your
for for just like, yeah, walkingyour path and really, really
leaving in such deep integrity.
Thank you. That's one of my top,top top values. Ah, yes. Epic.

Let's start. I want to hear Iwould love to hear in your
words, what you do in the worldand the work you really do with
women. And then I want to circleback to the masculine cleanse
you were just talking about.
Okay, okay. Um, so, my work has,it's like the same as it was
five years ago when I starteddoing this work. But I think

it's just deepened in a lot ofways. So the work I do is very
shamanic in nature, my work ishas always been because of my
connection to the earth. Andwhen I was like, rocking it, in
my business, I took all of thatmoney and I bought lambs until
in Mexico builds a food forestand a regenerative community. So

it's always been about thefeminine and,
and all the ways, but mostlylike bringing it back to the
restoration of the feminine theEarth, our connection to the
earth, the connection to ourwild. So I support women with
just deepening into theirfemininity in a true radical,
authentic way, but alsosupporting them in their

business and their relationshipsand their lifestyle transitions.
Because it's, it's all woventogether, one affects the other,
you know, and so,the work is very shamanic. It's
about understanding the deeperspaces within yourselves the
subtlety and love the subtletyis like,

getting into like, it's like,the things that we feel that are
unsaid and like going into thoseplaces that holds so much
potency, that our our edges thatwe're afraid of that are usually
the things that are getting inthe way from us being in our
full radiance, or full potentialor full powers woman.

So it's not I don't really likedoing the like surface level
superficial, like businessrelationships, all of that. I
like to really go in deep it'slike let's go through it. Let's
get into it. And soyeah, that's that's like an in a
nutshell. I do. No wonder I loveyou so much, because you've got

lots of Scorpio energy. Me too.
Yeah, I'm a Scorpio sun andRising. Oh, that makes so much
I'm a rising me sowe can see each other

Yeah, and I feel just in that,like, peace around going to the
depths, I like my individualjourney was very much when I
when I first found the world oflike consciousness and
spirituality I often say it waslike from the shoulders up, it
was very much like Abraham Hicksand like, you know, say the
affirmations and, you know,think think my way into what I

want. And it was a beautifultime in my life. But the deepest
power I've felt in myself and inconnection with life
has been when I began that, whatI call the feminine descent,
like the descent into the body,that ascent into the darkness
like it is with that they likethe shamanic pieces of, of yeah,

that journey. And so I'd love tohear like, was that? Was that
similar for you? Or what was it?
What was your journey that likereally took you into into that
descent and into really lovingthe depths? Oh, okay.
It was I'm trying to think ofthe moment that

I really started to go there. Ilove that you just touched on
the piece of like, when youstarted your journey and
conscious like awakeningawakening opening,
to just these higher ways ofseeing more clearly right?
Engaging with reality and justbeing more aware to like, oh,
this, this is true. This isn'tbullshit. Like, this is the

truth of like, my reality. Thisis the truth of like, what's
here, what's present.
I feel like when my journeystarted, as well, it was a lot
of like, especially when you'redoing a lot of psychedelic stuff
Like, color, butterflies andhummingbirds. Like very, like

vibey like, okay, you know, likevisions. And, you know, you're
in a deeper self discovery ofyour true soul essence. And I
really love that place. And Ilove that place. And I, you
know, my awakening happens in aniOS go ceremony. And so after
that, I started doing a lot oflike LSD on my own. A lot of I

was in an iOS good church.
Oh, my gosh, well, in the Statesor in the States. That's cool.
Yeah, yeah. And so, you know, Iwent and I just really love it's
like, wow, like the visions andthe art, like the art that can
come from these places. Andus, it just sounds so much

better. And color, you're somuch brighter. And so I really
love that space. And I feel likeI was really marinating it in it
for a while we consider it'slike the upper worlds, right.
And then I had, I had amiscarriage a few years ago,
four, four years ago now maybe.

And that's what brought methat's that was like the opening
and the very beginning of goinginto the underworld and
those like deep, deep spaces,and it was a lot of it was a
transition from maiden to motheras well like shifting these
archetypes. And so it was all ofthis like

nice naivety and in a sense, andthese aspects of myself that I
was like really looking at andneeding to let go as I was
actually dealing with, like areal life like death,
miscarriage blood, like, youknow, like really going into
some spaces that were likereally triggering. And it's just

kept going and going and goingand going. And I've been on it
for four years, and I've justbeen deepening and deepening and
deepening and thinking that atsome point, it would stop it
would end and I think it'sreally about learning how to
have your feet and all theworlds at once. Um, yeah. Yeah.
So that was like a big piece ofit. And I think

another thing that's coming tomind is when I started exploring
my sexuality, I had a partner,Ozzie partner at the time that
had like done like a lot ofshamanic work, he was 11 years
older than me, and we went toesta together and he was always
like, celebrating me beingnaked, like, taught me about

nonsexual Tyche. And like, justhe taught me so much and so when
I started going into thoseplaces with him, it was that was
kind of like the first layer andthen there was like an
initiation through him in manyways. But then when you go
through an initiation and yourown into
Journal space, it's a verydifferent experience when it's

related to when it's related todeath and your identity. You
know,I really love that you spoke
about that transition frommaiden to mother.
And I think Jacob and I wereonly talking about this in one
of our latest podcast episodes,and we're talking about it in
relationship to dating. And it'slike, you know, the maid in when

she dates, kind of very easilyable to be manipulated. A man
could say, like, Oh, my God,it's like, a man could come on,
come off as like, superspiritual, and we're like, Oh,
my God is the maid. And it'slike, Oh, my God, he's
spiritual. And he likes the samethings as me awesome. Like, you
know, come into my body, like,you're welcome. Where that

transition when a woman reallyanchors into, like mother, which
is it can be energetic, itdoesn't have to be the physical
manifestation of motherhood is,I like to use the word like, she
becomes unfuck winnable, likeher discernments. Right. And
this is really the descent intothe women descent into the body,

where a woman begins to be ableto hone this skill of like,
being able to taste bullshit,like when something is off, and
that can be in dating, there canbe in a relationship that can be
in business, it can be anywhere.
Yeah, I think that I love andI've witnessed that in myself,
like the strength of my innerbullshit meter, and like how

discerning I am across all oflife.
Girl, this is something Iliterally was reflecting on.
Because I feel like I'veactively have been in that since
my pre like my recentseparation, where I'm like, Oh,
my God, there is a huge shiftthat's happening in the way that

I view partnership and the waysthat I view my relationships to
others. And I think that waslike kind of a last last piece
around this really biginitiation around death. And
I love that touched on that,because it it that shift impacts
everything. But there's levelsand layers to it. It's like a

domino effect.
And would you say like, I'd loveto hear your like, almost like,
shamanic Perspective Perspectiveon this to like that transition
from meat into mother or? Yeah,would you say like that, that,
like a death is required? Right?
Like, oh, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Like, when is it not, though,you know, anytime.
Anytime we want to come into amore elevated experience in any
area of our life, there'ssomething that has to be
You know, and it's not easy,because as we know, those in the

personal development world andindustry, it's like, your
identity gets wrapped into thatarchetype, it becomes solid. And
then when life does life andstarts to kind of dismantle that
based off of a prayer andintention that you're holding,
you're like, Whoa, wait aminute, I don't think it was
ready for that. And it startsshowing you all of this shit

that you're just like,I can see it now. It's so clear
in front of me. And it's sopainful to let go of to let go
of the ways that I was doingthings and it's so
uncomfortable. It's such anuncomfortable process to shed
that skin andyeah, I think especially with
with the media and how you werevoicing that, like she's just

kind of like yeah, whatever. Youknow, she's she's the cool girl,
she wants to be the cool girlshe wants to be liked, she wants
to be loved. She's maybe stillworking out a lot of her daddy
issues like she wants to. Shewants the outside world and it's
actually very typical for themaiden wanting the outside world
to affirm that she is okay thatshe is beautiful that she is

loved that she is worthy. Andthen when you shift into the
mother, it's a lot of cleanenergy. And I was thinking about
the the word clean because Idon't necessarily love how it
gets used.
But like really, when you'resitting in your sovereignty and

in your,in your respect for yourself, I
would look at it that way, likethe respect that you have for
yourself, the respect you havefor this one sacred life, the
respect that you have for thedepths of your heart and your
soul. When you look at it thatway. You become
more discerning you become moreare precise in the ways in which

you're creating chords withothers, the ways that you're
engaging with others, becauseyou realize that there are 1000s
and 1000s and 1000s of peoplethat you can experience and why
are you going to choose toexperience this one person that
doesn't value you are respect toyou. But you have to believe
that. So, you know, when we'relooking at these pieces, it's a

huge death that takes placebecause you have to get really
fucking honest with yourself.
I love the way you use the wordprecise them. I love that so
much like precise with thepeople you're choosing to relate
with. And isn't that like, and Ithink this ties in with the word
integrity, because you need tobe precise and intentional with

how you're using your energy.
And, you know, is what you'rechoosing in alignment with what
you truly value like that isintegrity. And, you know, I've
been speaking about this latelywith women in my community
And I haven't linked these two,but I'm seeing it as almost like
the maid and values.
What people think of her morethan her truth, and what the

truth of life or the truth ofher body is really calling her
into she values more, you know,why am I being she values more?
Yeah, what people are thinkingof her in perceiving her hours
or, you know, then then thetruth where you know, that
mother or that Queen energy islike, I will hold the fucking
standard, I will listen and acton my motherfucking truth no

matter how painful no matter howinconvenient no matter how
uncomfortable. And I often saywalking the path of the feminine
is very inconvenient. Like ifyou want a convenient life, like
don't, don't do it.
No, I'm going down with the shipman.
And I think that ties in a lot.
We'd like the pieces arounddeath you just said to like,

when we're diverted to ourtruth, when we're devoted to
deeply listening to life, lifeis gonna ask us to do shit that
feels uncomfortable, or shitthat's gonna, you know, shift
the fabric of who we knowourselves to be or how our life
is, or has, you know, worked inthe past.

And that's, that is the way ofthe feminine, though.
A hundreds of different women inthis lifetime.
Know, Like, what a joy and howfun and also how inconvenient
or inconvenient to evenexperience that in one month,

every week, where a differentwoman wear a different season
wear a different archetype.
You know, so think about, youknow, just the span of one year,
how many different versions ofus we grow with our hair, we
pick up a new thing that we'reinterested in, we read a book,
like we're so receptive to theworld, to the environment to

life penetrating us that wereceive that we want it to grow
and amplify that it just it'sconstantly life is constantly
shaping us into these differentexpressions of, of the feminine
of life.
And what would you say is like,for a woman that's wanting to
really walk that path? And yeah,really walk the path of the

feminine or follow her truth?
Like, what would you say to awoman that's new to that
experience? And wants to allowthe many phases of the goddess
or the many versions of her toto come through but fears
feeling like that resistance?
What would what would, whatwould you invite them into?
I call it edging.

Tell us more.
Soanytime that we have like a new
identity, because we can alwaysfeel it, we can feel the
invitation we can see it we canget glimpses of her summoning us
sorry, like calling us forward.
It's not always easy on thenervous system. Because we have

so much to sift through todistill to work through
otherwise we would be therealready. So one of the things
thatI would invite them into is just
starting to see where theiredges are playing with that
identity that's calling themforward. It could be like, as
simple as a haircut that mightbe like the edges thing that you

do. I know for myself years ago,I did something that was like
ripping the band aid off for me.
I was like, I don't want to bepresented as like the good girl
anymore. I really want to, likeanchor myself into the space as
like a leader. And I posted anude photo of myself on my

Instagram. Because I was soafraid. But the thing that I was
the most afraid of was whatwould my parents think? Mostly
my dadI was like, What would my dad
think? Right, which then comesback to like, we're always in
some way seeking like daddy'sapproval, we want to be the good
girl. And I remember calling agirlfriend who's still a really

good friend of mine. And I waslike, Hey, I'm about to do this
thing. And I'm terrified. Can Icall you after from like, Davao?
She's like, Okay, let's go,let's do it. And I posted this
photo, and it was just thephoto, it was the copy that I
think was the most provocative,which was, like, I was tied up,

I was spanked I made out with awoman like all within a month.
And so the photo was like,actually pretty playful and
classy with like, the littletidbits blurred out but it was
like what went with that, whichwas, I think, very confusing for
people that have never seen mein that expression. So I'm kind

of intense in that way.
Like, just go all the way thefucking all the way in. And,
you know, whatever their versionof that is, I am absolutely an
extreme, intense person. Andit's something that I am working

on this year, if any more like,okay, here, here's the like,
sweet surfing spot.
That's not always the way butfor some people that know that
they just need to like they'vebeen at that edge for a long
time and they're just not doinganything sometimes it really is
the moment of like, survivingthe moment that you're the most
afraid of. Right and so for meit was definitely got messages

from my family. I got an emailfrom my grand grandfather that
was like Can you please take itdown?
How was that how did younavigate that and hold yourself
through that? I said, I'm sorry.
I can't I wouldn't be inintegrity with myself.
Yeah, I mean, there were therewas death. There was definitely

backlash from my family and thatmoment
my mother definitely had somethings to say she was like God
because of the guy that you'rewith, you know, and I felt I
still I felt so free I felt soliberated my business completely
took off from that point likethe women that came into my
field were like, they had beenstrippers previous to like, you

know, and started doing reallywell in their business or they
kind of went through the sameinitiation and thing where they
all of a sudden like posted aphoto of them naked like it was
full of liberation going onaround me because of that one
thing that I did you know, andyeah, and it just kept opening
and opening and so then I kindof got into this place where
it's like findingband aid to Reebok because I was

like, oh my god, okay, like thisfeels really fucking good. Um,
so yeah, start small. Startsmall start simple however that
looks I love I want to like divedeeper in here like after you
posted that photo. Was there anytimes like especially getting

the backlash from your family?
Was there any times where youwere kind of like oh my gosh, I
I want to take it down I want toalmost like step back into my
good go ways or did you feelreally fucking solid?
I felt really solid because at areal key thing.
Yeah, humans to circulate. Ithink it helps to have really

strong women around you anda partner that like I mean, he's
a he was a healer you know, sohe was like really supporting me
in the process is super proud ofme. He took the photo
so you know, I I had momentswhere I could feel my body like

sweating and buzzing you know,but a lot of the feedback that I
got from people from people thatweren't my family was like, Oh
my gosh, this likemad respect, you know?
So I think also receiving thatwas was really powerful. And my
whole journey has kind of beenlike that. I've always been

super vocal super like sayingwhat I want to say was nobody's
saying it. I think if anythingnow more these days, I'm a
little bit more like a holdmyself a little bit closer. Like
I don't need to actually be theone that goes in and lights the
fire, you know?

And I think thatthat piece like when you're
talking about inviting women tolike find their own edge. I
think that is one thing to dothe thing
It's another thing to then like,you know, I was having a
conversation with Amy Rushworthlast week and she said, like,
hold the pose, you know, and Iloved that, like, it's, it's one

thing to post the photo, it'sanother thing to keep it up when
there is backlash, or it's onething to set the boundary with
someone that's trying tooverstep it. It's another thing
to hold that fucking boundaryeven when it's, you know,
someone's pushing up against it,or someone's uncomfortable with
it. And I think that's probablysomething that's not spoken
about enough is the like, whatit takes to actually hold that

and be a woman. Yes, like, thatstays in that. And I think, you
know, there's probably a millionexamples of that you have of
that in, in business, I think inleadership, That's so fucking
huge to do the hardest thing andthen just stay holding that even
when people are uncomfortablewith it. Because they've been in
a good girl there. That's thelike, I don't want to make

people uncomfortable. I don'twant to piss anyone off. And I
think when we're taking theseleadership roles, it's important
that we're able to, you know,hold what we know to be true,
even in the face of whatevermight be coming at us.
Or what's coming up for us. Soyes, yes, yes, yes. You know, I

think that that's like,I think at this point, I'm kind
of used to things coming at me,I've had so many different
iterations of that. I think it'smore about what comes up in this
new like this, this new thingthat we're trying we're doing or
saying it, you know, it's it'salways

part of the, the expansion, andit's, you know, there's a
difference between someone wholike has no profile picture,
like our cat profile picture,they're like, You suck, and
you're like, Okay, Tom 1992, youknow, versus like, someone that
is like, really well known andrespected in a space or like,

you pedestal them, and whatcomes up for you in that moment.
I think that that's like thehardest work because then you're
battling your own mind andstories. And you actually have
to take a stand for yourself andfind that somewhere in you to
take a stand for yourself, whichis not always easy to find. Mm

You spoke like right at thebeginning of our conversation
about not not liking to have thesurface level conversations in
business and wanting to go deep.
And this is one of the things Isee that's like, a very
important conversation to havearound business is, especially
as women like, I truly believe,as we increase will, if we
desire to expand our impact, andexpand our leadership and expand

our income, we need to beexpanding our ability to hold
emotions and hold discomfortspecifically, and on leisure as
well, right. But I truly believeis, especially in leadership,
because we cannot expect thatit's just like, awesome,
everything just goes well. Andwe're betting hundreds and 1000s
of dollars or millions ofdollars. And everyone's always

liking us and everything'sperfect. It's like, no for
choosing to, you know, leadtheir life is going to lie. If
he's he said before, there'sgonna be things for us to meet.
And if we're trying to avoidthat discomfort, we're also
going to be avoiding the impactwe can have and the leadership
that we can, that we can really,you know, stand in in the world.

Mm hmm. Absolutely. Yeah. It's,it's really the difference
between collapsing,collapsing under the pressure or
letting the pressure open youand expand you into receiving

Tell us about a time where youhave allowed the pressure to
open you into receiving allI feel like it happened this
Really, actually, this past yearhas been one of the hardest

years of my life. It's reallythey really ever really got
initiated. I got I went deep,deep, deep deep into some stuff.
Like I'm surprised.
Like it was it was one of the Iam kind of having a moment right

now where as I was like, gettingover here and and sitting in my
stool, I was like, Oh, this isthis is like a moment of
spaciousness. I've been in likea pressure cooker is what it's
felt like for the past year. Andyou know, a little bit of my
story is that I burned out atlike the peak of my career like,
multiple six figures in sixmonths. It's like rocking it

going going hard. And it justall came tumbling down and they
say it takes about two years tocome.
To restabilized, your nervoussystem after burnout, I took two
years off, and just chose tolike, be with the resources I
had barely sold. And we weretalking about this like

integrity piece, it was like,I'm not going to sell anything,
until I know how to sell in away that feels nourishing and
good for my nervous system.
Because I can't teach women howto do that, if I don't know how
to do that myself in a good way.
I'm just gonna repeat the cycle.
So there was there were many,many, many, many moments where I

was like, Is this selfsacrifice? What's going on? What
are we doing what's like, a oneto four into something, but I
don't know how to like step backinto this. And so it's actually
where a lot of the core piecesof the earth based wisdom in
feminine shamanism came into howI teach business now, it's

a lot for me to trust in howlife was moving me and
initiating me taking me intomoments where, you know, I was
so used to like standing up andmaking money and selling
whenever I needed to do that.
And I just absolutely refuse todo that until I got the like,
green light in my system, whichfor me, that took a couple of
years. And I put myself intosome situations and experiences

that revealed a lot to me, asfar as why do you burn out? Why
do you override what your bodyis telling you? Like, what what
is actually the undertoneunderneath all of this. And so
that was like, a one. I mean, itwas a long, long period of

pressure. But I really felt itlast year in particular, where
it it taught me a lot aboutresiliency, like what does it
mean to? Have you ever been in asweat lodge? Yeah, yeah, I had a
prayer a couple of years ago ina sweat lodge. And I started to

notice that it was a prayer for,for union for relationship. And
I started to notice that when itwould get too hot, my spine
would start to collapse.
And I knew in that moment, thatthere was like a bigger message

in that when the heat is on whenthe pressure is on, can you
actually keep your shouldersback and your spine straight.
And I had to actually go throughthe learning like the spiritual
learning and lesson of that,when I was experiencing that
heat and that pressurespiritually, and like what was

coming up in my life versuslike, being in a an experience
that of course, like it getshot, you want to lay on the
ground, you know, cool off. Butwhen life is like the 365 sweat
lodge, like how do you find itin you to keep your spine
straight when all you want to dois collapse, and just say like,
I can't do this anymore, I giveup. I don't want to do this,

this is so hard, like I can'tsee my way through or out. So
that's what actually brought mecloser to the land. Because
there were moments that that waslike, All I really had to hang
on to is like, going to sit bythe river, or going to pray with
the lands or like having so manylike voices in my head are

unlike success and failure. Andyou should be doing this and
this is where you should be inyour Speedo starting over in a
lot of ways. To actually hearmyself in a pure way I had to go
on these long walks and be withnature and just go and give
offerings to the lands and itwas like the one thing that felt
so real and so true for mebecause I also didn't see any

other business coaches that Iwanted to hire that were doing
it in a way that I wanted to doso there wasn't anyone that
like, it was like all of this ishorseshit. Like no one's
actually fully embodying likethe feminine in a way that is
like very reflective of how wenaturally are which is like in
relationship to the land so it'snot like I could hire someone
that could help me like movethrough what I was moving

through. I'm the one that had tomove through what I was moving
through in order to gain wisdombut I had to be incredibly
angry incredibly trusting theprocess which was so scary. It
was it was yeah, it was like oneof my worst fears actually like

happening and now being likemostly on the other side of it
and seeing like how it all makessense and and why it's happened.
It definitely created a strongspirit in me Ah,
I adore all that you justshared. And I have like a

million questions that I want tolike, like, so many places I
want to waive now.
One of those places, I really,you know, in my experience,
there was a time in, on my path,and specifically around business
where I had this idea. And itwas definitely something that
was in the collective like, youknow, probably in our collective

field of, you know, femininecoaches. This, this idea that
like, being in the feminine,especially doing business in the
feminine, meant, it always hadto feel good. And it always had
to be full of pleasure, right?
And it was always this idea ofYeah, like pleasure, and it
feels good. And it's like,softness, and all of these
things. So in moments where mybusiness was moving through a

death cycle, or I wasencountering challenges in my
business with that story, I hadthis idea of like, what am I
doing wrong? Am I not doing thefeminine, right? Am I not being
in the feminine, right? Like,what what am I fucked up? What
am I doing wrong.
And I really believe that storyof like, just like truly boxing
the feminine into that, likepleasure and feeling good. And

whatever, is truly such adisservice to women wanting to
walk this path, because I trulybelieve like, what and I'd love
to hear you deepen into this,like, what you just shared, is
the feminine, like the feminineis deep listening, the feminine
is being what with what is aliveand not feeling the need to

change that or manipulate it orlike get rid of it. It's truly
allowing, like life tomotherfucking take you. And that
means, you know, maybe lettinggo of business for a year or
two. And that's inconvenient anduncomfortable and doesn't always
make sense.
Mm hmm. Yeah, it'sto do business truly, in a

feminine way. Because there isthe way that is performative and
fabricated. It's if likeHollywood, in a way, you know,
I know.
And it's, it's what we forget.
And I think sometimes don'trealize until we have our own
experiences like that feminineis actually quite destructive.

And in caught in a constantstate of renewal, and if we
don't know how to be with that,then like, we're gonna hold
energy in our businesses and inour life that is like stagnant,
it's old, it needs to be deep,decomposed in order to actually
create fertility as creators. SoI was even reflecting today, I'm

like, what if it's not evenabout business? What is what if
it's just about purpose andcreativity? Like what if we were
like, relating to it more inthat way, and how we can come
more into our artistry and ourcreativity and let's that
process teach us so it's likeyou're learning a new
instrument, you're learning howto paint how to draw like, the

process is going to be awkward,it's going to be messy. So
anytime you're coming into a newlevel with your work in the
world, it's not going to bepretty, it shouldn't be pretty
anything that is always prettyimperfect. I have a lot of

Agreed. I think there's like thediscernment piece again, I love
that you said because it's true.
And it's real. There is likeperformative, like, you know,
this, this performativefemininity or like this, that
energetic and I love that yousaid the feminine is
destructive, and I'm reallyseeing that now in the way
you're bringing it into, likebeing with the earth and that

earth based shamanism, which isobviously witnessing the earth
in her destruction and herfertility and her life and, and
being inspired by that allowingthat same force to move through
us and our business and ourentire life. It's it's being,
it's being very intimate withthe cycles of life

as being intimate with thetransitions in life. And when we
look at the seasons, and we lookat like how the animals are, I
mean, it's fucking wild outthere. Like, lions, like eat
gobs of other like, types ofanimals, like right in front of
the mother, you know, it's, it'sbloody, it's wild. It's random.

It's beautiful. It's chaotic.
It's everything. And you know,when we can come into intimacy
with with the lands and naturein that way, we start to really
see like, I feel like somethingI've been witnessing for a lot
of women. I sit back and listenquite a bit. I watch and then
I'll come throughAnd I'll have my thing to say
it's a very like projector wayof just, you know transmitting

but a listen a watch and I cantell there's like this squirming
that's happening with thefeminine right now we're women
are like, I want to be all ofme, I want to be everything I'm
so tired of being this onething, I'm so tired of niching
down, I'm so tired of like,trying to, like do business the

way that this person doesbusiness, I'm so tired of like
trying to create content to fitthis for your fucking algorithm.
You know, like they're reallywanting to just like, I call it
like the Britney moment justlike shave off their hairs.
And I can feel it. It's it'slike rumbling underneath the

surface. And, and.
And, yeah, I think it's aboutcoming into deeper connection
with that wild and thatshamelessness. And I know
there's layers even within that,it's like, what if you do it
like what society gonna thinkwe're so rewarded for being the
woman that has like, the perfectmonths and like the consistency

and like, the business thatseems to not move or shift or
have anything happen in anegative way, or the perfect
relationship with a perfect faceand the perfect outfit and the
perfect hair, and it's just,it's suffocating us spiritually.
Oh, and I feel I love that yousaid collectively, you can feel

that almost like that rumblingor that dislike.
And yeah, I feel I've witnessedthat collectively over the years
that as people like as humansthat consume social media,
especially in the industry we'rein, people are so much more
fucking discerning people don'twant the perfect fucking grid
and felt like people want tofeel you. And people want to

Yeah, people want all of it,like the masks and like just
just all of it. Like, that'sreal. I know, when I see
something that's so curated. I'mjust like, there's no feeling to
it. Yeah, yes, very narrowbarrel. What was up is very
sterile. Yeah. Uh huh. Yeah. Somy curiosity is in those like, I

would love to hear how you'remeeting business now in a way
that you didn't before. Like,when you're when you were burnt
out, when you were in thatseason of business, what shifted
for you.
I really, and it's not, it's noteasy, I'm just going to start by
saying that.
It's not easy. I'm reallylearning how to listen to the

seasons, I'm really learning howto listen to the cycles, I'm
really learning how tomove in a way that is,
you know, there's these moments,you're like, oh, I need a cash
injection or like, survey forsomething, or whatever the

things that we do, and notletting those be the things that
moves me.
Not letting those be the thingsthat start to make it normal
that I'm, I'm starting to, like,create in a way that has a bit
of like,an extractive energy, you know,
and so I'm just being verycareful about what I'm creating,

and why I'm creating it and whenI'm creating it, so I've set up
my business in a way to havewinter off. And, but doesn't
like just even saying that, I'mlike that, that feels hard.
Because everyone works duringwinter, you know, maybe I'll
have something that just feelsreally easy for me, but I'm
working during summer, summersummers, the working season, you

know, summers when the farmerswork, you know? And so,
um, I'm starting to look moreinto how to build in a way
that's regenerative and gentlebuilt, doesn't need to be fast,
it doesn't need to be quick,when we're really careful about

the ways that we're plantingseeds, and we're like tending to
the soil is really it has animpact on how things grow. And
one of the the issues that I hadhad
previously is that I, I neverreally had an opportunity to
build a solid foundation. And sowhen I started to receive more

clients and started to get moreexposure, it just came tumbling
down. Did It Again, I ranthrough a few cycles of that and
happened to get happened liketwo or three times. And
that foundational process, thatfoundational building process
could take a year. It could takequite a while to actually build

something that is going to lastthat isn't just a program or
course that I tryon and see if it works. It's
it's something that I'm lookingat like what it what am I
actually like, what would Ienjoy doing next year in the
following year. Andso I'm really having having some
good talks with myself aroundlike, it's okay to take your

time, it's okay to have a steadybuild, even when the rest of the
world around us is moving veryquickly. Because, you know, we
kind of it we pay attention toevery what everybody else is
doing and wanting to keep up.
And so I really had to putblinders on and really

pave my own waythat I'm moving and the ways
that I believe that this is likethe most natural and optimal
wave for the feminine to createtakes a nine months to make a
baby, you know? Yeah, no, yeah.
I so feel you like I've hadseasons, and I probably had two

scenes in my business as well,where like, things just went,
like skyrocketed. But from thisplace of like, how much can I
launch? How much can I create,boom, boom, boom, what's the
like? Like, it was just very, itwas almost about made an energy,
right? It was like, Oh, my God,this is exciting. Now this is
And then it got to a stage wherethat, you know, that that

crumbled in a way or that justdidn't feel sustainable anymore.
My business, you know, there wasa bit of a death cycle. And
that's, that's for me, too.
That's probably happened twice.
And for the last year and a bit,I have similarly been so
intentional, of letting go ofanything that feels like there's
an urgency behind it. Like I'mI'm so and that still comes up

for me in business. But I'm somuch more intentional about
catching it now and being like,ah, like, Why do I feel like I
have to create this or have tolaunch this? Or why do I feel
like it has to be on thisparticular date at this
particular time? And yeah,building even now the structure
of my business now like Ihave my business isn't
membership. And that's a slowfucking build. Right? That's a

membership is a slow build. AndI'm so about it, like I'm just
so. So seeing more of like thebody of work I'm building out.
And the law like this, likematuration of myself as a
leader, that's not like, Oh, myGod, I need to make 100 grand
now. But like, what am I what amI going to be standing for,

like, in 345 10 years time?
Like, what movement? Am Icreating for my community to be
a part of, which was neveranything I considered, like two
or three years ago, was justlike, how do we make money now?
What's exciting? How do I makethe most money now?
Yeah, and I think thatit's beautiful to make money

quickly. I mean, it's like mine,but I didn't come from money. So
when I started making all muchmoney, I was like, Oh, shit, I
was like buying a brand new car,like, you know, revamping my
wardrobe and all this stuff. Andthere's not a lot of education,
I think making the money is theeasy part.

Like, if you know how to sellput your face out there, you
believe yourself. You have a lotof wisdom. And you just learn
it. You just learned how to doit. Yeah, but the harder part is
building. There are a lot ofcoaches. But there are not a lot
of brands, like people buildingbrands and come like something

bigger than just being this onesolo person that showing up as
the talking head and saying buythis thing from me. It's it's
getting really strategic aboutyour legacy, your long term
vision, and I love that you saidbody of work.
What am I going to be known for?
And even just that piece alone,takes sitting with yourself. It

takes listening, it takesholding yourself and integrity.
And that is true leadership.
It's not your it's not your justcoaching and mentoring. What is
the unique work that's comingthrough me who am I? And in my
teachings that are comingthrough me that are different
from everybody else, like whatdo I want to be known for? What

do I stand for? And what what doI need to shift and move in my
life, my lifestyle, who I am,who I'm being my relationships,
my business, even the type ofclients that I'm bringing into
my space in order for that to inorder for us to build in that

way. And that is that takes ahigh high level of thinking and
high self trust to move forwardin that direction. When there's
nobody else doing it in thatway. It's at
Should be really fuckingintimidating. You're like, Hey,
is anybody else around? No?
Okay, I'm the only one.

Okay? We gotYeah, sorry, true because it's
so easy to just follow thetrends of what's alive and what
you see what's working for otherpeople and to be like, Okay, I'm
just gonna replicate that. Butlike you said, I've tried that,
that does not feel fucking goodI was that I was wanting to have
my Brittany moment when I wasdoing things like that. It's
like, oh, my gosh, this wascaged. And I don't feel like,

you know, and I think especiallyas women or feminine beings, we
can never fucking, like, put on,you know, use someone else's
formula and think that's goingto make us feel alive and true.
In our business, and in ourpurpose. It's the worst I tried
to when I when I was coming backonline, I was like, here's my

moment, we're doing it. And Ilaunched a course called Money
Maker. He's like, I know, Iteach people how to make money.
And it totally flopped. I waslike, oh, energy, and this is
just not it. And I remembersitting at my altar, and I was
like, God, your break, like,what is it? Like, what is it? If
it's not this anymore? Then whatis it? And I heard Sramana,

which is my facilitatortraining. And I was like, oh,
no, no, not this.
Can't be this. Because I had alot. Come. I mean, just all
sorts of things come up aroundlike

I mean, I have healers in myfamily. I'm psychic mediums,
super sensitive, Scorpioraising, like I'm deep in the
shamanic realms, like I live mylife in a very subtle energy.
I'm like, basically, onpsychedelics all the time, just
naturally. And, and to have thiscome through as like, you're

gonna teach a feminine shamanismtraining? I was like, No, that
is like asking to get counseled.
I'm a woman of color, but I'mwhite passing, is this going to
be disruptive when it comes to?
You know, like, indigenouscultures, and I'm gonna get
canceled for this. And, youknow, there's this whole thing
about the word or shamanism.
And, I mean, I went through areally big process around like,

who are you? Who are you to,like, actually teach this and
bring something like thisforward, and even like, my age,
and I'm pretty trendy, and Ilove beautiful things. And I
love dressing up. I don't, Idon't walk around wearing the
garb to try to perform and beit. I just am living that way.
And that was that was the reasonwhy I was the perfect person to

teach this. And it's, you know,I moved to the first training,
and we're gearing up for thesecond training. And every day,
it makes sense. Every day, itstarts to make more and more
sense, but yeah, it definitely.

It brought up a lot. It broughtup Saul so much. And
you know, the thing is that weall live in a very shamanic way
all of our ancestors have, likewe have shamanic roots. And it's
really about reclaiming that.
And using that, that wisdom oflike working in our dreams and
working in these, like, knowingthese realms, that are there

present in this body that isstill and knowing how to
navigate and bring the tools andthe resources to move through
these initiations. So you don'thave to do it for like, a few
years are, you know, like, thevery sacred moments of this
life, that we're all justremembering. And you don't need
to dress up and perform as ashaman in order to, to reclaim

those roots. Like it's wisdom ofthe Earth, it's, it's wisdom
that is like natural, and forall of us. And so, I think
because I have that high levelof discernment, and I just don't
give into the whole, like,performance and all of these
weird, like, ego boxes andedges, but I actually am like

the perfect person to do it.
You know, so, yeah, it takes alot to to walk your own path and
to bring your body of workforward, but it's actually what
makes you stand out. It's what'sgoing to last beyond

all these trends beyond what yousee other people doing that is
like a formula that worksbecause people that have the the
formulas that work the best, andthat last are their own and that
are true to their soul and theirconnection to spirit. And that's
all that really matters at theend of the day. Yes, yes. Yes.

And I'm curious when all ofthose pieces came up for you
when like God was like, youknow, shamanism training,
feminine shamanism training, andall those pieces came up was
that a big journey to get fromfeeling that
As the truth to like takingaction on that, and trusting
that vision and bringing italive, I feel like I've blacked
out in overlike that, and then it was Yeah.

I know.
I had actually talked to afriend.
And I called him up and I waslike, Hey, there's this thing
coming through. And I don'tknow. And he's in, he read my, I
think even my gene keys and hewas like, No, you're actually,

you're meant to do this kind ofwork, like it's part of your
gene keys to bring thesetraditional teachings and bring
them forward, that a plot thatapplies to these times. It's
like, I think that's what we'relearning how to do. Because I
love tradition. I thinktradition is beautiful. It keeps
us deeply connected to our rootsand helps us stay grounded,

actually. And also, there's somuch changing in the world right
now. So how do we bring thatforward in a way where our
current vocabulary link? Like,how do we understand it in these
ways? And how do we bring itforward in a way that applies to
like, the younger generations,and so the work that we're doing
right now, and so, it was aprocess to, to run that training

once a launch for it, because Iwas like, I don't even know if I
have the words yet to Selfossor, like, explain exactly what
it is.
And it was perfect. And I wentto the perfect initiation
through it. Andit was perfect. And it was

it. At first I was like, Idon't, I don't even know what is
I'm here I'm doing it. I'm like,people trust me, and they
believe me, they're on thisjourney with me, like, you know,
when we have these ideas and,and like Spirit is speaking to
you in this one, you're like I'mbuilding this thing that doesn't

exist is was just the thoughtform. And now we're in the
experience of it.
And here we are, people are likepaying me for it. They want to
be facilitators in thistraining. I mean, I was a little
beside myself. And now cominginto the second

iteration of it, the secondcohort, I'm like, Oh, it makes
so much sense. Like it'sstarting to reveal itself more
and more every day. And I candefinitely see how it's going to
expand and be something bigger.
And, you know, when I was veryreceptive to feedback, which I
can't say in the past, I wouldwould have been receptive to
feedback, I actually reallydidn't like feedback, because I

don't think everybody givefeedback in a good way.
But I really received it andlistened to the women. And it
also allowed us to practicecircular leadership as well,
which is actually a core pieceof Sramana I believe that we
need more female leaders and,and what better way to do that

than in practice in a container.
And tell us more about what youmean by circular leadership. So,
um, you know, I lead and Iteach, and I have all the
lessons and I lead the journeysand the practices and the
embodiment and, and also, Iinvite the women forward, to use

their voice, I invite themforward to share their gifts, I
invite them forward togive their thoughts and
opinions. So like one of thethings that we practice, even
just coming on to the calls, I'mlike, Okay, I would like for you
to read the field, what's in thefield between the, you know, the
women that are here, and eachone will will go through and
they're like, Okay, I feel likeyou know, there's a little bit

of like, resistance or, youknow, doesn't really feel
grounded. And so, I kind ofstart off that way, a lot of the
time. I'm like, What do youthink instead of me being the
one to share here in this space.
And I really got to see themcome out of it just feeling so

ready to share their gifts, soready, like lead in this way.
And I think that's somethingthat I started to not really
enjoy and a lot of coachingcontainers and transformational
work was like I was being spokenat, instead of, you know, or
like, I think it's valuable tobe taught a certain modality or
a way of being or embodiment,but I think what we need more of

is women actually, leadership islearned in practice. Yes, you
know, and I as an Aries, I thinkI've always been a natural born
leader. My mama would alwaystell me be a leader, not a
granted my mind. ButI really had to go through
experiences that were reallyuncomfortable and me being the

only one speaking or me beingthe only one sharing my opinion
or sharing a story or a song.
And leaving in that way toactually learn
how to be a leader in my ownway.
I love that so much.

I wonder we're coming up tonearly time. But I want to
circle back to something youshared before we hit record,
which was you being on amasculine cleanse, and I would
love to hear more aboutI know you've, you've been
through a breakup in the firstpart of this year. So this is
obviously off the back of that.
So tell us what a masculinecleanse is why you've chosen

I've done thank you, this isreally juicy. So I've done a lot
of work with the feminine,obviously, like my all my work,
all of our work is like rootedin feminine healing, if I'm
going to restoration, FeminineEmpowerment.
And I really believe thatI really believe that the world

is just like 1000 eyeballslooking back at us, we're just
seeing ourselves and everything,you know. And I looked at the
mirror of my recent partner. AndI was like,
I would like a clear mirror.
I would like a different mirrornext time around.

And that was me takingresponsibility for my
experience. And so because Iknow through the work that I do,
anytime we go in, and we startcleaning up and becoming more
familiar, and developing arelationship with some part of
us inside that it cleans up theoutside the outside world. So

this really is like a journey ofcoming deep into
fathering myself coming deepinto being my own grandfather
deep into being my own lover ormy own provider. And the only
way we can really viscerallyexperience, that is when we let
go of the hooks and the cordsthat we have to any masculine

figure or energy in our externalworld being that for us. So it's
like calling all of our energyback to actually hold that and
contain that and be in thatexperience. So
I know that the next partnerthat I want to be in union with
like, it needs to be differenttalking, talking about like

going from meat and some otherlike, I feel like I fucking
landed in mother after, youknow, this, this previous
partnership where I was like,wow, I've seen in the past where
I would just start dating rightaway. Or I would just start
doing all the things that you dowhen you're like, hi, I want to
feel relevant again, orbeautiful, you know, like the

validation. You just want tofeel good after like heartbreak.
And I just kept hearing like, Idon't want to use men. I don't
want to use the masculine.
I don't want to use them becauseI'm in pain or I'm
uncomfortable. I actually wantto sit with what's here and be

in my own discomfort, be a biggirl do my healing, so that when
I am ready to go out there andto meet other men, it's coming
from a place that doesn't haveall of these wounds that played
out my previous relationship. Sothat because if I'm attracting
someone from that place, it'snot going to be the clearest
mirror. So that's been myintention. So ultimately what it

is is like yeah, no flirting, nodating no like
no charm between you and any manand really just being present
with your energy and lookinglooking for that deep within
and I feel likeyou know so so much of

Feminine Empowerment like we'vegone deep into that work but we
also need to have balance grayso like things are shifting
industry in the world and Ithink women are really
struggling right now feelingtheir own resiliency feeling
their own tenacity feeling theirown containment when the strong

emotions come and it's alsobecause they haven't kind of
leaned into what's your What isthe age of your internal
masculine Is he a Peter Pan oris here King? Because when he's
a king?
Yeah, when he's a key thingyou're like, I'm gonna fucking
figure it out. There is no likecollapsing. Your feminine says I
desireHear this, I want this, I want

safety, I want stability I want,I want to like move through life
in this way, there's that partof you, that's going to be like,
I'm going to fucking figure itout, I'm going to learn it, I'm
going to get up early in themorning, I'm going to get
uncomfortable, and I'm going tomeet this moment. So I
understand for myself, they'relike, That's actually me also
being responsible with my work.

So like to, to lead the feminineinto their feminine healing and
embodiment, we can't have onewithout the other, you have to
become the container and thechalice to actually receive more
of what you want out of life,especially during these times.
So, um, yeah, starting 30 days,and then we'll go go to 90

because like I said, I'm prettyintense. So
my question how long okay, Ilove that. I fucking love that
question. How old is yourinternal masculine, I've never
heard someone say like, that isup to you king. And I think, I
think here is thata woman can work on that and
like, you know,work on her internal masculine

to activate an inner kingwithout it then going into
HyperX independence. Right,right, I think there is this,
like two ends of the spectrumwhere someone has a Peter Pan,
you know, in a masculine, soit's like, looking externally,
you know, Where's daddy come andprovide for me come and provide
for me, I can't do anythingmyself. Right, where we can
activate that inner King andstill be a woman that desires a

man to lead us so desires a manto provide in whatever way that
might look like for us with thepower of having our own and a
king is that that's not comingfrom this place of like,
neediness, I need that, right? Ilove that you said to I don't
want to use the masculine or Idon't want to use a man that was
just there was just sobeautiful. It's like, I don't

want to use that to fill thispart of me that I'm not willing
to fill myself. I love men somuch. I agree. And I think men
are wonderful, and they're goingon their own deep, deep purge
healing journey right now. And Iyou know, I'm aware of the

dating worlds and dating apps,and like, the ways that we all
use each other.
Like, we all use each other insome like shadowy way, right,
or, like, projected onto oneanother. And I've had an
experience where I was used, youknow, like, I, we've all had
that, you know, and I've reallygot to sit with that and reflect

on that. I'm like, oh, okay,there's a mirror here, what are
the ways that I have in thepast, use the masculine, to feel
better about myself, or to feelas though you know, I am valued
and worthy. And that was like areally big piece for me, I was,
I was looking for that, I waslooking for that in the wrong

person. And the invitation wasto actually like, in a very
fucking solid wave, find that inmyself. And so
I love the masculine I love menand actually feel like this is,
you know, my way of expressingthat love, I don't want to come
to you with my shit. And like,dump it on you and it's going to

be subtle, it's not going to beobvious, I'm going to present
myself, I'm going to presentmyself perfect and beautiful,
and, you know, play the part anddo the dance with you. But
that's how all of it is, youknow, we're, we're sensitive.
And so I'm really,really excited about, you know,
on the other side of it, whatcomes to everybody has so much

shit come through, but like,what, what comes through and one
of the things that's been soclear, for me is like, really
strong boundaries, like havingmore about better time trusting
myself clear direction. Youknow, it's like, as you were
saying, it doesn't have to bethis way where you're like
cutting off from your, yourfeminine. I think it actually

gives a lot more space for yourtrue feminine power to come
through. Because there'scontainment, you don't have all
of these leaks, that are kind ofpulling you in all of these
different directions, whichmakes us exhausted makes us feel
depleted, you're actuallystarting to feel more full
because you know, where you'regoing, you know what you're

doing. You have your boundaries.
You're the king actually valueshimself. So he's not just going
out hanging out with anybody,you know, he's on a mission, he
knows what he's doing. And soit's been really eye opening to
see that and I'm also watchingthem differently. I'm like,
like being a man, you know, justwatching how they do things. And

and I a few years ago, Iactually did a one month
shamanic journey and study ofgetting to know my internal
masculine, like, what he likes,what he wears what it looks
like, and it actuallyI'm triggered a separation at
that time because I'm a betterman better.

I mean, it was it was sointeresting because it starts to
make you realize, I think foranyone even wanting to be in a
relationship, if you don't knowwhat it's like to feel safe and
your own containment to holdyour emotion and not collapse,
right? You're providing that foryourself instead of a partner,
then you're not really going toknow what it feels like when you

go into partnership. Oh, Amen.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
So it's, it's actually deep,deep, valuable work for the for
women to do, I'm not saying youhave to like, go this extreme,
but just be in awareness of it.
It's gonna help you make moremoney, you're gonna be more more
focus, have more energy,probably have better

relationships as a result,because you're gonna value
yourself more and feel more fulland more whole.
You'll actually start tounderstand like, Okay, this is,
this is masculinity, becauseyou're holding it, you're
experiencing it in your body,instead of just being a witness
and reading books. I feel likewe read so many books, and we

take so many courses, but thereal work that sticks is
actually when we go on our ownjourneys. Emily actually, like
sit in the heat in the fire ofgaining that wisdom. Yes, yes,
yes, yes. I love that so much. Isomething that came through for

me when you were talking aboutlike, if you were to just go
back out into a relationship nowdating now like, it's like you
would bring all of these things,but it would show up in really
subtle ways. And I think thisis, you know, this is such a
deep part of the work I do withwomen. And I was even speaking
to a woman that listens to ourpodcast, and she was like, I
thought it was he was just doingall the wrong things. And I was

just perfect until I startedlistening to your podcast and I
started to see all the subtleways that I was emasculating or
manipulating or trying tocontrol and I think it is like
we as women owlYeah, like it can come out in
these really subtle ways whenwe're trying to change a man or
trying to you know, control himand it isn't always this

explosive thing or this reallyobvious thing it can be
incredibly subtle. And I thinkthe work of coming into deep
union whether this is before weare in it or you know, whilst
we're in partnership is to be sodevoted to cleaning up those
subtle pieces. It's so devotedto cleaning up those patterns
that are creating you know, thesubtle manipulation the subtle

pieces of control because thatis fucking game changing. So
game changing. Yeah, and it'snot about changing them. I think
it's about like being like,actually that person's behaviors
and no, I don't mean Yes, thankyou. You know, it's like very
clear that that's a no for melike I won't tolerate that

actually. You don't even need togo into changing at that point.
Yes, yes, yes.
Oh, I have loved thisconversation touch is there
anything I'm gonna give you timeto tell people where to find you
and anything else you want toshare? But any before you go
there is there any anything elseyou'd love to add anything else

you'd love to bring and share?
Let's see.
You know, there'sbeen this peace around joy.
What's been coming up recently.
There's we can get like soupespecially being like super
Scorpio energy, life, death,like all the things, I just want

to affirm how important joy isand like, creating moments of
joy and life in between, like,all transitions, you know, like,
what will always be in cycleswill always be in life and death
and life of life will be lifingthat's what life does, you know,

and to just remember to,yeah, enjoy the moments in
between and even if you're likein something really intense and
difficult and initiation andupgrade, like whatever you want
to call it, like to try to findthe joy in it and create the joy
in these moments. And somethingthat I'm personally working on

is is deepening and this is partof this is also part of my, my
masculine cleanses like pouringinto something so for me right
now it's guitar and taking careof my body and eating raw
recently and just really findingthe joy in getting back

or at something. And it's noteven about the end result. It's
the process of like one step infront of the other one moments
at a time. And really savoringjust that process alone has
brought so much compassion andso much joy and humility into my

life that has created a rippleand in all other areas of my
life that I'm trying to get to acertain point, whether it's the
relationship with 100k monthsagain, or whatever. So
that's just something that Ireally want to affirm is to find
the joy in the moments of takingone step at a time, and

celebrating yourself in thatbecause that one step alone is
like a huge success. I feel youthat's been so real for me right
now, especially like cominginto, like, motherhood and
birthing a child. I'm like, soI'm certainly here to like, just
be in the simplicity of, ofmoments, because I know that's

going to be the reality whenI'm,
you know, a mother, okay, like,you know, the, almost like the
monotony of life and just seeinghow much I like race to do these
big things, or be in my businessor do these things or I'm like,
can I fucking enjoy, like, I'mjust so about being a homemaker
right now. I'm, like, you know,cooking and cleaning and doing

things, and I'm just finding thejoy in tasks that I would have
usually been like, oh, whatever,I'll outsource that. So I can go
and do other things. And thatI'm finding such a deep joy and
like, I'm being so fed by thatright now.
You will never get these momentsback. This is like, this is the
last moments of you being Meg isMeg, without, like, Meg is Meg

made, and you know, of course,like, she'll be there, she'll,
she'll be wild and holy doingher thing, you know, but it's,
it's, it's like, the inhalebefore the exhale, these are the
last moments that you know,I'll be doing what I'm doing in
this current chapter. You know,like being in the, okay, we're
building we're moving. We're,you know, and there are some of

my favorite moments that I lookback on, like when I was very,
very, very, very, very beginningof building my business, like on
sales calls and just been reallyexcited about, like sales and
like trying something new. And Ithink we take those moments for
granted, because we're, we're soexcited about the next moment,
but it's to come. Yeah.

Yeah, you know, I turned 35 Thisyear, and it landed so hard. And
I was like, whoa, okay, mid 30s.
Like, I never thought we'd behere. I remember when my mom was
in her mid 30s. And it justseemed like, it wouldn't ever
happen for some reason.
And landing in it and like, howthese years go by so quickly in

this life is so precious. But ifyou can find it, if you can find
it somewhere deep inside of youto just
Yeah, recognize the preciousnessof this chapter this moment.
This in between? Oh my gosh, Ithink the next chapter just gets
so much sweeter. Yes, yes, yes,yes. Okay, my love, if you want
to tell everyone where to findyou also tell everyone about

this incredible feminine summitthat you're putting on that I'm
a part of that there's so manyfucking amazing women, like so
many amazing women.
I know, I'm, I'm like, just evenfor me to just sit and receive
everyone. I mean, to be likethis, yes. But to just like,
receive the wisdom of all ofthese women is just, I feel so

lucky. Um, so we have thefeminine nature Summit coming
up. So it's May 28 to June 1.
And this is about the feminineway to success. So we have four
pillars, we have divine union,regenerative wealth, and we have
full spectrum womanhood.

I can't remember. But it's good.
It's gonna be rich, it's gonnabe rich, it's gonna be deep.
And we're bringing in a lot ofthese different elements around
how Yeah, how to really create alife that you and your own
definition is successful in away that feels nourishing to

your feminine spirit andconsiders your relationship to
this earth. I believe that if weare not giving back or in good
relationship to that which givesso abundantly and so generously
to us, which is great mother,then we're not actually working
in a good way like that.

That is, yes, I will stand bythat.
So if you're interested inexploring with this, this path
and thesway looks like that is like
deeply, deeply nourishing andyour movements to success then.
Yeah, definitely be a part ofit. And Meg has a link that she
can share with you guys. I'llput it on the show notes. Yeah.

Yeah. Now friend Chelsea Chelseado Huntsman Madeline moon? Yeah,
just a bunch of phenomenal womencoming to teach and share. And
yeah, I'm excited to receive I'mexcited to be a part of it. I'm
also so excited to receive fromthe women.
There's some really good stuffcoming through my friend Maria

as well who does like eroticaecology, which is about like
arrows with nature in the landand tantra
teacher is going to be a part ofit. We have like terreni, who is
teaching about like the storiesof your womb? So there's even
this element to have like, yourheroines journey, what are the

seeds that you're planting andthe story that's unfolding? That
is your life? Like if you wereto look back and read a book, so
Oh, artistic leadership, thatwas the last that was?
What is it? artistic leadership,so really embracing the element
of creativity when it comes toyour work? So it's not just this

formula? You write the thing?
You post the thing? It's like,where's the artist in you?
Where's the muse? Where's themusician? Where's the poet? And
how does that get to be woveninto what you're creating your
purpose, what you're doing inthe world so that you feel
alive, you feel lit, you feelexcited about doing what you're
doing every single day, becausewe are creators. We are like,

that's, that's our purpose. Youknow, like we're here to create
more life and to inspire intothe direction of
expansion and growth. And so wewe have so many so many
incredible women and incredibletopics. So yeah, and I'll be

leading like shamanic journeys,embodiment, somatic work in the
mornings, and then we'll havethe speakers at night. Amazing.
And you're the facilitatortraining Sramana that you spoke
about as well. That's doors areopening for that soon on right
now. Yeah, if if you'reinterested in that reach out to
me to have a conversation aboutit. So it's Sramana feminine
shamanism facilitator training.
And we have it's a veryinteresting journey of

dreamwork, psychic mediumshipworking with the seasons and
cycles, transitions in life.
We talk about plant was donemedicine, power animals and how
to bring that into your work. Soif you're an entrepreneur, or if
you're doing women'stransformational work, you get

to learn how to bring this intoyour work because it's
to be a woman is to be masterfulin your gift of sensitivity. You
know, so like, why I call itfeminine shamanism is because
it's it's finding power in yoursoftness, finding power in the
subtle, you don't need to go outto Brazil and get blasted. With

Ayahuasca ceremonies, you can doa rose data you can work with,
you know, the plants that arehere and around you, you can
work in ways that are soft, andactually
the ways that are powerful forwomen we work with intuition we
work in like the most preciseand subtle ways and so to be
able to embody this and to knowthis and to feel this in your

body is going to make you moremasterful in guiding other women
not from logic not from what youthink they want or need, but
from like, how the template isdisplayed through mother.
So that that starts August 1,for a second cohort. Amazing.
And where can everyone find youon Instagram at Taj dot

savatree Tiny xometryYeah, yeah, incredible. I mean,
I'll have I'll have all thelinks below so people can go and
find you. But thank you, thishas been such an incredible
conversation. I adore you andeven just like full circle
moment, I feel like thisconversation has even shown me
Yeah, even more deeply yourlevel of integrity and just

devotion to your truth. And Ithink again, in the industry
that we're in that can be noisyand it can be easy to buy into
the urgency and buy intowhatever else is doing I think
you stand is such a pillar of,of integrity and all of like the
the true feminine way and I'mjust so grateful to be witness
to what you stand for in theworld and in this industry. So

thank you Taj. I adore you.
Yo, yo, yo, thank you so muchfor tuning in to another episode
of sex, love and everything inbetween. Now if you'd like to
stay connected with Megan, ie,you can head on over to
Instagram and follow me at theJacob O'Neill and where can

people find you loverAt the.mag.oh amazing and yeah
guys check out the show notesfor all other information in
regards to what we've got comingup. And yeah, we're super super
grateful that you guys fortaking the time to listen in to
this podcast if you do have anytopics or any questions like I
said hit us up on Instagram andwe'll see what we can do. Apart

from that have a beautiful,beautiful rest of your day.
Thanks for being here. Big BigLove
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