Spark Joy in EDU

Spark Joy in EDU

Are you seeking to reinvigorate or reveal joy in yourself in education? Elisabeth Bostwick and Tisha Richmond will encourage you to actively cultivate joy in your EDU journey through reflection, inspiration, and practical strategies for educators to use in both their personal and professional lives. Tune in to hear relatable stories, tips, and thoughts from fellow educators and learn how we can actively create our own joy- leading to greater fulfillment. Hosts are leveraging Lis's message from Take the L.E.A.P.: Ignite a Culture of Innovation, in combination with Tisha's message from Make Learning MAGICAL: Transform Your Teaching and Create Unforgettable Experiences in your Classroom, to inspire educators to reflect and take action on how they can spark joy in a variety of ways throughout their EDU journey.


June 11, 2024 37 mins

In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU we talk with Dr. Joy about Joy Work EDU and how we can all take ownership of our joy. Dr. Joy shares about how we can be purposeful when it comes to creating joy in our lives and what it means to get 'back to zero.' 

About Dr. Joy:
Dr. Joy is an Educator, Author, and Owner of Joy Work EDU, LLC. She is passionate about the presence of joy in organizations that serve children and empow...

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In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU we talk with Kim Strobel about Teach Happy: Small Steps to Big Joy. Kim discusses how educators can be so hard on themselves, but reinforces the concept that perfectionism is the lowest standard we can hold ourselves to. Gain insights on how to reach and capture more happiness in your work and life journey.

About Kim Strobel:
Kim Strobel is a renowned motivational speaker and author of Teach ...

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February 10, 2024 54 mins

In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU, we talk with the amazing Lainie Rowell. 
Lainie shares valuable insights on how we can evolve with gratitude, intentionally seek joy, and about emotional contagion- catching feelings that improve well-being.  

About Lainie Rowell:
Lainie Rowell is a bestselling author, award-winning educator, and TEDx speaker. She is dedicated to human flourishing, focusing on community building...

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November 3, 2023 32 mins

Tisha and Lis explore the power of play in learning and in life. Their conversation revolves around the theme of finding joy in everyday moments, fostering connections, and integrating fun and creativity into the learning process to enhance engagement and meaningful learning experiences.

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In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU, we chat with Sean Gaillard about how we can intentionally cultivate joy in and out of the schoolhouse. We explore the importance of embracing our own passions, creating, and how music is the salve that soothes and uplifts the soul. 

About Sean Gaillard:
Sean Gaillard is a school leader, author, and podcaster. He is the author of "The Pepper Effect" and has contributed to ...

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In this episode we chat with Barbara Bray about how we can Spark Joy in EDU through connections, meaningful learning experiences, and by defining our why. We explore the importance of recognizing the strengths and gifts within every child and how we can uplift one another. Barbara also shares how she sparks joy in her day-to-day life and the importance of family.

About Barbara Bray:
Barbara Bray is a creative learnin...

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In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU, we talk with Adam Welcome about how we can spark joy in education through meaningful and authentic learning experiences. Tune in to hear how Adam inspires educators to be the best they can be- kids deserve it!

About Adam Welcome:
Adam is a Professional Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Former Principal. He has been speaking all around the country (and international) for the past decade. ...

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In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU, we talk with Ken Shelton about how we can shift classroom culture and empower students as leaders by dismantling hierarchy in the classroom. Additionally, we explored the importance of every child feeling seen and heard by a supportive adult. Ken also shares how we can explore factors that bring us joy and then apply them within an educational setting or environment. There is so much goodness an...

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In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU, we chat with Dr. Julie Hasson about how we can take the opportunity to pause, ponder and persist in the classroom  in order to be our best as educators. Julie is on a mission to inspire teachers to stay longer, grow stronger, and create a memorable classroom culture. Tune in to learn how you can turn challenges into opportunities for impact.

About Julie Hasson:
Dr. Julie Hasson is a...

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In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU, we chat with Dr. Katie Novak about the importance of choosing a joyful mindset and how we can create inclusive classrooms through UDL where every learner has the opportunity to thrive. This episode is packed with goodness- from what to do when you unpack and find out you forgot pants to being a gym class hero, tune in to learn powerful insights from Katie!

About Katie Novak:
Katie ...

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Tune in to Spark Joy in EDU with Lis and Tisha as they share insights on why complimenting one another is more powerful than competing against others.  Additionally, they share reflections and insights from their time together exploring London during their time there for BETT with the Canva for Education team.

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In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU, we chat with Dawn Harris about how we can foster a culture where learners want to be.  Dawn shares insights on how we can find passions outside of the classroom to pour ourselves into and the importance of not feeling as though everything needs to be 'perfect.' She also  reminds us that as educators we are all unique and that we cannot compare what we do to revitalize or fulfill oursel...

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In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU, we chat with Dave Burgess about one of his all-time favorite activities along with how we can make an impact in our schools through motivating our learners. He specializes in teaching hard-to-reach, hard-to-motivate students with techniques that incorporate showmanship and creativity. Dave's energy is contagious and you will be inspired by the insights and stories he shares in this episode....

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In this episode of Spark Joy in EDU, we chat with LaVonna Roth, creator and founder of Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E. You will feel inspired after listening to LaVonna Roth share how she and her team boost schools in embodying a Human-Focused Culture and harnessing the S.H.I.N.E. framework. Every educator has amazing strengths, gifts, and talents- tune in to hear how you are (and can be) a difference maker!

LaVonna's Bio:

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Elisabeth Bostwick and Tisha Richmond share their why behind partnering to Spark Joy in Education along with their stories on why they are both so passionate about this topic. Their subtitle, A Magical Leap into Joyful Learning interweaves portions of Lis's book, Take the L.E.A.P.: Ignite a Culture of Innovation, and Tisha's book, Make Learning Magical: Transform Your Teaching and Create Unforgettable Experiences in Your ...

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