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September 9, 2021 10 mins

Church hurt is any type of emotional, spiritual, or physical harm that occurred by the church, its leaders, or its members. Maybe it was someone in your group that betrayed your trust. Maybe you feel you were wronged by the leadership in the church. Maybe you were even offended by something the pastor said on Sunday. What do you do with that? Everyone responds to church hurt differently. 

There are some things that I want you to consider if you are thinking about walking away from the church or God, or you have walked away from the church or God. 

  • Remember, we go to church to be in a community of believers who become our family because we are brothers and sisters. 
  • Remember that hurt people, hurt people. 
  • Remember, even though we love Jesus, our character may not always represent the character of God! 
  • We must take responsibility for our own spiritual growth. 

Here are some questions to challenge you and encourage personal growth:

  • What are you hurt about?
  • Who or what are you upset with?
  • What was your response to that church hurt?
  • Was your response the way God wanted you to respond?
  • If not, what could you have done differently?
  • Have you made amends or asked forgiveness to the person or people?
  • What did you learn from the situation?
  • Have you grown closer to God?
  • Are you fully healed from that hurt, or do you allow it to affect how you make decisions today?

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