Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive (SADDO)

Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive (SADDO)

We love sitcoms. Particularly classic British sitcoms of the 1970s and 1980s. They remind us of our happy childhoods, watching television with our families in the evenings, back when choice was limited to just three or four channels. Now – 30 or 40 years later – we still love to watch classic sitcoms like Rising Damp, Fawlty Towers, Porridge and more: it’s like going to visit an old friend with whom you immediately feel relaxed and comfortable. Starting with The Good Life (Good Neighbors to American audiences), we'll be taking a weekly deep dive into every single episode ever made of our favourite childhood sitcoms: examining the humour, characters, fashions and cringey bits together. Join us at to get involved!


May 4, 2022 77 mins

As we sadly reach the end of our Dear John journey, John is struggling with his conscience. Kirk on the other hand, is mysteriously missing in action. 

Meanwhile at SADDO HQ, Eggs continues to speak like a tabloid journalist headline writer, and we explore the hypothetical world of sitcom porno parodies.

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In this special BONUS episode, we spend an hour in the company of Belinda Lang, talking about her long and varied career in sitcoms and the theatre, as well as her friendships with Ralph Bates, Peter Blake and Gary Olsen.

Belinda also tells us about the importance of finding humour even during the dark times, and takes our Dear John 'Kate or Not Kate' quiz.

A big thanks to the extremely busy Belinda for generously giving her ...

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Everything's coming up John for John Lacey: he's getting the promotion he's longed for and attracting the attentions of a lovely young lady....but not everything is as it seems...

Meanwhile, we explore the fascinating lexicon of safari metaphors for sexual predators....

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Has John's apparent sexual prowess been enough to keep Liz from falling from another man?

While John impatiently waits for a make or break call, Kirk gets shitfaced on one shot of tequila and falls apart thinking about Tiger cavorting with the Greeks...

Meanwhile, Al flexes her lying muscles and Eggs' innocent memes go wrong on Facebook, angering the internet!

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April 8, 2022 58 mins

In this special BONUS episode, Eggs is joined by Will Bates: TV and film composer, son of Ralph, and child star of Dear John (in which he played John Lacey's young son Toby).

As well as discussing what it was like to act alongside his Dad and his work as a composer of original score for film and television.

Will also tells us a little about the Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund charity founded by his mum Virginia Wether...

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Things are finally looking up for John Lacey on the ladies front, while poor Kirk confesses to Kate that he's going to miss her.

Somewhere in between the two, asexual Ralph gives short shrift to femme fatale Wanda's best moves.

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Meanwhile, Al tests Eggs to see how much he can remember from the big news stories of 1987....

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As we learn a little of Sylvia's #differenttimes backstory, John is having difficulties in his relationship with his son Toby, so decides to book a creepy peado clown from an upstairs bedsit to get back in his good books...

Meanwhile, we make a grovelling apology and listen to a little of Jean Challis on BBC Radio 4, sounding a million miles from Mrs Arnott....

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Tosh from the Bill (Ricky Fortune) is still hanging around like a glum, fake scouse, double denim attired bad smell. John offers him hope of redemption in the form of a performance at Mrs Arnott's leaving do, so Ricky rushes off to the Nonce Warehouse for a glam rock outfit (despite supposedly being from the 60s)....

Meanwhile, Dazzling Darren makes a welcome return, and we attempt some Dear John limericks...

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We're into Series 2, and John Sullivan clearly thinks an extensive recap (in the form of John's inner monologue) is needed to remind us all what we're watching!

Meanwhile, Kirk's nose is put out of joint when Tosh from the Bill shows up and starts acting Billy Big Bollocks, and we take a look at the cost of Cameo messages from old sitcom stars...

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March 2, 2022 57 mins

When Kirk asks John to put a good word in for him with "Tiger", John promptly gets blootered and wakes up the next morning in bed with her!

Deciding to pop round to Chez Kirk and face the music, the Kirk St Moritz house of cards suddenly comes tumbling down....

Meanwhile, we play Dear John Blankety Blank and we find a bric-a-brac spotlight bonanza!

#saddo #dearjohn #ericmorris #kirkstmoritz

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February 23, 2022 57 mins

When John's friend Ken saunters into the 1-2-1 Club looking for a bit of extra marital action, John is aghast, especially when he makes an immediate move on Kate.

Meanwhile, Kirk takes charge of remaking Ralph's image as Ralph looks to launch his new career as a mobile discotheque DJ, and Eggs is given the perfect excuse to bust out his favourite impersonation ad nauseum, once more...

#saddo #dearjohn #dazzlingdarren #boogalo...

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Mrs Boyd-Peters is hosting a party, but also has an embarrassing problem: what could it be? Will John be able to escape the clutches of his vile ex wife Wendy and make it to the shindig?

Meanwhile, we discuss the dearth of British sitcom nemesis characters, lament the changing meaning of 'pleb', and Al says the word 'green' A LOT!

#saddo #dearjohn #mrsboydpeters #kirkstmoritz

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Poor John's in dire need of a date in order to attend his friend's 'couples only' wedding anniversary party. How low will he go?

Meanwhile, we discuss terrible fast food joint names, Al becomes fixated on space trivia from 1986, and we discover how close we all were to losing Big Bird, forever!

#saddo #dearjohn

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When Ralph is a no show at the 1-2-1 club 'discotheque', his new friends rally to his aid — even Kirk has some words of comfort in between critiques of Ralph's kitchen!

Meanwhile, Bruce Forsyth makes a return to the podcast, along with his best known catchphrases. Print it, print it! It's a bit mother Goose!

#saddo #dearjohn #ralphbates #peterdenyer #peterblake #belindalang

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As ex wife Wendy turns the financial screw on destitute divorcee John, Kate makes an awful mistake at the 1-2-1 club - confiding her frigidity to the group, much to Louise's delight and Kirk's amusement.

Meanwhile, Eggs posits the notion of a 'Dear John curse' and we meet John's neighbour Mrs Lamenski for the first time...

#saddo #dearjohn #sitcom

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It's series 3, and we take our first steps into the world of Dear John, meeting early Roy Cropper prototype John Lacey, as well as the assorted waifs and strays of the 1-2-1 club.

Meanwhile we worry about marriage consummation laws, take the piss out of geography teachers and have a pop at hacky Richard Curtis proclivity for twee swearing.

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January 17, 2022 1 min

It's Series 3 of the SADDO podcast!

And in this series of The Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive we're leaping headlong into the 1980s to visit the 1-2-1 club with the waifs and strays of John Sullivan's Dear John!

Here's a little of what you can expect....

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In this belated New Year's bonus episode, we're joined by Gareth and Allen from the British Sitcom History Podcast to discuss the first US attempt at remaking Fawlty Towers way back in 1978 (before the 2nd series of Fawlty Towers had even been made).

Despite boasting the late Betty White as the Sybil character, 'Snaveley' never made it beyond the pilot, and the four of us speculate as to why as well as examine some o...

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November 3, 2021 70 mins

When a visit from a public health official threatens to shut down Filthy Towers for good, the team must work together to get everything ship-shape. This means there's no room for vermin (or even Siberian Filigree Hamsters) on site!

Meanwhile, The Major takes a knee in the nut-sack; we take a look at the poorly received Andrew Sachs spin-off 'Dead Ernest'; and get positively giddy talking about cheese and crisps in our mo...

Mark as Played
October 20, 2021 61 mins

It's the Fawltys 15th wedding anniversary and Basil's forgotten (or has he?) When Sybil flounces off just before the surprise dinner party Basil has planned, how will 'Baz' break the news to his guests?

Meanwhile, Manuel and Jacko the Chef clash in the kitchen over the correct way to cook a paella, and Eggs Les's up for our inaugural game of 'Individual Fortunes'!

#FawltyTowers #SADDO

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