Shelf: The Building Blocks of Commerce

Shelf: The Building Blocks of Commerce

Shelf: The Building Blocks of Commerce is a podcast series hosted by Kaus Manjita, who is a serial product builder and a certified ecomm-nerd. As the CPO and Brand Evangelist at Mason, her love for crunchy conversations and fascinating brand stories is what got her to brew this series, where she catches up with some of the most interesting fellas behind the new wave of DTC. This 30-min rendezvous unravels all about the customer trends and rising technologies reshaping the ecommerce world today.


January 10, 2024 32 mins

Tailoring email content based on customer segments yields superior results. Personalization is not just a buzzword; it's a game-changer.

Kelly Slessor, a prominent e-commerce expert shares insights on how brands can not only survive but thrive during the high-stakes period.

Timing is everything. Strategically timed emails, especially during the BFCM period, can significantly impact customer engagement and conversion rates.


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The conversation with Brendan Gillen covered a spectrum of strategies, emphasizing the pivotal role of Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Brendan stressed the significance of meticulous planning, advising e-commerce businesses to start early and align their strategies with customer behavior during peak seasons.

Brendan highlighted the power of personalization. Tailoring offerings based on c...

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Aaron, a firm advocate of side hustles, emphasized that the trend has evolved, making it easier than ever to kickstart your venture. With no-code tools like Shopify, GoDaddy, and Klaviyo, setting up a business has become a streamlined process, allowing individuals to enter the e-commerce space without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

In his consultancy work, Aaron observed that many businesses struggle with manual fulfil...

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Noah, the CEO of Social Snowball, shares critical insights into mastering affiliate marketing and utilizing the power of AI in e-commerce.

Noah's journey began out of necessity, searching for a seamless affiliate tool for influencers and creators. Social Snowball emerged to fill this gap, providing an intuitive platform for brands to collaborate with influencers, ambassadors, and customers.

The conversation delves deeper into a...

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West, drawing from his paramedic days in Surrey, highlighted the richness of multicultural environments. He stressed the importance of not just tolerating but experiencing and assimilating diverse cultures, citing the profound impact it can have on personal growth.

Discussing the tech hub Bangalore, West and Kausambi delved into India's myriad subcultures and the influx of global talent. The conversation touched on the dynamic ...

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With Matt Higgins, the renowned entrepreneur, VC and author of "Burn the Boats", we dived into the intricate world of entrepreneurship, focusing on pivotal themes that resonate deeply with both early and late-stage founders.

Matt shares his journey, emphasizing the importance of calculated risk-taking. Burning the boats is about committing fully, leaving no room for retreat. Matt's Shark Tank experiences underscore t...

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In conversation with Andrew Maff, the CEO of Blue Tusker.

Here's a distilled overview of the key takeaways from the conversation:

Andrew, with over 15 years in the e-commerce marketing space, highlighted the dynamic nature of the industry. Notably, he pointed out the significant shifts every 3-5 years, rendering experiences beyond that timeframe less relevant. The rise of data-driven marketing collided with challenges like the ...

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Claus, with over 20 years in digital marketing and e-commerce, kicks off by acknowledging the continuous growth of e-commerce. He emphasizes the dual nature of the industry—while platforms like Shopify simplify entry, the complexity of the e-commerce space can overwhelm beginners. Claus underscores the absence of a one-size-fits-all blueprint, emphasizing the need for trial, error, and adaptability in this challenging yet rewarding...

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Jason Greenwood, an industry veteran and host of the eCommerce Edge podcast, engages in a rich conversation with Kausambi on the latest of artificial intelligence (AI). The discussion kicks off by dissecting AI's cultural comprehension challenges, attributed to its training on platforms like Reddit and Quora, which lack contextual depth. Jason emphasizes the crucial role of verbal interactions in AI evolution, pointing out the ...

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Eagan Heath, founder of Caravan Digital, and Kausambi discuss the dynamic shifts in e-commerce. They highlight the impact of Google's sudden ad changes, emphasizing the need for adaptability. The evolution from traditional retail to online stores is explored, posing challenges akin to generating foot traffic. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is central, emphasizing audience understanding, leveraging social proof, and preempti...

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Storytelling is important for any brand. When you know the product that you're buying a little bit more or who made it or you know there's some story behind the product that you're picking, you tend to love it more and you know the life time of the product increases because you take care of it better, you wear it more.

And on that note -- in today's episode of Shelf, we sit with Taniya Biswas - Co founder at Suta - ...

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Consumer behavior is shifting to a point where instant commerce is the mantra today. People are shopping at the point of discovery - and no longer dependent on just search-based shopping. Amidst such a shift, how can brands leverage new tech and GTM strategies to stand out in the crowd?

Jyoti Bharadwaj is the Founder of TeaFit, and on this episode, she shares how she has managed to scale up an amazing business with lean teams but ...

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BPC is one of the fastest growing segments in India - and has been important traditionally too with ayurvedic recipes and nuskas passed down through generations. In 2022, BPC grew to $26.3 billion - and with that burst of growth there is the paradox of choice

Arush Chopra - Co-founder at Just Herbs - shares how to navigate that and bring freshly-curated products to the right consumers at the right time. Tune in!

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D2C has matured a little bit. It all started five years ago. So now everybody's done with building their brands, their websites, they have a good amount of customers, they have a good number of products out there in the market to do resale. It's the maturity stage of the D2C market in India that is now thinking of circularity.

Join us as we dive into a quirky conversation with Kirti Poonia - Co-founder at Relove - a fashion...

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Arjun is a notable D2C founder and investor. He spearheaded the growth of Dr. Vaidya's to become India's largest ONLINE Ayurveda brand, with a very successful acquisition. What’s Arjun doing today? Venture investing at Verlinvest, overseeing their new fund called V3 Ventures…. actively engaging as an angel investor and mentor for founders in India's vibrant startup ecosystem… all while learning to be a new dad

As A...

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Casper is the Global SVP of Technology at Valtech, and Gordana is the Chief Revenue Officer at Vue Storefront. Both Gordana and Casper are part of the MACH Alliance as Executive Board Members - a global tech alliance that advocates for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems And today on our final episode of Shelf Season #1, we have them both here at Mason - to speak about MACH and the Evolution of Commerce with Composable Archit...

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Morten is the EVP of Technology at Bluestone PIM. He is also the Head of the MACH Alliance Tech Council, which advocates the use of composable architectures for modern enterprises. In this episode, we break down the possibilities that a modern composable stack can bring for growing brands during peak seasons — let’s say, Black Friday Cyber Monday - and how it’s so exceptional in handling traffic and other storefront challenges duri...

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Anthony is a Global Go to Market Strategist - previously working in commercetools - and someone who is passionate about building next-generation eCommerce technology to enable cutting-edge customer experiences. In this episode, we dive into what it means to go headless and how it is used in the context of the larger Composable Commerce ecosystem. Tune in!

More about commercetools- 

Connect with Anthon...

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Going a level deeper into what composable commerce is - we invite Ray Bogman, Head of Commerce Customer Engineering at Adobe- to dive into the key elements that make up composable commerce architecture. From UI components to business logic to automation, Ray shares his take on how composable commerce can be a game-changer for e-commerce brands from a business perspective.

More about Adobe- 

Connect with Ray o...

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When it comes to eCommerce, the technology landscape is quite fragmented today. Tech giants like Amazon have custom-forged engines and an army of developers to run the day-to-day experiences for their frontends. But the remaining 99% comprising D2C teams do not have access to such tech infrastructure. This episode covers all things no-code & low-code tech and how it’s taking front and center stage today to solve this gap. Excit...

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