She Talks Birdie

She Talks Birdie

Dr. Shannon Reece, sports psychologist and Founder of Training for Optimal Performance shares her best tips and strategies to help amateur golfers leverage the power of their mind to play great. Discover how you can make simple adjustments to the way you think about and play the game that will help you clear the clutter so you can swing with more freedom and consistency. Shannon has helped hundreds of golfers, from juniors and club members to college and professional golfers improve their consistency from tee to green using her proven mental game formula resulting in lower scores and lots more fun. This is not rocket science. No matter what level you play, learning how to develop a great golf mindset will allow you to tap into your best game round after round without changing a single aspect of your swing. Stop wasting time trying to perfect your swing. Start investing in the most important tool in your bag that's in charge of directing your swing.


July 7, 2022 46 mins

Welcome to Season 2 of the She Talks Birdie Podcast!

I am excited to share a special episode I created in partnership with PXG to launch the new season. Have you ever thought of golf as more than just a game? Perhaps it's hard to consider the far-reaching benefits of golf when you feel as though the course just kicked your butt.

Through my conversation with two members of our military and PXG's Heroes Squad, Corporal Chris ...

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What's the point of playing golf if you don't love your game. If "love" isn't the word you'd use to describe your current feelings about your game then I can help. In this episode, I share the 3 tools you need to pave the road to a golf game you love. Are you in?

In golf, your brain is your personal navigation system. 

Your brain directs your decisions, actions, reactions, and more moment by moment on th...

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There is one incredible quality the best players possess that you can too. It's not a technically better swing, the ability to hole more putts, or even a longer drive. The one thing that separates you from the greatest golfers starts in your mind and works its way into your performance. 

I'm talking about your belief.

The wonderful Arnold Palmer once said, “I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed ent...

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When you aren’t playing as well as you’d like it is easy to focus on the things that are causing you frustration. You don’t have to be a club-thrower to have challenges with negative thinking. But a little bit of negativity can take a toll on a big portion of your game. 

Honestly, there’s no place for negativity on the course if you want to play well. Operating with the wrong kind of mindset will simply prevent you from ge...

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One of the biggest complaints golfers I hear golfers express about the game is how long it can take to play. But the last thing you want to do in response to slow play is to rush because that strategy can actually add time to your round.

The strategies in this episode are practical and centered around the parts of the game you can control because other people's pace of play is not. 

I am constantly hearing the frustrat...

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As I talked about in part one of this episode, there is a time to train your swing and a time to maintain your swing. And there are different rules for each approach.

You cannot be in both phases at the same time. You are either working on your swing or working to trust and play with the swing in the state it’s in without constantly working on it.

When you are training your swing on the range you want to follow rules that help you ma...

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When you are working on a swing change the inconsistency of being able to hit the ball the way you’d like or create the shot shape you’re working toward can be frustrating. Did you know that your mental game can help you assimilate a swing change faster and easier?

The best learning takes place in an environment devoted to learning off the course -- an environment where it’s okay to make mistakes, hit loopy shots, and micro-manage y...

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Many of my clients have asked me why they feel like they lose ground (or actually play better) in one location over another.

If you’re a snowbird, you are familiar with the challenges that can come when transitioning from north to south, and back again. That’s why in this episode I share the step-by-step guide to take the pain out of your snowbird migration. It includes 3 easy to complete steps that will help you keep making progres...

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Experiencing pressure to play well is a sign of poor focus. Playing with pressure takes the fun out of the game, causes tension, and negatively impacts your shotmaking ability.

What kind of situations cause you to feel pressure to perform?

A team event, a golf trip with friends, playing with better golfers, or playing with people you don’t know? In order to play great, you need to have all your attention focused on yourself. Yes, you...

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If you’ve ever been in one, it can be pretty scary to feel like you are headed into a slump in golf. That’s a place you never want to be, and the good news is that it can be avoided.

The scary part of a slump are the unknowns - 

  • not knowing exactly how you fell into one
  • not knowing exactly how you will get out of one
  • and not knowing how long you might be stuck in one

Slumps can feel like getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle wit...

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Some rounds can leave you feeling completely spent physically. But have you ever considered how your rounds might be draining your mental and emotional reserves?

It’s not uncommon that I hear golfers talk about grinding their way through a round like it’s a badge of honor. It’s actually an ineffective way to get the most out of your performance, golf or otherwise. For that reason alone, I thought this podcast was overdue.

Burning the...

Mark as Played

Like many golfers around the globe, you may be about to embark on another golf season. Perhaps your excitement is mounting because due to winter or a wet start to the spring your game has been on hiatus.

As you think about what you’d like to accomplish, it’s natural to want to set some lofty goals. And you definitely should.

But goals aren’t enough to get you and your game to the finish line your envisioning without a strategic game ...

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You’ve heard me say that golf is a game and it’s mean to be fun.  But sometimes fun comes packaged as a test of your resilience.

In case you’re wondering, the fun happens in golf when you know you endured the test without losing any ground with your confidence.

In this episode, I talk about how to apply a simple golf lesson from a famous tiger that will help you improve your resilience when the game tests you, and the six ways you ca...

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What does it take to play great golf? Do you know?

You’ve had rounds where everything felt easy, but you may have walked away from a great experience at a loss for how to repeat it. 

After watching those contending for the win at this year’s Masters event you might think that great golf requires things like talent, patience, courage, experience, and solid strategy. And you’d be right. 

But what great golf really comes down to is a gre...

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Do you know what your golf personality is? There are six dominant types that I’ve encountered over the years. 

From an outside perspective, they all appear to have merit. But there are some serious downsides to seemingly good ones that may surprise you. 

That’s why in this episode, I  reveal the pros and cons of the six dominant golf personalities and the reason why there is only one that I teach my clients to adopt.

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Have you ever had a great round and been really excited to get back out there because you couldn’t wait to repeat the experience?

But much to your disappointment, your next round unfolds differently and not in a good way?

Playing great golf doesn’t have to be a mystery. 

When trouble arises, most golfers think that their faulty swing mechanics are the cause of their inconsistent play. 

In this episode, I challenge that conclusion by sh...

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Have you ever lost your focus during a round only to have it cost you a shot or more?

Or maybe you’ve had your mind go completely blank in the middle of a swing.

Though at times it feels like your focus goes up in smoke, you’re actually always focused on something. 

But to play solid golf you’ve got to know how to regain, train, and maintain a laser-like focus on the right parts of your game.

That’s why in this episode, I share 3 ways ...

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What kind of memories do you retain about your golf experiences? My guess is that you can recall some really clutch moments when you rose to a challenge, some pretty frustrating ones, and a lot in-between. 

For most golfers, only a small percentage of the experiences they remember are advantageous to their game. 

The majority of their memories can actually do a lot of damage when resurrected during a round. That’s why in this episode...

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Have you been feeling lucky lately? Every golfer loves those moments when it feels like the stars have aligned in their game and shots are just working out even when they don't make perfect contact. But you can't wait around hoping for the best if you want to play great. 

In this episode, I share the 3 proven ways to increase your luck in golf.  And the best part is that you may be surprised at how easy it is to do.

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Welcome to She Talks Birdie! The best podcast for golfers who want to play great! I'm your host, Dr. Shannon Reece. My goal is to provide you with simple, actionable tips you can easily apply to your game so that your mind starts working for you and not against you. This is the first step to being able to play great more often. If this sounds good to you, then you’re in the right place.

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